IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

DX, DX Y MAS DX´S: Desde diferentes lugares del mundo!!!

[playdx2003] Zacharias Liangas : Some pirate logs

domingo, 2 de septiembre, 2012 16:30
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Log for 01/09 

a playable audio sample  for Hamburger Local radio 

Log for  02/09 

9480  Gloria heard only with some carrier in SSB 
6140 RMVB under a S4 noise 
9480 RMVB on 0920 with music , but using MFJ 1025 noise canceller 
sample  http://www.ipernity.com/doc/zliangas/13357899/   (web playable)
7265  for Gloria again   nothing 
6095 KBC 0920 with S5 and pop songs 35244

Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 

Once again the new links 
http://imageshack.us/homepage/?user=zliangas  part f my image 
http://s1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj557/Zach_Liang-/    nearly full image list 
http://zliangas.ipernity.com/   new social site 
http://zlangaslogs.blogspot.com/    logs 
http://gadgets-zliangas.blogspot.com/ gadgets 
http://www.delicious.com/gr_greek1   links 
http://youtube.com/user/zach0gr     all videos 
https://sites.google.com/site/zliangas    all remain blogs /riviews 

Standard rig : ICOM R75 / 2x16 V / m@h40 heads Sennheiser 
Please read and distribute this 15 year research article http://tinyurl.com/5vzg7e 
Please read my article on SINPO at http://tinyurl.com/yt7qjd
http://zlgr.multiply.com (radio monitoring site plus audio clips ) MAIN SITE 
http://www.delicious.com/gr_greek1/@zach (all mypages !!)
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
greekdx @ otenet dot gr  ---  
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102,1103,108,1126
Tecsun PL200/550/600/360, Chibo c300/c979, Yupi 7000 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

[playdx2003] Roberto Pavanello: TIPS

domingo, 2 de septiembre, 2012 16:28
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    Ciao !
 1368 31/8 20.00 IRRS - Milano EE ID, IS e talk su Neil 
                    Amstrong buono ( via Challanger o che
                    altro ??? )
 3240  1/9 03.35 TWR - Manzini Ndau MX buono
 4780 31/8 19.20 R. Gibuti Arabo MX buono
 4915  1/9 03.30 R. Difusora - Macapà MX buono
 5940  1/9 22.50 Voz Missionaria - Camboriù PP predica suff.
 6090  1/9 03.20 Amhara State R. - Bahir Dar Amarico MX suff,
                    ( Mixed with Anguilla )
 6210  1/9 22.15 R. Marabù - info@radiomarabu.de EE ID e MX
 6285  2/9 08.45 R. Ome Jan - radioomejan@hotmail.com EE ID e
                    MX suff.
 6915  1/9 22.20 Laser Hot Hits - studio@laserhothits.co.uk EE
                    ID e MX buono
 7105  1/9 22.55 Sound of Hope - Taipei Cinese talk buono
 7250  1/9 16.50 Bangladesh Betar - Dhaka Bengalese MX buono
 9705  1/9 22.40 Voix du Sahel - Niamey, Niger, FF ID e MX buono
11710  1/9 03.15 RAE - Buenos Aires FF tanghi buono
14950.7 1/9 21.55 Salem Stereo - Rio Blanco, Colombia, SS predica buono
15190  1/9 22.05 R. Inconfidencia - Belo Horizonte PP MX buono

Roberto Pavanello

www.playdx.com www.bclnews.it

playdx2003] Anker Petersen: Tips from Denmark

sábado, 1 de septiembre, 2012 12:51
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Dear DX-friends,

Here are my latest SW tips heard in Skovlunde on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 
28 metres of longwire:

3995    0535-0615    D    31.08    HCJB, Weenermoor    German 
biblereading with a slight Canadian accent (Program no. 959 from 
Canada), hymns e.g. "Ich werde Dich immer lieben", 0600 another 
religious programme in German    45344    AP-DNK

5580.32    0030-0040    BOL    26.08    R San José, San José de 
Chiquitos (p)    Spanish talk    15321    AP-DNK

6134.83    0010-0020    BOL    26.08    R Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la 
Sierra    Spanish ann and ID: "Radio Santa Cruz" said five times in ten 
minutes! Pop music    45333    AP-DNK

6160.90    0015-0025    CAN    26.08    CKZN, St. John's, New 
Foundland    English ann, song and talk; still Off frequency 24232    AP-DNK

6170    2140-2205    FIN    Fr 31.08    Scandinavian Weekend Radio, 
Virrat    English in Tricky Trev's Night Train    33232    terrible 
noise on 6170 and from *2200 QRM CRI in Spanish on 6175    AP-DNK

