IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

JAPON: Toshi Ohtake JSWC bulletin February

 DX NEWS Listing by frequency (kHz)   All times in UTC February 2011

2310 ABC Northern Territory Service, Alice Springs, Australia. Dec.18 at 1514-1550 in English. SIO332. Talk, music and news. (Ishizaki)

3985 Echo of Hope (presumed). Jan.4 at 0930-1004 in Korean. SIO252-111. Propaganda & short radio drama. QRM: Jamming at 1004. (Sato)

4940 V.O. the Strait, Fuzhou, China. Jan 7 at 1006-1103 in Chinese. SIO353. Talk. ID at 1100. (Toriumi)

4965 CVC International, Lusaka, Zambia. Dec.27 at 2031-2105 in English. SIO343. Talk and music. ID at 2101 as "Radio Christian Voice". (Ishizaki)

5030 R.TV Malaysia Sarawak, Kuching. Dec.17 at 1155-1235 in Malay. SIO443. Talk and music. ID at 1223 as "Sarawak FM". (Ishizaki)

6050 R. Habana Cuba. Dec.26 at 0800-0815 in Spanish. SIO343. News & talk. (Nagatani)

6050 R. Habana Cuba. Jan.3 at 0700-0730 in Spanish. SIO332. Noticias. (Tamura)

6055 Radiodiffusion de la Republique Rwandaise, Kigali, Rwanda. Jan.7 at 1957-2055 in French and unknown language. SIO332. ID at 2045 as "Radio Rwanda". (Ishizaki)

6080 R. Australia, Shepparton. Dec.24 at 1659-1732 in English. SIO454. News & Indian music. ID at 1659. (Sato)

6085 V.O. Russia, Irkutsk. Dec.17 at 1300-1400 in Japanese. SIO544. News, "Radio Journal" & "MMM Moscow Music Magazine". (Tanaka)

6100 China Radio International. Dec.24 at 1740-1815 in English. SIO522-555. QRM: Pyongyang. News & talk. ID at 1800. (Sato)

6160 R. Canada International via Kimjae, South Korea. Dec.10 at 2300-2330 in French. SIO332. Bulletin d'information & Tam Tam Canada. (Tamura)

6205 R. Free Sarawak via Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Jan.4 at 1203-1215 in vernacular. SIO352. S/on with talk at 1203, followed by telephone interview. New schedule from Dec.26, 2010. (Nagatani)

7220 China Radio International. Jan.2 at 1500-1554 in Japanese. SIO544. "Competition for red-and-white songs and wisdom". (Toda)

7240 V.O. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Dec.24 at 1830-1859 in English. SIO544. Talk & sports news. ID at 1858. (Sato)

7325 China Radio International, Jinhua. Jan.1 at 1200-1300 in Japanese. SIO554. News, "CRI Director-General's New Year's Speech" and "New Year's Tearoom". (Kawazoe)

7360 BBC via Cyprus. Jan.3 at 0000-0100 in English. SIO353. World news & World briefing. (Shimada)

7380 R. Romania International. Jan.4 at 2128(IS)-2140 in English. SIO343. News & commentary. (Nagatani)

7465 R. Thailand. Dec.13 at 1300-1315 in Japanese.SIO353.News.(Toda)

9460 Polish Radio via Moosbrunn, Austria. Jan.5 at 1300(S/on)-1310 in English. SIO352. News. (Nagatani)

9465 Family Radio, USA via Taiwan. Dec.29 at 0930-0945 in English. SIO353. Family Bible Study. (Nagatani)

9500 China National Radio. Jan.1 at 1635-1701 in Chinese. SIO353. Talk & music. ID at 1700. (Sato)

9580 KBS World Radio, South Korea. Dec.24 at 0235-0300 in English. SIO555. Korean lesson & talk. ID at 0259. (Sato)

9580 KBS World Radio, South Korea. Jan.1 at 0100-0200 in Japanese. SIO554. "President Lee's New Year's Message" and "Chattering Radio". (Kawazoe)

