IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
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viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

JAPON: Captaciones Dx de Toshi Ohtake DX NEWS JSWC June 2011

, 31 de mayo, 2011 13:26
De: "Dario Monferini" Añadir remitente a ContactosPara: "PLAYDX2003"

Dear radio friends,

Please see the JSWC Bulletin DX News of the month.

The first topic is about continued suspension of Japan’s Radio Nikkei 2nd broadcast during the week.

In order to deal with the electric power shortage caused by nuclear power plant accident, Radio Nikkei

2nd broadcast continues to suspend its weekday transmission. They only air a test signal from 23:00-23:25UTC

on weekdays Japan time. At present, they air from 23:00 through 09:00UTC only on Saturdays and Sundays

on 3945, 6115 and 9760kHz.

Radio Nikkei’s 1st broadcast is aired from 22:25 through 15:00UTC on weekdays, and from 21:55 through 12:00

or 12:30UTC on weekends. Frequencies for 1st broadcast are 3925, 6055 and 9595kHz.

We are advised to reduce 15 % of electric power usage during the months of July through September.

I have changed all light bulbs to LED type and purchased an electric fan to reduce the air-conditioner

on time. Major companies decided to work on Saturday and Sunday and take holidays on weekdays when

the power consumption is larger than the weekend. We don't have Day-light saving time, but some

companies has announced to work half an hour or an hour earlier this Summer. People here are very

much interested in energy saving idea and some people plant an ivy to get shadow from Sun to reduce

an air-conditioner on time. We will see how these idea will work in Summer.

This is all for this month.

Toshi Ohtake,

Japan Short Wave Club

JSWC, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691, Japan.

DX NEWS Listing by frequency (kHz)   All times in UTC June 2011
■■ Medium Wave ■■
648 American Forces Network(AFN) Okinawa, Japan. Feb.4 at 0550-0650 in English. SIO555.NPN news & Commentary. Station Identification as "This is American Forces Network`. Receiving place was Nago-city, Okinawa-Pref. The AFN-Okinawa also has FM channel on 89.1MHz. (Kobayashi)
1575 American Forces Network AFN Misawa, Japan. May 3 at 1205-1305 in English. SIO555. Max FM program (Pops music) & APN news. Station Identification as "AFN Misawa". Receiving place was Hachinohe-city, Aomori-Prefecture. No interference from both AFN Sasebo & Iwakuni stations on the same frequency. (Kobayashi)

