IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2012

DX, DX Y MAS DX´S...desde diferentes lugares del mundo !!!

Radio La Voz de Croacia

Log recientes escuchas

miércoles, agosto 15, 2012, 7:01 pm
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"Santiago San Gil"
Voice of Wilderness, 15180 Khz, 1300-1330 UTC, 25442, Comments of man, continued songs and woman's words, transmitted  in Korean, 07/08/2012
Receptor: Tecsun PL660, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

WINB, 9265 Khz, 0215-0230 UTC, 35343, Man`s Comments religious transmitted  in english , 08/08/2012
Receptor: Tecsun PL660, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

CBC Radio Nord Quebec, 9625 Khz, 0233-0300 UTC, 55444, Woman's  comments continued song for same woman, the transmition  to 03:00 utc in english with news, transmitted  in inu and english , 08/08/2012
Receptor: Tecsun PL660, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

Gander Radio Canada , 15035 SSB Khz, 1410-1450 UTC, 35533, Weather state in severa places in Canada , transmitted  in English l , 09/08/2012
Receptor: Sangean ATS505, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

New York Volmet x00.x30, 10051 Khz, 2330-2400 UTC, 45444, Weather state several places in usa, Miami, Orlando, Baltimore, New york, Alafask, transmitted  in english , 09/08/2012
Receptor: Tecsun PL660, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

R.Inconfidencia, 15190 Khz, 0145-0230 UTC, 45333, juego de futbol,luego sigje comentarios, transmisión  en portugues, 10/08/2012
Receptor: Sangean ATS505, Antena: L Invertida 6 metros, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

R.HABANA CUBA, 15230 Khz, 1335-1350 UTC, 55444, Cumpleaños de varios amigos de Cuba entre ellos Malena Negrin, sigue la historia del inicio de radio rebelde, entrevista a Alberto Campos Velazco, se oye el relato de Jorge Plaza Gatica de Chile, transmisión  en español., 12/08/2012
Receptor: Sony ICF-SW35, Antena: L Invertida 6 metros, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

RTV MAROCAINE, 15349 Khz, 1904-1935 UTC, 44343, Comments man, continued music, transmitted  in Arabic, 12/08/2012
Receptor: Tecsun PL660, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

R.Africa , 15190 Khz, 1850-1905 UTC, 34443, woman's comments and music transmitted  in english  , 12/08/2012
Receptor: Tecsun PL660, Antena: 6 meter inverted L, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

R.ROMANIA INT., 11795 Khz, 0233-0248 UTC, 55544, Comienza la emisión con emilio Valencia España informa el nuevo boletin dx s500, Juanes tendra un programa en USA, en España caen los ingresos de la radio, los Asturianos dedican 127 minutos semanales, mensajes de Luis de Argentina, Artur de España, David de Brazil, variss personas envian informenes de recepción, transmisión  en español., 13/08/2012
Receptor: Sony ICF-SW35, Antena: L Invertida 6 metros, Lugar Recepcion: Cabudare, EDO Lara

Williams López
Apartado Postal: 763
Barquisimeto, Estado Lara

[playdx2003] Escuchas desde Temuco, Chile / Logs from Temuco, Chile

viernes, 10 de agosto, 2012 21:14
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"Dario Monfredini" , "domesticasytropicales@yahoogroups.com" , "DX club Pernambuco" ...más
Logs from Temuco , Chile , 10th August 2012:

11535, Voice of Korea , 2020 utc. Korean service with patriotic hymns. SINPO: 33333.
11620, All India Radio, 2010 utc. Hindi service with news. SINPO: 22222.
11625, Vatican Radio, 2015 utc. English service with news from Holy See. SINPO: 22222.
11630, Voice of Russia , 2030 utc. French service with local music. SINPO: 33333.

See you the next Monday if God wants, many blessings !!

Escuchas desde Temuco, Chile, 10 de Agosto de 2012

11535, Voz de Corea, 2020 utc. Programa en coreano con himnos patrióticos. SINPO: 33333.
11620, All India Radio, 2010 utc. Programa en hindi con noticias. SINPO: 22222.
11625, Vatican Radio, 2015 utc. Programa en inglés con noticias desde la Santa Sede. SINPO: 22222,
11630, Voz de Rusia, 2030 utc. Programa en francés con música local. SINPO: 33333.