9580 Africa No.1, Moyabi, Gabon. Dec.30 at 2215-2255 in French. SIO222. Talk and music. ID at 2223 as "Africa numero un" (Ishizaki)

9580 R. Canada International. Jan.3 at 0058-0100. SIO554. IS & ID were heard clearly after KBS World Radio S/off. (Iida)

9605 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Jan.11 at 2042-2057(S/off) in French. SIO352. Talk & songs. ID at 2056. (Nagatani)

9610 V.O. Turkey. Jan.5 at 2128(IS)-2220(S/off) in English. SIO443. News, Review of the Turkish press, etc. (Nagatani)

9615 KNLS, Alaska, USA. Dec.9 at 1200-1300 in English. SIO443. Talk and Country & western music. (Tamura)

9705 Family Radio, USA via Meyerton, South Africa. Jan.7 at 1920-1955 in English. SIO333. Religious talk. ID at 1941. (Ishizaki)

9780 CVC, Santiago, Chile. Dec.26 at 1057-1116 in Spanish. SIO352. Talk till 1100, then ID. News in brief followed. Pops & interview at 1102. (Nagatani)

9790 R. France Internationale. Dec.8 at 0700-0800 in French. SIO443. Journal parlé. (Tamura)

9805 KBS World Radio, South Korea. Dec.17 at 1000-1100 in Japanese. SIO544. News, commentary, "Rainbow over the sea of Genkai", "Friday discussion". (Tanaka)

9835 HCJB, Ecuador via Santiago, Chile. Dec.17 at 2300-2330 in German. SIO333. "Hallo Kinder". (Kawazoe)

9895 R. Netherlands via Nauen, Germany. Dec.25 at 0800-0820 in Dutch. SIO353. News & interview. (Nagatani)

11615 Family Radio, USA via Ascension. Dec.16 at 2038-2050 in English. SIO252. Family Bible Study. (Nagatani)

11740 R. Vaticana. Dec.9 at 070-0715 in Italian. Talk. (Tamura)

11880 R. Pilipinas, Philippines. Jan.6 at 0300-0330 in English. SIO443. "Philippines today" & "Philippines history". (Tamura)

12015 R. Canada International via Philippines. Dec.31 at 0000(S/on)-0035 in Chinese. SIO353. News & correspondent reports. (Nagatani)

13590 R. Australia via Koror, Palau. Jan.3 at 2255-2400 in English. SIO454. World news at 2300, followed by "Connect Asia" The audio on this frequency was few seconds behind the one on 13690kHz. (Shimada)

13645 China Radio International. Dec.31 at 0600-0656 in English. SIO544. News, "People in the Know", "Features" & "Chinese Radio". (Tanaka)

13745 R. Thailand. Jan.4 at 0000-0100 in English. SIO454. National news, followed by Global news, business news , sports news, etc. (Shimada)

15000 WWVH, Hawaii, USA. Dec.22 at 2216-2300 in English. SIO343. Time signal and announcement. (Ishizaki)

15155 R. Romania International. Dec.25 at 0727(IS)-0756(S/off) in Arabic. SIO443. News, commentary & Folk music. // 15330kHz(SIO252), 11710(251), 11905(211). (Nagatani)

15280 R. Veritas Asia, Philippines. Jan.5 at 0130-200 in Khmer. SIO443. Talk. (Tamura)

15420 R. Free Sarawak via Palau. Dec.31 at 1000-1010 in vernacular. SIO252. ID of World Harvest Radio at 0959, followed by ID of R. Free Sarawak & telephone interview. (Nagatani)

15460 R. Slovakia International. Dec.31 at 0657-0727 in English. SIO443. News & "Slovakia Today". ID at 0704 & 0711. Announcement in Slovak at 0657 & 0727. (Tanaka)