■■ Short Wave ■■
4885 R.Difusora Acreana, Rio Branco, Brazil. Apr.30 at 1002-1036 in Portuguese. SIO343-332. Music program. ID at 1011. (Ogawa)
4930 VOA via Botswana. May.7 at 1956-2029 in English. SIO252 .Very noisy & bad condition. Talk and afro-pops. ID at 1959. (Harada)
4940 VOA via Sâo Tomé e Príncipe. May.7 at 2029-2036 in English. SIO252. Very noisy & bad condition. Talk and afro-pops. (Harada)
5765.98(USB) AFN, Barrigada, Guam. May 9 at 1205-1216 in English. SIO454. Talk by a woman and a man. ID at 1214 as "American Forces Radio Television network" (Harada)
5830 R. Farda, USA via Kuwait. Apr.8 at 1800-1820 in Farsi. SIO353. Talk & songs. (A.Sato)
5960 R. Fly, Tabubil, Papua New Guinea. May 11 at 1016-1029 in Pidgin. SIO232. Talk & music. ID at 1027. (Toriumi)
5965 R.TV Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. May 9 at 1218-1235 in Malay. SIO242. Talk by a woman and a man. (Harada)
6045 SHIOKAZE (Sea-breeze), Yamata, Japan. May 7 at 2045-2100 in Japanese. SIO554. Message from governor. ID at 2052 as "This is SHIOKAZE" (Harada)
6080 R. Australia, Shepparton. Apr.8 at 1828-1851 in English. SIO353. Talk & songs. (A.Sato)
7240 R. Australia, Shepparton. Apr.6 at 1849-1901 in English. SIO555. Talk & songs. (A.Sato)
7285 R. Liberty, USA via Philippines. Apr.6 at 1902-1922 in Russian. SIO555. News & talk. (A.Sato)
7325 China Radio International. May 5 at 1100-1200 in Japanese. SIO554. News, commentary, "Interchange Cafe between China and Japan" and Chinese lesson. (Toda)
7340 V.O. Russia, via Petropavlovsk. May.7 at 1300-1400 in Japanese. SIO454. News, Radio Journal and other. ID at 1300. (Harada)
7540 Family Radio, USA via Almaty, Kazakhstan. Apr.20 at 2050-2100 in English. SIO353. Bible study till 2059, then ID. Open Forum at 2100. (Nagatani)
7540 VOA via Philippines. 1500-1600 in English. SIO443. News & "Border crossing" (Tamura)
7555 VOA-Ashna Radio, USA via Kuwait. Apr.6 at 1930-1952 in Dari. SIO555. Talk & songs. (A.Sato)
9265 WINB, Red Lion, USA. May 9 at 1035-1100 in English. SIO232. Discussion by two men. ID at 1000, followed by talk. (Nagatani)
9370 WTJC, Newport, USA. Apr.19 at 0850-0915 in English. SIO252. Chorus. ID at 0900, followed by chorus again. (Nagatani)
9390 WEWN, Vandiver, USA. Apr.15 at 1000(S/on)-1015 in English. SIO352. S/on with music & ID, followed by talk. (Nagatani)
9425 All India Radio, Bangaluru. Apr.22 at 2030-2105 in Hindi. SIO454. News & music. (A.Sato)
9475 R. Australia, Shepparton. Apr.6 at 1759-1820 in English. SIO555. News, talk & music. (A.Sato)
9525 R. Canada International via Kimjae, South Korea. May 4 at2258-2330 in French. SIO433. News then Talk. ID at2258-2300. (Fukuoka)
9545 Deutsche Welle via Sines, Portugal. May 4 at2032-2055 in German. SIO333. News then Talk. (Fukuoka)
9560 R. Japan. Apr.6 at 2130-2200(S/off) in Japanese. SIO353. Radio gymnastics & business review. (A.Sato)
9560 Adventist World Radio, Guam. May 1 at 1430-1500 in English. SIO444. "Wavescan" including "DX Report" from Japan Shortwave Club. (Kawazoe)
9575 R. Thailand. Apr.17 at 1300-1314 in Japanese. SIO554. News & music. (Matsunaga)
9580 KBS World Radio, South Korea. Apr.16 at 0200-0300 in English. SIO554. News, "Seoul Report" and "Worldwide Friendship" (Kawazoe)
9580 BBC via Kimjae, South Korea. May 4 at 2202-2215 in English. SIO433. World Service with news. (Fukuoka)
9600 R. Vatican via Tinian, Northern Marianas. Apr.15 at 2200-2245 in Chinese. SIO443. (Tamura)
9620 KBS World Radio, South Korea via Sines, Portugal. Apr.24 at 2035-2057 in Arabic. Talk & songs. Covered by AWR, Guam at 2057. (Nagatani)
9625 R. Japan. Apr.6 at 2000-2020 in Japanese. SIO353. News. (A.Sato)
9635 V.O. Vietnam. Apr.20 at 2035-2100 in Vietnamese. SIO353-332. Local songs. ID at 2100. QRM: CVC, Chile faded in at 2043. (Nagatani)
9665 R. Exterior de Espa–a, Spain. May 6 at 1858(IS)-1940 in English. SIO443. News & correspondent reports. (Nagatani)
9680 R. Thailand. Apr.25 at 2030-2045 in English. SIO343. News. Program in Thai at 2045. (Nagatani)
9695 China Radio International. Apr.12 at 1707-1754 in English. SIO555. "China drive", talk & music. (A.Sato)
9705 R. Ethiopia. Apr.30 at 2050-2100(S/off) in Amharic. SIO333. Music program. ID & national anthem at 2059. (Nagatani)
9735 R. Taiwan International. Apr.15 at 1300-1400 in Japanese. SIO444. News, "The View of Taiwan", "Culture of Taiwan" and "Thank You for Letters". (Toda)
9765 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. Apr.22 at 2115-2200 in Japanese. SIO555. Friday park, Koran, etc. (A.Sato)
