Just a short message to let you know that we just started some new daily
broadcasts to Europe, Africa and Asia/Pacific. Our newest schedule has been
published on line at http://www.nexus.org/schedules/

Here is some details of broadcasts started today:

TO Asia, 150 kW:
daily from 1400-1500 UTC on 15215 kHz

TO Africa, 150 kW:
daily from 1700-1800 UTC on 17770 kHz

TO Europe, 150 kW:
daily from 1900-2000 UTC on 7290 kHz

If you live in any of these targets, we will greatly appreciate receiving emails
and receptions reports. We have a limited number of new QSL cards that we will
be glad to send to the first 50 correct reception reports.
Email : 
Thank You and best 73s.


Ron Norton NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association