Hasta el lunes si Dios quiere, muchas bendiciones !!
Facebook: "Patricio Radioham"

Patricio R. De los Ríos E.
Presidente Comisión de Radioescuchas FEDERACHI
e-mail (1): patorios@msn.com
e-mail (2): swl-ca6uqt@live.cl

[playdx2003] Anker Petersen TIPS

sábado, 11 de agosto, 2012 09:31
Dear DX-friends,

Herewith my latest loggings from Skovlunde, heard on my AOR AR7030PLUS 
with 28 metres of longwire:

4716.71 2320-2400 BOL 07.08 R Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura Spanish 
talk and shouting, Andean music 25322 AP-DNK

4747.08 0010-0020 PRU 08.08 R Huanta 2000, Huanta Spanish 
talk 34433 AP-DNK

4800.00 *0020-0030 IND 08.08 AIR Hyderabad Telegu ann, 
Indian string music with drums, ID: "Akashvani" 45444 AP-DNK

4810.00 2305-2340 PRU 09.08 R Logos, Chazuta, Tarapoto 
(t) hymns and ann in UNID language, a very weak carrier with a noisy 
USB channel 13211 AP-DNK

4810.00 *0025-0035 IND 08.08 AIR Bhopal Indian string 
music with drums, Hindi ID: "Akashvani", 0030 Hindi news 35343 AP-DNK

4835.00 1805-1820 AUS 08.08 VL8A, Alice Springs, NT English 
sports report from the Olympics, Australian National Anthem played 
35343 AP-DNK

5040.00 1720-1740* IND 08.08 AIR Jeypore Indian songs, 
1730 English news, 1735 Hindi news, 1740 closing ann 35333 AP-DNK

5580.29 2335-0010 BOL 01-02.08 R San José, San José de 
Chiquitos Spanish monotonous religious talk, hymn 25332 AP-DNK

6134.84 2335-2345 BOL 09.08 R Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la 
Sierra Spanish talk, advs 33333 adjacent QRM AP-DNK

7225.00 1815-1835 TUN 08.08 R Tunisienne, Sfax Arabic 
songs, ann 55544 AP-DNK

9330.00 2140-2155 SYR 06.08 R Damascus, Adra English talk 
with Arab musical interludes 43332 poor modulation and with 
another transmission in American English on the USB-channel ("If you 
have diabetes") AP-DNK

Best 73,

[playdx2003] CVC La Voz se despide de la onda corta esta semana!

martes, 14 de agosto, 2012 16:13
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El lunes y martes, anotamos CVC La Voz de nuevo en 17680 tan temprano como las 13 horas TU, y todo el día en vez de solamente 21 a 23, horario reducido desde el 29 de junio. 

Nos enteramos de la razón, el 14 de agosto a las 1308, cuando se anunció que ``esta semana es la despedida de nuestro servicio de onda corta desde Chile después de 14 años``.

Acaban de quitarse de las otras emisoras transmitiendo através de Chile, y así parece que van a clausurar para siempre el sitio transmisor de Calera de Tango, después de varios día de emisiones reampliadas. 

Tal vez ¿alguien sepa la fecha, hora y frecuencia final final?

73, Guillermo Glenn Hauser, Oclajoma

[playdx2003] Glenn Hauser logs August 13-14, 2012

martes, 14 de agosto, 2012 15:40
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swl@mailman.qth.net, "NASWA"
** ARGENTINA. 11710.9, Aug 14 at 0121-0123+, RAE must be another station competing in the dead-air sweepstakes; characteristic off-frequency gives it away, instead of Japanese during this hour (when it has little chance of reaching Japan anyway) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BANGLADESH. Swopan Chakroborty in West Bengal, who seems to be in contact with Bangladesh Betar, reported early UT Aug 14 that the new schedule would now be:
1230-1300 15105 English
1400-1430 15505 Urdu
1515-1545 15505 Hindi
1745-1900 7105 English
1915-2000 7105 Bengali
His blog also says, ``They have some problem in audio input to the Thomson make transmitter`` so it is not a Chinese one.

I was looking forward to hearing English at 1230 on 15105. But at 1239, only a JBA carrier, aside much stronger CRI on 15110. Nothing on 15505 or 15520.

Seems BB still is not matching reality with schedules. At 1359 I am hearing their IS on 15105, not 15505, very poor, and 1400 timesignal about 5 seconds late. What about Nepali and Arabic, no longer trying those languages? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE. 17680, Aug 13 at 1900, revived all-day transmission of CVC La Voz is still going with gospel-rock music.

17680, Aug 14 at 1308, there it is again, inbooming in the morning, and this time an announcement in Spanish explaining why: this is their farewell week for shortwave! After 14 years, then will find satellite feeds to 400+ affiliates sufficient, plus online: ``esta semana, despedida de nuestro servicio de onda corta desde Chile después de 14 años``. Having shed their other relay clients, apparently the Calera de Tango site will be closed down already after this week.