6173.92    0025-0035    PRU    26.08    R Tawuantisuyo, Cusco (t) 
Spanish talk, but very weak signal    14211    AP-DNK

7265    1050-1120    D    Sa 01.09    Hamburger Lokalradio, Göhren    
German ann, songs in Plattdeutch, 1100 jazzmusic 45444    AP-DNK

11720    0805-0900    FIN    Sa 01.09    Scandinavian Weekend Radio, 
Virrat     Finnish report from the FDXA 50th Summermeeting, BUT AT 
AMERICAN HIGHWAY", 0900 English ID: "This is Scandinavian Weekend 
Radio", address: P. O. Box 99, FI-34801 Virrat, Finland 25232    AP-DNK

12133.50 USB    2220-2235    26.08    AFRTS feeder, Saddlebunch Keys, 
Florida    English conversation with a bit of a song, 2230 Hurricane 
forecast, Republican Convention in Tampa, ID, 2233 news. The transmitter 
shortly after was hurt by the hurricane Isaac! 35343    AP-DNK

Please be aware that R Hargeisa, Somaliland can now be heard on 7120 
until 1900*.

Best 73

[playdx2003] Nino Marabello: Tip onde corte banda 49 metri [Archivos adjuntos 4]

sábado, 1 de septiembre, 2012 12:25
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[Más abajo se incluyen archivos adjuntos de Dario Monferini]
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2012 10:48 AM
Subject: Tip onde corte banda 49 metri

Ciao da Nino!

Ecco alcuni tip onde corte della banda 49 metri

6080 31/8 458 VOA Africa, Sao Tome e Prince   Px "Editorial"  E 35444
6080 31/8 500 NHK World R. Japan, Bonaire ID Px "Noticias" QRM VOA Es 43433
6180 01/9 440 R. Nacional Brasil, Brasilia   ID Px Mx  P 45344
5965 01/9 500 R. Exterior España, Cariari ID Px "Noticias"  Es 33333

Allego quattro audio clip in formato WMA

73 da Nino
Treviso, Italia
ANT: VHF esterna azimuth 230 gradi

playdx2003] Radio Hargeisa now su 7120

sábado, 1 de septiembre, 2012 09:08
Me n'ero accorto pure io di questo segnale e sembrava che in sottofondo ci
fosse una seconda emissione. Avevo pensato a qualche conflitto abituale
tra Eritrea ed Etiopia, che fanno come cani e gatti su e giù per i 40
metri HAM estesi. 100 kW proprio in Somalia??? Un relay da qualche altra
parte. LBF

-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Giampiero Bernardini <g.bernardini@avvenire.it>
Risposta: playdx2003 <playdx2003@yahoogroups.com>
Data: venerdì 31 agosto 2012 19.19
A: playdx2003 <playdx2003@yahoogroups.com>
Oggetto: [playdx2003] Radio Hargeisa now su 7120

>Su 7120 kHz sta testando Radio Hargeisa, Somalia. In questo momento,
>17.15 UTC, musica del Corno d¹Africa. Segnale discreto. IL nuovo
>trasmettitore dovrebbe essere di 100 KW

>Giampiero Bernardini

[playdx2003] Radio Hargeisa, Somalia, 7120 kHz off alle 1830 UTC

viernes, 31 de agosto, 2012 19:47
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"PlayDXlist (playdx2003@yahoogroups.com)"
Radio Hargeisa 7120 kHz s.off alle 1830 UTC
Segnale sempre stabile intorno a S 6-7
Buona modulazione
RX: Excalibur Pro Ant: T2FD


Giampiero Bernardini

[playdx2003] Henrik Klemetz : Radio Salem Stereo Rioblanco Tolima Colombia [Archivos adjuntos 4]

viernes, 31 de agosto, 2012 15:01
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"Glenn Hauser"
[Más abajo se incluyen archivos adjuntos de Dario Monferini]
written by Henrik Klemetz

Several North American DXers reported an unidentified Spanish speaker on 14950.6 on June 17 and for about one week.  Those reporting the station were Brian Alexander, Don Jensen, John Schneider, Bob Wilkner, Terry Krueger and Glenn Hauser.  Glenn posted a recording online where one could hear snippets of announcements and one identification “….Stéreo”.  In one of the segments heard he perceived the mention of “la ciudad de Pasto ”, the town of Pasto , which is a place in southwestern Colombia , near the border to Ecuador .