9765 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. May 3 at 2100-2200 in Japanese. SIO554. Koran, news, topic, folktale and history program. (Toda)
9765 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. May 4 at2100-2158 in Japanese. SIO544. News, News commentary, etc. (Fukuoka)
9820 RDP Internacional, Portugal. May 8 at 2035-2048 in Portuguese. SIO454. Covered by a carrier wave at 2048. Relay of soccer match. (Nagatani)
9835 R. Malaysia-Sarawak. Apr.22 at 1728-1903 in Malay. SIO333. Talk, interview and songs. ID at 1803 & 1903. (A.Sato)
9900 R. Vatican via Irkutsk, Russia. Apr.20 at 1315-1400 in Vietnamese. (Tamura)
9930 Seed-Time Ministries via T8WH, Koror, Palau. Apr.12 at 1330-1358 in English. SIO454-453. Commentary on 2 Samuel chapter 6. Closing announcement and ID by male at 1357. (Mitsumoto)
9950 R. Pakistan. Apr.8 at 1649-1720 in Urdu. SIO555. News & songs. ID at 1700. (A.Sato)
11570 Family Radio, USA via Ekala, Sri Lanka. Apr.19 at 1330(S/on, IS)-1400 in Oriya. SIO352. ID at 1330, followed by talk. (Nagatani)
11620 All India Radio, Bangaluru. Apr.26 at 2045-2100 in English. SIO443. News. (Tamura)
11700 R. France Internationale. Apr.11 at 0700-0800 in French. SIO443. Journal parlé. (Tamura)
11775 R. Algerienne via Issoudun, France. Apr.18 at 2045-2100(S/off) in Arabic. SIO252. Koran recitation. ID at 2059. (Nagatani)
11810 BBC via Ascension. May 3 at 2000-2100 in English. SIO353. World news & feature program. (Shimada)
11810 KBS World Radio, South Korea. May 4 at 0200-0300 in Japanese. SIO554. News, commentary, "Rainbow to Rise in the Genkai Rough Sea", Korean lesson and "Travel to Korea". (Toda)
11850 Vatican Radio via Tashkent. Apr.25 at 1525-1550 in English. SIO353. Bible Talk, Song, Christian news. (Kohara)
11875 R. Taiwan International. May 9 at 0100-0135 in English. SIO353-352. News, Today's history, Hear in Taiwan, Chinese to go, Sound waves. (Kohara)
11905 Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. May 4 at 1148-1216(S/off) in Tamil. SIO342. Local songs. ID at 1214, then national anthem. (Nagatani)
11940 R. Romania International. May 10 at 2200-2230 in English. SIO453. News, Business topics, Spotlight in Europe. (Kohara)
11965 R. Romania International. May 7 at 2025-2045 in Spanish. SIO353. Talk and JAZZ music. ID at 2025 as "Radio Romania Internacional" (Harada)
12020 V.O. Vietnam. Apr.15 at 2200-2226 in Japanese. SIO454. News, "Introduction of Vietnam", etc. (Kawazoe)
12020 V.O. Vietnam. May 7 at 2102-2127 in Japanese. SIO444. News and comment and request music. (Harada)
12085 V.O. Mongolia. Apr.19 at 0859-0929 in Japanese. SIO343-322. QRM: unidentified station. (Matsunaga)
13580 WEWN. Vandiver, USA. Apr.26 at 1255-1335 in English. SIO353-352. Daily mass, gospel song, Catholic connections. (Kohara)
13640 China Radio International, Jinhua-Youbu. May 2 at 2300-2332 in Japanese. SIO554. News, "China Report" and "Monday Tearoom". (Kawazoe)
13640 China Radio International. May 4 at 2220-2255 in Japanese. SIO555. (Fukuoka)
13740 VOA via Udon Thani, Thailand. May 9 at 0859-0910 in Chinese. SIO333. News and talk. IS at 0859. (Harada)
13750 Family Radio, USA via Wertachtal, Germany. Apr.14 at 1807-1859(S/off) in English. SIO353. Talk, sermon & hymn. ID at 1820. (A.Sato)
13780 R. Habana Cuba. Apr.23 at 1340-1400 in Spanish. SIO242. Talk & songs. News at 1400. (Nagatani)
15110 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Apr.19 at 2103-2115 in Spanish. SIO252. Correspondent reports. (Nagatani)
15130 R. Liberty, USA via Biblis, Germany. Apr.8 at 0810-0830 in Russian. SIO222. Talk. (A.Sato)
15140 R. Sultanate of Oman. Apr.27 at 1400-1440 in English. SIO353. Music program till 1430, then chime, ID and news. Also, Apr.30 at 2100-2115 in Arabic. SIO353. News & songs. (Nagatani)
15190 R. Africa, Equatorial Guinea(presumed). Apr.27 at 2030-2050(S/off) in English. SIO343. Talk by a man, sometimes shouting. S/off without any announcement. (Nagatani)
15225 R. Free Asia, USA via Tinian, Northern Marianas. Apr.14 at 0200-0222 in Mandarin. SIO322. QRM: China National Radio. Talk & interview. (A.Sato)
15225 R. Veritas Asia, Philippines. May 7 at 1230-1257 in Kachin. SIO353. Talk and music and prayer. ID at 1230 as "Radio Veritas Asia." (Harada)
15230 R. Habana Cuba. May 4 at 1120-1140 in Spanish. SIO242. News. ID at 1128. (Nagatani)
15240 V.O. Turkey. Apr.13 at 1104-1130 in Chinese. SIO343. News & commentary. (Nagatani)
15275 R. Thailand. May 4 at 0000-0100 in English. SIO454. National news till 0015, then global news. Business news at 0033, ASEAN Focus at 0042, etc. (Shimada)
