Logs from Temuco , Chile , 10th August 2012:

11535, Voice of Korea , 2020 utc. Korean service with patriotic hymns. SINPO: 33333.
11620, All India Radio, 2010 utc. Hindi service with news. SINPO: 22222.
11625, Vatican Radio, 2015 utc. English service with news from Holy See. SINPO: 22222.
11630, Voice of Russia , 2030 utc. French service with local music. SINPO: 33333.

See you the next Monday if God wants, many blessings !!

Escuchas desde Temuco, Chile, 10 de Agosto de 2012

11535, Voz de Corea, 2020 utc. Programa en coreano con himnos patrióticos. SINPO: 33333.
11620, All India Radio, 2010 utc. Programa en hindi con noticias. SINPO: 22222.
11625, Vatican Radio, 2015 utc. Programa en inglés con noticias desde la Santa Sede. SINPO: 22222,
11630, Voz de Rusia, 2030 utc. Programa en francés con música local. SINPO: 33333.

Hasta el lunes si Dios quiere, muchas bendiciones !!
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 BANGLADESH. 15520, new transmitter test of Bangladesh Betar external service is poorly audible Aug 10:

1322 tune-in to S Asian language, 1325 into singing, at first sounding Qur`anish, but probably not; tenor with lite drumming. 

There is also continuous noise along with it, and with BFO the carrier seems slightly unstable. It also seems the noise is coming out of the same transmitter, not jamming or QRM.

1329, announcement and different S Asia music

1344, YL announcement, drumming? Or just noise

1344.6, het starts – no, it`s not, but rather intentional DSB tone test since peaks on both sides of carrier; pitch D#6 on my keyboard, circa 1245 Hz. Only the tone until:

1357.5, music starts, believe it is a 10-note IS, repeated, reminiscent of AIR`s instrumentation

1359.8, 5+1 timesignal ends early, announcement, and news? Some S Asian language, no doubt

1408, adds some ``frying`` buzz with bits of news

1412, to music again sounds Qur`anish at first; variety of music past 1425, always with the accompanying noise

1430, tone test again, and noise, altho the rumble could be taken for drumming

1454, some talk starts, uncertain source

1500, once again, just tone and noise on the carrier

1514, IS and another fast 5+1 timesignal to 1514:37; music and apparently opening another service

1530, talk and music continue, signal weakening

The continuous noise does not sound at all like DRM. There had been theories that 15520 was bothered by Ethiopian jamming against something else, but I doubt it. YFR via UAE supposedly uses 15520 from 14 to 16, but I never heard any sign of it here.

As for languages, old schedules and/or monitoring by Jose Jacob on the other test frequency, 7250, included 1315-1345 Nepali, 1400-1430 Urdu, 1515-1545 Hindi. Ron Howard et al. heard English yesterday on 15520 at 1745-1900. Beware of Turkey in English on 15520 at 1630-1725v.

As for the noise, Wolfgang Büschel suggests: ``Maybe the BBEF Made in China firm delivered that jamming audio option facility also on their modulator PC, but engineers at Dhaka Khabipur CAN't HANDLE that properly? 73 wb``