Don Jensen noticed songs and music in a Mexican vein and suggested this could  “some sort of studio to transmitter link?  An OOB XE ham just having fun?”

To Glenn Hauser this was no pirate operation but a professional-type transmission, a Colombian “gospel huxter”

On June 24, the Swedish DXer Torolf Johnsson returned from a vacation abroad.  He browsed the latest news on the band.  Usually, he just tunes in to medium wave signals from his country-side cottage north of Stockholm where he has erected some impressive Beverage antennas pointing W and SW.  This time, however, he checked the out-of-the-band frequency between the 20 meter ham band and the 19 meter band and shortly after midnight he managed to record the signal and the announcement Glenn Hauser had earlier reported.

He sent me the recording where one could easily hear that the station was “Salem Stéreo” and the following announcement was, as far as I could tell,  an announcement inviting young people to participate in a two-day Christian gathering at “Piscinas Villamar” in Rioblanco, Tolima, on June 25 and 26.   The mention of “the town of Pasto ” was an identification of one of the leaders of the gathering.  There was a second leader mentioned as well, but he was said to hail from the “eje cafetero”, the coffee growing area in central Colombia .  People were invited to sign up for the meeting by calling two telephone numbers.

Checking Google I soon found Salem Stéreo listed on FM 106.5 MHz.  The location was given as Rioblanco, Tolima, but there was nowhere any address to be found.  I found however a live web transmission from Salem Stereo including the same announcement I had previously heard.  Now I could call one of the mobile phone numbers, not to enlist myself, but to ask for information about the mysterious shortwave signal.  Having confirmed the numbers on the internet transmission, there was no risk of confusion.

Jefferson Otavo replied to my call in the afternoon on July 24.  He had no information about the radio but he advised me to phone the assisting pastor of the congregation Jhon Torres (I double-checked his name, and yes, jh- is a very Colombian way of avoiding a fricative pronunciation of an initial j in a word).  I called his number, but there was only a voice telling me to record a message for him.  I mailed Jefferson but did not receive any reply.  On June 26, one day after the scheduled meeting, I called him again and then he gave me a second number for Sr. Torres.  It was actually the phone number of the Torres family.  The pastor was travelling out of town and so I talked to his wife, daughters and finally to Jhon.

For some reason which was not explained Salem Stéreo had been refused to continue broadcasting on FM.  The owners of the FM station, a local Pentecostal church, then started a live web broadcast.  However, many people in Rioblanco (5,000 inhabitants in the municipal center and 20,000 more in the outlying areas) were complaining.  A good deal of the church members did not own a computer and also it was expensive to keep the pc going all day long. Then someone came with the idea of relaying the signal on shortwave.  A transmission next to the 20 meter ham band would probably provide a reasonable signal for the local audiencie. That was good thinking. Many people already owned a receving set capable of receving “SW” as shortwave is often called in Colombia on many Japanese and Chinese receivers.  After testing shortwave which reached their target audience, the church would apply for a regular shortwave license.  Colombia has many unused frequencies and it is not too difficult to obtain a license any more.  There are only three regular shortwave programmes audible right now in Colombia , whereas there were perhaps 30 a few decades ago.

When talking to Jhon Torres, the shortwave transmission had been interrupted for “some minor technical adjustments”.  They had been on the air from the middle of June only.  I sent him one of Torolf Johnsson’s audio clips, and he confirmed that this was their transmission. He was very surprised to know that the signal would travel that far considering the low power  “not very many watts”, as he said.

I have received some pictures from the Torres family. Apparently there were some 400 youthsgathered during the meeting.  Salem Stéreo is being run by a local Pentecostal church. The municipality of Rioblanco is situated in the mountains some 150 km south of the provincial capital, Ibagué.  It takes some 8 hours to reach the town, which is a result of the mountainous area where it is located.  (The town of Neiva , capital of Huila, is located at approx. the same distance from Ibagué and can be reached in less than 4 hours). 

Rioblanco is located in a little basin surrounded by mountains, at a altitude of 900 meters above sea level.  This means that the town has a mean temperature of some 24 degrees all the year round, 17 at night and 28 in the afternoon.

Rioblanco is not to far from the National Park “Las Hermosas” which for many years has been the hiding place for groups belonging to the FARC guerrilla.  When one looks for pictures related to Rioblanco on Google Images, it is not suprising to find a picture of “Alfonso Cano”, former leader of the FARC guerrilla, who was killed in November 2011.