15275 R. Thailand. May 7 at 0042-0055 in English. SIO454. Talk. IS at 0042. ID at 0044. (Harada)
15285 R. Pilipinas, Philippines. Apr.8 at 0200-0248 in English. SIO252. Talk & music. (A.Sato)
15290 VOA via Tinian, Northern Marianas. May 11 at 0030-0058 in English. SIO453. Special English, News, Topics. (Kohara)
15330 R. Canada International. Apr.29 at 2045-2059(S/off) in French. SIO252. Talk. ID & IS at 2059. (Nagatani)
15360 Trans World Radio Africa, Swaziland. Apr.23 at 1400-1416 in Urdu. SIO353. Talk by a female and songs by a male. (Kawazoe)
15360 BBCvia Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. May 8 at 0015-0038 in English. SIO454. Talk. ID at 0028. (Harada)
15400 BBCvia Ascension. May 8 at 2035-2059 in English. SIO353. Talk. ID at 2058 as "BBC World Service" (Harada)
15415 China National Radio. Apr.9 at 0500-0534 in Kazakh. SIO454. National anthem, news & talk. (A.Sato)
15510 V.O. Turkey. May 2 at 1630-1720 in English. SIO453. News, "Review of Turkish Press", "Turkish People for Beginners" and "This World is Ours", etc. (Kawazoe)
15515 R. Australia, Shepparton. May 8 at 2130-2135 in English. SIO453. News and talk. ID at 2131 (Harada)
15515 R. Kuwait. May 9 at 0805-0824 in Arabic. SIO353. Talk and music. (Harada)
15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. Apr.15 at 2230-2300 in Japanese. SIO454. "Saturday Talk". (Toda)
15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. May 6 at 2230-2300 in Japanese. SIO454. "Saturday Talk" featuring first internet broadcast. (Kawazoe)
15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. May.7 at 2230-2259 in Japanese. SIO353. Message from Minister Mineno. Proverb 3 chapter 21 paragraph to 35paragraph. ID at 0700. (Harada)
15540 R. Kuwait. May 4 at 1900-1930 in English. SIO454-353. Talk about more improvement of the children's right in Bahrain and several pop music("Sit Yourself Down",etc.). ID by male at 1930 as "Radio Kuwait". (Mitsumoto)
15560 Family Radio, USA via Almaty, Kazakhstan. May 6 at 1100-1200 in English. SIO353. Family bible reading fellowship till 1120, then Family bible study. (Shimada)
15585 V.O. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. May 5 at 0400-0420 in English. SIO353. News and "Moscow Mailbag". (Kawazoe)
15640 Deutsche Welle via Kigali, Rwanda. May 6 at 2100-2200 in English. SIO353. News & newslink. Inside Europe at 2130. (Shimada)
15700 R. Pakistan. Apr.28 at 1200(S/on)-1300(S/off) in Chinese. SIO353. Koran, news and music program. // 11845kHz(SIO232) (Nagatani)
17540 China Radio International. Apr.13 at 0300-0326 in Mandarin. SIO454. Talk & interview. (A.Sato)
17600 R. Romania International. May 7 at 1300-1326 in Chinese. SIO454. News, "Weekly News", "My Home, Romania", "World of Culture", etc. (Kawazoe)
17645 Adventist World Radio, Guam. May 7 at 0307-0329 in Russian. SIO353. Talk and music. ID at 0326, ending music at 0327 & English announcement at 0329. (Harada)
17700 R. Pilipinas, Philippines. May 7 at 0242-0302 in English. SIO252 Talk and music. (Harada)
17710 R. Exterior de España, Spain. May 7 at 2035-2055 in Spanish. SIO252. Live relay of soccer match. (Nagatani)
17805 V.O. Russia, Irkutsk. Apr.27 at 0700-0730 in English. SIO332. News & commentary. (Tamura)
17820 VOA via Philippines. Apr.10 at 0029-0102(S/off) in English. SIO555. Special English programs with news & world story. (A.Sato)
17825 R. Liberty, USA via Philippines. Apr.13 at 0340-0400(S/off) in Russian. SIO353. Conversation. ID at 0359, ID of VOA at 0400. (A.Sato)
17860 R. Veritas Asia, Philippines. Apr.10 at 0105-0127(S/off) in Urdu(?). SIO555. Talk. (A.Sato)
17880 Adventist World radio, Guam. Apr.13 at 0136-0159(S/off) in Mandarin. SIO454. Talk & songs. (A.Sato)
17895 Broadcasting Service of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Apr.14 at 0247-0400 in Arabic. SIO111-222. Holy Qur'an. (A.Sato)
21500 R. Free Asia, USA via Tinian, Northern Marianas. Apr.9 at 0600-0631 in an unknown language. SIO525. Talk & interview. (A.Sato)
21540 R. Kuwait. Apr.27 at 1302-1400 in Arabic. SIO353. Radio drama, news, etc. (Nagatani)
21610 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Apr.27 at 1123-1155 in Spanish. SIO252. Sports news. // 21540kHz
(SIO242) (Nagatani)
21630 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. Apr.18 at 1055-1127(S/off) in English. SIO353. Talk & interview. (Nagatani)
21715 R. Farda, USA via Udon Thani, Thailand. Apr.10 at 0600-1715 in Farsi. SIO353. Songs, news & talk. (A.Sato)
21725 R. Australia, Shepparton. Apr.9 at 0032-0105 in English. SIO555. Australian culture, news & songs. (A.Sato)

