IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

DINAMARCA: DR Denmark Radio reactiva su onda larga LW 243 kHz con 50kw.


Today the Danish national public service radio station DR has
reactived long wave 243 kHz using a brand new Nautel 50 kW sender from
the current transmitter site in Kalundborg on the western part of
Sealand (Sjælland), Denmark.

Broadcasting on medium wave 1062 kHz (250 kW) will cease on Monday
June 27, 2011. From today and until Monday the programmes will be
simulcast on the two frequencies. Broadcasting hours remain the same.
Cf. WRTH or Euro-African MW Guide for details.

The use of 243 kHz with 300 kW was ended in February 2007, but after
Turkey left the channel in October 2008, DR is the only radio station
on this channel. Thus it is estimated that the coverage will be pretty
good on 243 although the power utilized is only 50 kW.

Full story (in Danish) here:
Best 73s (Stig Hartvig Nielsen, June 16, HCDX via WORLD OF RADIO 1570,

Hi Stig, thank you. Do you know if 243 kHz will also carry DRM between
the weather reports in the future. 73, Mauno (Mauno Ritola - MWDX, via
Mike Terry, dxldyg via DXLD)

The DRM tests were discontinued quite some time ago in 2010. And there
are no plans to do any further DRM tests as there are no DRM-receivers
around. Best 73s (Stig, ibid.)

Does anyone know exactly when these transmissions are on? I can't
find anything on the DR website - but then my knowledge of Danish is
virtually nil! (Andrew Tett, June 16, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

As per 2011 WRTH transmissions should be on the air as follows
(I have subtracted one hour to take account of summer time).
Times in UTC:
(Dave Kenny, WORLD OF RADIO 1570, ibid.)

DR website shows this schedule for 243 kHz from Kalundborg (which does
not include the evening broadcast at 2045 UTC but otherwise seems to
agree with the UTC times Dave posted below):

Times are local Danish (UT +2):

Send Plan for long-wave
05:45 Weather
06:00 radio news

08:30 Body and Movement
08:45 Weather
09:00 radio news

11.45 Weather Forecast
12.00 radio news

17:45 Weather
18:00 Notices to shipping


(translated by Google.'Body and Movement' is a morning exercises
programme). There's also a feature on the change at:
(Alan Pennington, ibid.)

Danmarks Radio audible on reactivated 243 kHz longwave with fair
strength at 0950 UT tune-in this morning (17-Jun) with weather reports
then news at 1000 through to 1016 close. (Couldn't hear parallel
1062). Slight splatter from RTE 252 if used widest filter (Alan
Pennington, Caversham, UK, AOR 7030+ / longwire, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

[and non]. This is not good news for us. There are approximately ten
NDBs from Canada, Brazil, Russia and Iran between 240 and 246 kHz that
will be eaten up by the new [sic] station (Tracey Gardner, 16 June,
ndblist yg via Rudolf Grimm, radioescutas yg via DXLD)


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