QSL card

Since our first test transmission yesterday we found more than 100 listeners worldwide listening to us. Some of them sent us their reception reports too. 
Though we received many criticisms, people also encouraged us!

And hey we have our mailbag show today!!!

Today we are acknowledging listener emails here, mainly from Germany, India and Bangladesh.

Our next " TEST transmission" will be on next Wednesday. Please send us reception reports for that.

NOTE:    From Next weekend i.e. "January 28 - 29th" We will have a special DX programme and as usual our Mailbag programme will be there.

Netradio Project Team

Thanks to: Ether Wave via twitter

Track artwork
Track artwork

Sunday Mailbag January 22 2012

nrproject  about 21 hours ago

0.00 / 6.31

 NetRadio Project ~ We are an experimental radio station operating on internet. If you listen to us, send us a reception report, 
we will send you a QSL card. our email: lettermug@gmail.com

Via Yimber Gaviria, Colombia