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BI-Radio-Berlin-International is back and begins broadcasting

Dear Ladies and Gentlements,

RBI-Radio-Berlin-International would like his international former listeners and listener-clubs to recover

RBI-Radio-Berlin-International was founded in 1959 as an international voice of Berlin. In 1990 was compled closed the broadcast. 
After several years of preparations, are former employees of RBI-Ra
dio-Berlin-International in July 2012 a 24-hour test started 
broadcasting programs which can be heard worldwide at:

• = 18177.m3u
RBI-Radio-Berlin-International operates information-channels to all age groups, former listeners and listeners- clubs make to our attention. 
RBI-Radio-Berlin-International is present in following channels:
Since our official start in July 2012 we have a lot of former listeners. We receive letters, feedback and suggestions for our future program content. 
At moment we prepare our web site on

The futural plan is, to transmitt a multi-lingual 24-hour full program in digital and analog form of short-, medium-, long-wave-transmissions and 
through the Internet. We are financed privately and at the beginning of our work.

Please let us know what proposals, suggestions and questions from you can send to us. We would like to incorporate your wishes and proposals 
into our future program and plans to implement these step by step.

Yours sincerely

Bruno Barth
Editorial Board
D-13585 Berlin Falkenhagener Str.49