BTW, Horacio Nigro`s blog put up an excellent report on CdT, with photos from a recent visit by Chilean DXer Luis Valderas:
** CROATIA [non]. 9925, Aug 12 at 0204, V. of Croatia is hastening to wrap up only 4 minutes of news in `Croatia Today``, takes 2 minutes to announce English schedule on satellite, SW with local times (what if there is more than one each??), so --- what`s the big hurry? --- they can get right back to music at 0206, which I stayed with past 0214 after they had played a tune which included melody from ``Rose of Spanish Haarlem``, otherwise unrecognizable presumably real Croatian music. All the schedules show English is 15 minutes from 0200, but there was nothing English about the music and certainly no speech after 0206; maybe cut back on weekends? Via Wertachtal, GERMANY, of course. On 7 September moves back down to 7375. Initial very good signal on 9925 was getting fluttier by tune-out (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. 15115-15120-15125, Aug 11 at *1827, DRM noise has just erupted, i.e. start of scheduled VON sesquihour in English. Does the modulation/audio on this still sound as bad as it does when in AM? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

[playdx2003] Silveri Gomez : LOGs Piratoni

miércoles, 15 de agosto, 2012 11:25
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Ciao Amigos de las Piratonas !
Ecco qui i logs delle piratone dalla settimana scorsa, meglio che il nulla..
Buone vacanze nel caldo mediterraneo !
Tanti salutoni !
1625,00  1208 2055 R.Barones, D,E, balllad, greets to Silveri, pop rock, Madonna, schlager 24322 
3900,00  0608 2145 Polaris R, E, pops, Duran Duran, ID, rock 24232 
6045,00  1208 0925 KBC, E, D, ballad, rock, ID, jingle Dj Eric, Sound of silence 24332 
6095,00  1108 1530 KBC, E, Rock and roll Saturday show 34433 
6200,00  0608 2045 Delta R -Gelderland, D,E; instrumental,ID, techno pop, ID; electro pop 23322 
6205,00  0708 2205 R.Witte Reus, E,D, rock, Hotel California, pops, ID 24322 
6260,00 1008 2225 Black Bandit R, E, ballad, rock, greets to Alexander, ID, disco 24322 
6280,00 0808 1815 R.Merlin Int, E, pops, ballad, Roy Orbison, Cher,also at 2155 24322 
6281,00 0908 1825 R.Black Arrow, E, pops, ID, greets to Jaroslav, rock 24232 
6286,00 1208 2215 Black Bandit R, E,dedication to Dr Tim, BZN song 24332 
6290,00 0708 1805 R.Boomerang, D, pops, ballad, hello amateurs, testing 24322 
6290,00 0708 2200 Delta R-W.Brabant,E, pops, Eye of tiger, ballads 24322 
6290,00 1008 2008 R.Witte Reus, D, talks, ballad, rock  24222 
6291,00 0908 1808 unid, pop ballad, country, polka accordion, Dire Straits 24332 
6300,00 0808 2210 unid, Elvis, ballad, country, blues, no ID 24232 
6300,00 0908 1735 unid, D, electro pop, talks, ID don't understood, schlager,  23222 
6300,00 1008 2040 R.Golfbreker, D, pops, schlager,  24232 
6300,00 1008 2150 TRX R, E, old ballads, rock and roll, Elvis, ID clearly 24332 
6308,00 0808 2200 Delta R-W.Brabant,E,ballads, ID, greets to Finland, polka, electro pops,  24322 
6320,00 0908 2048 R.Powerliner Int, D, talks, reporting 24222 
6325,00 1208 1758 R.Mistero Ghost Planet, It,E, Mike Oldfield tune, PFM,David Bowie 24332 
6450,00 1208 2210 R.Merlin Int, E, instrumental pop, ID, comments 24322 
6451,00 1108 2240 R.Lowland, E, thanking for reports, polka, rock, Rivers of Babylon, jingle 24323 
6915,00 1008 2015 unid, Maniac, Adamo hour, dance, Serrat, latino, Black is black...no Ids 34433
Silveri Gomez, Fraga, Catalunya norte ocidental
RX : ATS 909 + filo 15 metri outdoor

[playdx2003] Glenn Hauser logs August 14-15, 2012

miércoles, 15 de agosto, 2012 19:09
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"NASWA" , swl@mailman.qth.net
** BANGLADESH. 15105, August 15 at 1240, no signal from Bangladesh Betar when supposedly on in English, nor on alternates 15505, 15520. Nothing on 15105 at 1339 (there should be a Nepali service in here at 1315-1345, as heard Aug 13 on 15105 by Partha Sarathi Goswami, West Bengal). Before 1400 I am standing by on 15105, and yes, again today it comes on at *1358, not 15505 as allegedly scheduled, very weak signal but enough to recognize the IS before presumed Urdu; it was so weak and fading out that I could not detect a timesignal, unless it was too far displaced from hourtop (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE. 17680, August 14 at 2215 check, CVC La Voz is off. The reëxpanded schedule for its farewell week is apparently 13-22 UT. Just as well for RNZI DRM noise audible 17670-17675-17680, which will soon be rid of the ACI altogether. 