15460 R. Slovakia International. Dec.31 at 0659-0729 in English. SIO232. News, feature program and music. (Ishizaki)

15515 R. Kuwait. Dec. 27 at 700-0800 in Arabic. SIO454. Talk & music. (Tamura)

15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra.Dec.10 at 2230-2300 in Japanese.SIO353. “First Christmas in the world” (Toda)

15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. Dec.17 at 2230-2300 in Japanese. SIO554. Christmas special program. (Tanaka)

15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. Jan.7 at 2230-2300 in Japanese. SIO454. "Saturday Talk". Interview with Mr. Masuo, a member of JSWC. (Kawazoe)

15555 RDP Internacional, Portugal. Dec.11 at 0800-0840 in Portuguese. SIO444. "Noticiario Antena 1" and "Clube da Amizade". (Kawazoe)

15720 R. New Zealand International. Jan.6 at 0116-0156 in English. SIO443. News, feature program and music. ID at 0129. (Ishizaki)

17680 CVC La Voz, Santiago, Chile. Jan.6 at 0026-0058 in Spanish. SIO232. Talk and music. ID at 0031. (Ishizaki)

17770 R. Pilipinas, Philippines. Dec.27 at 0235-0329 in English. SIO444. Feature program and music. ID at 0235. (Ishizaki)

17800 All India Radio, Bengaluru. Dec.17 at 1016-1058 in English. SIO443. News, feature program and music. ID at 1030. (Ishizaki)

17860 Croatian Radio via Philippines. Dec.19 at 0700-0715 in Croatian. SIO353. ID & IS of VOA at 0658, followed by the news of Croatian Radio at 0700. The transmission site was shifted from Singapore to Philippines. (Nagatani)

    Edited by Iwao Nagatani (JSWC-6150)
△▼ Contributors △▼
1792 Osashi IIDA Ohtsu, Shiga-Prefecture YAESU FR-101 + 50m Longwire 
6150 Iwao NAGATANI Kobe, Hyogo-Pref. JRC NRD-545 + 20m longwire
8216 Kyoshiro ISHIZAKI Yokkaichi, Mei-Pref. DRAKE R8+10m longwire antenna
8403 Tetsuya TORIUMI Hiratsuka Kanagawa-Pref. AOR AR7030 + 30m Inverted V
8745 Masato TANAKA Kaizu, Gifu-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600GR+SONY AN-LP1
8772Kazushi TODA Okazaki, Aichi-Pref. SONY ICF-SW7600GR + Attached rod antenna
8776Mitsunori KAWAZOET su, Mie-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600G + SONY AN-LP1
8785Chiaki SHIMADA Higashimurayama, Tokyo YAESU FRG7700 + YAESU FRA7700
8832Masahiko TAMURA Suginami, Tokyo ANDO ER4-3305A & SONY ICF-7600GR + Inverted L
8836Akihiko SATO Ashikaga, Tochigi-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW35 & SW77 + SONY AN-71

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Dear radio friends,

Please see the attached files which are Bulletin cover and DX News of the month.

The first topic is about RAE in Argentina.

RAE had faced a possible discontinuation of its service due to aging transmitter.

One of our members received the email from Argentina’s RAE Japanese service,

saying that RAE would have a budget to purchase a new transmitter with approval

of Argentine government. The Japanese service staff told him that they received

many emails and letters from Japan and many other countries in the world to ask

for continuing the present transmission.

The next topic is about Radio Slovakia International.

Radio Slovakia International has successfully continued broadcasting via WRMI,

Radio Miami International, although its shortwave direct transmission had been

terminated as of December 31 last year.

WRMI in Miami is broadcasting 30-minute program on the following schedule:

From 01:30 to 02:00UTC in English, Tuesday through Saturday,

From 03:30 to 04:00UTC in Spanish everyday

Frequency for both transmissions is 9955kHz with 50kW transmitter, using a beam

of 160 degrees toward Caribbean and Latin America.

This is all for this month.

Toshi Ohtake,
Japan Short Wave Club
JSWC, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691, Japan.

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