IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

ITALIA: Captaciones DX de Giampiero Bernardini

Ciao, ecco qualche altro ascolto. Discreto segnale dopo diverso tempo di Radio Santa Cruz. Voice of Africa, Libia, on air nonostante tutto.

Ciao Giampiero

RX: Collins 51S-1 & Drake R4-C; ANT: T2FD 15 meters long

QTH: Milano, Italia

SW Blog: http://radiodxsw.blogspot.com/

4845.2 13/3 0117 Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, concitaded religious talks. Fair

5950 13/3 0040 Bible Voice, relay in Germany, religious talks in slow English, over Family Radio, in English too. So something like a religious marmelade, with Bible voice dominant.

6134.8 13/3 0100-0113* Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, news. Also about tsunami in Japan, with info about the nuclear fears and Caritas helps. Better in LSB to avoid Radio Aparecida on 6135. Great ids at 0108 and 0109, then the usual Radio Santa Cruz song. Off at 0113. Fair

6165 13/3 R.D. Tchadienne, Chad. Long talks in French about Chad and Ndjamena social situation. Fair/good

11725 13/3 2020 Radio New Zealand Int. Conversations, also about science and education in New Zealand. Some noise from another stations, about 100 Hz lower, maybe Radio Marumby.

11775 13/3 2030 Dr. Gene Network, Anguilla, long religious talk in English. Good

11780 13/3 2037 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brazil, sport live, fair

11815 13/3 2010 Radio Brasil Central, sport live, good signal but QRM from BBC on 11810 and Riyadh 11820. In this situation SDR rx give better reception. With 51S-1 I got fair reception in LSB and moving the Rejection Tuning knob.

15120 13/3 1850 Voice of Nigeria, talks in English about Nigeria, some Yoruba style music. Other music, id. Modulation a bit low. Good signal

15190 13/3 1902 Radio Inconfidencia, Brazil, sport live "Goooooollllll" . weak/fair with slow fading. (with the SDR-14 I observed another carrier 30 Hz higher)

15290 14/3 1206-1229* Radio Jordan, Arabic service, reports also about Lybia. Later Arabic songs. Off at 1229. Good

15330 13/3 1916 Radio Martì, USA, to Cuba, rap in Spanish, easy talks. Fair.

15345 13/3 1910 Radio Nacional Argentina, cultural program talking about books and writers, also Orson Wells. "Por Radio Nacional... radio publica..." Fair. Few QRM from Morocco. At 2003 Good

15365 13/3 2000 Radio Canada Int. start of the Portuguese program to Brazil. Not reported by EIBI 1 March edition. Good

15370 13/3 1925-1955* Radio Habana, Cuba, Cuban special Army program. End at 1955 with id and s.off

17725 13/3 14.50 Voice of Africa, Sabrata, Libya, talks about Senegal, id and songs, in English. Fair/good

17745 13/3 1500 Sudan Radio Service, Clandestine via Sines, Portugal, start of the program in Arabic with many ids, very good

17895 13/3 1505 VOA, Sao Tome & Principe, English program, rap songs. Good

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