17680, August 15 at 1407, CVC La Voz is again temporarily on early, with, what else, gospel rock. Since yesterday`s report, press release from CVC has emerged confirming that they are closing down Calera de Tango after August 17: 

Spanish version via Yimber Gaviría:

Via Dino Bloise, Frecuencia al Día, Luis Valderas in Chile says the final broadcast will be Friday 17 August at 13-22 UT; no frequency mentioned but surely at least 17680. Via Yimber Gaviria, Valderas has also been hearing it between 17 and 18 on 9635. Also via Horacio Nigro, a special last-day QSL is expected to be available; reports to Casilla 395, Talagante, Chile or to antonio @ cvclavoz.cl 

FW: Rv: [Radioescucha onda corta desde Chile / Short wave radio listening from Chile] Informe de Onda Corta,...

jueves, 16 de agosto, 2012 00:51
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Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 13:53:07 -0700
From: mcperezmendoza@yahoo.com.ar
Subject: Rv: [Radioescucha onda corta desde Chile / Short wave radio listening from Chile] Informe de Onda Corta,...
To: amigosdx@rtve.es; cdxainternacional@hotmail.com; encontacto@rhc.cu; espano@familyradio.com; espanol@trt.net.tr; jmromero782004@yahoo.es; post_es@ruvr.ru; info@wrmi.net; rae@radionacional.gov.ar; victoria_sepciu@yahoo.es

----- Mensaje reenviado ----- marcelo perez
De: Claudio Radioham DX
Para: Radioescucha onda corta desde Chile / Short wave radio listening from Chile <10150106421310068 groups.facebook.com="groups.facebook.com"> 
Enviado: domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012 21:25
Asunto: [Radioescucha onda corta desde Chile / Short wave radio listening from Chile] Informe de Onda Corta,...

Informe de Onda Corta, desde Ovalle, Chile....
Claudio Radioham DX5 de agosto de 2012 21:25
Informe de Onda Corta, desde Ovalle, Chile. Domingo 05 de agosto de 2012. 
7350 Voz de América (250 Kw, vía Tinang, Filipinas) 22:00 UTC Inicio de programación y noticiero en chino. SINPO: 44444
9860 Radio Internacional de China (500 Kw, vía Kashi-Saibagh 2022, China) 22:05 UTC. Noticiero en idioma esperanto con muy baja modulación, después programas de economía y cultura en general. SINPO: 43344
9915 BBC (250 Kw, Vía Isla Ascensión) 22:23 UTC. Locutora habla sobre las olimpiadas, en inglés. SINPO: 34444
9925 Voz de Croacia (100 Kw, vía Wertachtal, Alemania) 22:18 UTC. Final de noticiero en inglés, locutora da los horarios y frecuencias en que se emite en aquel idioma, luego da paso a música en croata. SINPO: 44444
11695 Radio Australia (100 Kw, vía Shepparton, Australia) 21:43 UTC. Locutor habla sobre Australia y su desempeño olímpico, después pasa a dar música en inglés. SINPO: 44444
12060 Voz de Rusia (500 Kw, vía Yerevan-Gavar, Armenia) Micro-programa “Panorama Cultural” y después noticias sobre la situación en Siria con relación a Annan y la Liga Arabe, en idioma portugués. SINPO: 44444
17680 CVC La Voz (50 Kw, vía Calera de Tango, Chile) 21:40 UTC. Programa “El show de la música” revisando el ranking de la música cristiana contemporánea estadounidense. SINPO: 35544
17705 Radio Habana Cuba (100 Kw, vía La Habana, Cuba) 21:37 UTC. Locutores hablan sobre los antiguos programas de música que tenían las estaciones cubanas de los años 40 y de los cantos políticos anteriores al periodo de la revolución cubana. SINPO: 54444
17715 Radio Exterior de España (350 Kw, Vía Noblejas, España) 21:33 UTC. Locutores hablan sobre los paisajes de Noruega en el verano y de la página web del ministerio de turismo de aquel país y después hablan del libro “Latidos de África” del pintor Picasso, con las crónicas de viajes y sucesos que le pasan. SINPO: 54454 
17745 Radio Rumania Internacional (300 Kw, vía Tiganesti, Rumania) 21:25 UTC. Programa “Rincón Diexista” con la lectura de las cartas de los oyentes con comentarios sobres las emisiones de RRI, el cierre de Radio Canadá Internacional y Radio Nederlands por parte de la carta de una oyente de Buenos Aires. SINPO: 54444
Lugar: Centro de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile. 
Receptor: Akita R-9 Analógico con antena de hilo de 9 metros.


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