IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

CHILE: CVC La Voz reduce sus emisiones en ondas cortas.

** CHILE. 17680, July 1 at 1230 and later, a big hole on the 16m band 
as CVC La Voz has disappeared. It was also missing during the day on 
June 30, and maybe June 29. Normally it has been the most reliable 16m 
signal all day long, aimed toward Mexico and US; unfortunately of zero 
interest since it`s constant gospel-huxtering hype aimed at the 
younger generation, hardly SW enthusiasts. 

This is no accident, as Wolfgang Büschel and Kai Ludwig point out HFCC 
registrations show the 17680 transmission at 1200-2300 is drastically 
reduced to 2100-2300 only; and HCJB is having to search for another 
relay site, testing Wertachtal on its same frequencies as from Chile. 

The HFCC CVI as FMO schedule shows the 17680 21-23 usage started 29 
June; along with further cuts: 9635 at 21-22 only; 9780 continues at 
22-02, and 11665 at 23-02. The Spanish broadcast at 16-18 on 17640 is 
shown as on the air from 19 to 21 June only; HFCC is unable to 
indicate in these schedule versions that it was DRM. 

NHK World Radio Japan has also been using Calera de Tango, and its own 
schedule still shows those transmissions in effect until Oct 28; the 
easiest one for us to check is 2130-2200 in Portuguese on 11880.

So is the Calera de Tango station being phased out? (Glenn Hauser, OK, 

> The HFCC CVI as FMO schedule shows the 17680
> 21-23 usage started 29 June

And here's the announcement for the elimination of almost two thirds 
of the shortwave airtime:

A look into the archives: There had already been a first reduction in 
2009, around the time when Christian Vision gave up Jülich and Darwin-
Cox. Back then the Portuguese radio service had been "suspended" 
altogether. I would have to research what finally became of it, but I 
suspect it ended up as pure website, showing no radio roots anymore, 
since this was the route the English CVC from Australia took after its 
shortwave transmitters had been shut down.

And already back in 2009 Christian Vision lamented high expenses for 
mains power in Chile, further worsened by unfavourable currency 
exchange rates (Kai Ludwig, Germany, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

CVC Chile with its usual strong signal on 11665 at 0030 July 3.  
Parallel 9780 fairly good at the same time, better than expected for 
that South American beam.

Power costs and exchange rates, yes, but almost 40 year old 
transmitters are probably a maintenance headache, even though they 
were off the air for a sesquidecade.  I remember hearing them when 
they were brand new on the now long-defunct international service of 
Radio Nacional de Chile; excellent signals and audio quality on 19 
meters as I recall (Steve Luce, Houston, Texas, ibid.)

Reducción en las horas de transmisión CVC Chile: CVC Chile es el sitio 
de transmisiones de Onda Corta que transmite la señal de CVC La Voz 
(español). Gracias a una pista del Diexista Kai Ludwig y publicado en 
la lista de Glenn Hauser nos enteramos de la Reducción en las horas de 
transmisión de CVC desde su planta en Chile. Para más info visitar su 
web: http://www.cvclavoz.cl/noticias.html
[Kai Ludwig - DXLD] (Dino Bloise, FL, dxldyg via DXLD)

Which leads to its schedule now
and that of other organizations:
NHK and HCJB, but which has not been udpated, as we know HCJB is 
currently testing same frequencies via Germany instead; see ECUADOR 
[non] (gh, DXLD)

Otra que dejará de transmitir en SW. Ya que tiene muchos 
retransmisores afiliados en muchas ciudades. Esa es la tendencia.
73 Alf. (Alfredo Canhote [sic], Peru, condiglist yg via DXLD)

Coincido contigo. Además, es evidente que es una estación que busca 
que emisoras locales de FM bajen la señal del satélite con lo cual 
puede obtener buenos resultados con bajos costos. De hecho, la zona 
norte del Gran Buenos Aires está magnificamente cubierta por CVC a 
través de una FM local (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina, ibid.)

New A-12 schedule of Voz Cristã / La Voz from June 29:
[since it no longer broadcasts in Portuguese, there is no reason to 
refer to it in that language ---- gh]

Spanish to Northern South America
2100-2300 on 17680 SGO 100 kW / 000 deg, ex 1200-2300
2300-0200 on 11665 SGO 100 kW / 000 deg till Sep. 1
2300-0100 on 11665 SGO 100 kW / 000 deg from Sep. 2

Spanish to Southern South America
2100-2200 on  9635 SGO 100 kW / 030 deg, ex 1200-2200
2200-0200 on  9780 SGO 100 kW / 030 deg till Sep. 1
2200-0100 on  9780 SGO 100 kW / 030 deg from Sep. 2

Portuguese to Brasil in DRM mode
1800-2000 on 17640 SGO 015 kW / 045 deg, cancelled
(DX Re Mix News July 3 via DXLD)

Altho I`ve never heard it (of course), I believe there have been 
reports that the 17640 DRM had been in Spanish, NOT Portuguese (gh)

11880, July 3 at 2145 trying to reconfirm whether NHK Portuguese is 
still outgoing this semihour via CVC site; cannot pull it thru the 
noise at first but at 2155 I can  barely hear some Sakura and 
Brazilian, so it`s still there. See also ECUADOR [non] (Glenn Hauser, 

Some July 1st changes: CVC-CVI Spanish cuttings via Calera de Tango, 
Santiago relay: 9635 kHz 21-22 UT (ex 11-22). 9780 22-02 UT til 
Sep1st, replaced by 11665 from Sept 2nd. 17680 21-23 UT (ex 11-23). 
(Wolfgang Büschel, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Pretty substantial cuts, looking like the beginning of the end (Kai 
Ludwig, ibid.)


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