■■Sporadic-E propagation ■■
88.7MHz Arilang FM,South Korea. Apr.28 at 0825-0905(f/out) in English. SIO443. Talk program. Station identification as "This is Arilang FM." This is my first Sporadic-E reception of this year. (Kobayashi)

   Edited by Iwao Nagatani (JSWC-6150)
△▼ Contributors △▼
0712  Tsuguo FUKUOKA  Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-Pref. AOR AR7030 PLUS + ALA 1530S
2985 Mikio KOHARA Settsu, Osaka-Prefecture. ICOM IC-R75 + AOR SA7000
6150 Iwao NAGATANI Kobe, Hyogo-Prefecture JRC NRD-545 + 20m longwire
8403 Tetsuya TORIUMI Hiratsuka, Kanagawa-Pref. AOR AR7030 + 30m Inverted V + COMET CAT-10
8618 Tetsuya OGAWA Sapporo, Hokkaido ICOM IC-R75 + ALA 1530S+
8645 Hiroshi KOBAYASHI Toyama, Toyama-Prefecture Simple Carnavigation System + roof antenna
8677 Hirokazu MITSUMOTO Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Pref. SONY ICF-SW7600GS + SONY AN-LP1
8711 Nozomi MATSUNAGA Niiza, Saitama-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600GR+AN-LP1
8759 Yasuie HARADA Otaru, Hokkaido ICOM IC-7000M + MFJ-956 + AOR LA-380
8772 Kazushi TODA  Okazaki, Aichi-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600GR + Attached rod antenna
8776 Mitsunori KAWAZOE Tsu, Mie-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600G + SONY AN-LP1
8785 Chiaki SHIMADA  Higashimurayama, Tokyo YAESU FRG7700 + YAESU FRA7700
8832 Masahiko TAMURA Suginami, Tokyo ANDO ER4-3305A & SONY ICF-7600GR + Inverted L
8836 Akihiko SATO  Ashikaga, Tochigi-Pref. SONY ICF-SW7600GR & SW35 + SONY AN-71

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