The Colombian guerrilla has earlier been frequent users of shortwave radio, but this is less common nowadays.  There are many four-wheel-drive vehicles in the country and also lorries and buses with mobile shortwave transmitters installed to be able to reach sub-centrals which can connect them to the regular telephone network.  The local offices and vehicles of the International Red Cross are using SSB on shortwave to keep in contact with each other just as many other organizations dedicated to legal and not-so-legal activities.  I have myself seen that a flight controller for a small local airport would have an Icom transceiver in his apartment operating on 5902U where he would take care of incoming and outgoing flights.
In the Andes, insurgent organizations such as the FARC, ELN and the Shining Path and some radio stations, such as Radio Marañón in northern Peru , have been using satellite telephones and satellite fax for many years.  Now, of course satellite internet.  So shortwave is not unusual nor dead in Colombia .  According to one of his daughters, Pastor Torres was in his youth a keen shortwave listener.  Radio Sutatenza and Family Radio were two of his favourite stations.

Listening to the web transmission on www.salemstereo.com one can notice that the programme consists of Christian hymns, performed in all the main Latin American music styles, from ranchera, and its Colombian sibling carrilera, to bolero, vallenato or balada.  Apart from that, there are time-checks and quotations from the Bible.  

Henrik Klemetz

I am attaching a station logo, a picture of the town of Rioblanco (which is from the town’s own web page), one from the studio and one from one of the church gatherings.

playdx2003] RE: Colombia: RCN confirmó compra de Radio Súper

miércoles, 29 de agosto, 2012 21:35

Hola Yimber y colegas de la lista, cabe anotar que desde hace un tiempo ya, RCN tenia algún tipo de control de las emisoras 900 Khz Cucutá donde esta operando RCN Fiesta y la de Neiva en 1100 KHz que esta operando como Radio Uno.

Rafael Rodríguez R.

--- En playdx2003@yahoogroups.com, Yimber Gaviria escribió:

[playdx2003] "Girolla "Tips -Buccinasco-

viernes, 31 de agosto, 2012 10:14
playdx2003@yahoogroups.com, bclnews@yahoogroups.com

1566,R Kolbe I Schio,1713 28August, px rlg in I "Il mondo canta Maria 8 settembre",33333(Giroletti)
5010,AIR  IND Thiruvananthapuram ,1734 28August, px local //5040 AIR Jeypore,33333(Giroletti)
5040,AIR IND Jeypore ,1738 28August,px local //5010,33333(Giroletti)
927,ERA GRC Zakynthos ,1744 28August , px local greek music,33333(Giroletti)
5005,R Difusion de Guinea Equatorial GNE Bata, 1840 28August, px mxlocal,33333(Giroletti)
4949.8,R Nacional de Angola AGL Mulenvos,1853 28August, px mxlocal weak modulation,33333(Giroletti)
11780,R Nacional de Amazonia B Brasilia, 2100 28August, px nx + ID , 34333(Giroletti)
11855,R Aparecida B Aparecida, 2106 28August, px local //9630khz,23222(Giroletti)
5025,VL8K AUS katerine,2130 28August,px mx relay ABC //4835khzVL8A //4910Khz VL8T,33333(Giroletti)
4319,AFRTS feeder DGA Diego Garcia,2145 28August,USB mode px relay ,33333(Giroletti)
15191.5, R Incofidencia B Belo Horizonte,2200 28August , px local +ID, 33333(Giroletti)
14950.7,R Salem Stereo CLM Rioblanco Tolima,2344 28August, music weak modulation ,13222(Giroletti)
189,RUV Ras ISL Gufuskalar,0010 29August, px mx ,23333(Giroletti)
9819.5,R Nove de Jhulo B Sao Paolo, 0018 29August, px rlg in P,23333(Giroletti)
9625, CBC CAN Sackville,0025 29August, px politic +female ID and e-mail,33333(Giroletti)
7811,AFRTS feeder USA Saddlebunch Keys,0035 29August,USB px talk mx,33333(Giroletti)
5952.4,R Pio XII BOL Llallagua Potosi, 0045 29August,px local+mx weak signal,13222(Giroletti)
5910,Alcaravàn R CLM Lomalinda,0058 29August, px mx +ID, 23233(Giroletti)
5446.5,AFRTS feeder USA Saddlebunch Keys,0105 29August,USB px weak signal,12222(Giroletti)
5109.7,WBCQ USA Monticello,0112 29August,USB px mx ,33333(Giroletti)
7200,Voice of Broad Masses ERT Asmara,1919 29August,px local mx + id + freq list,44444(Giroletti)
1368,Galei Tzahal ISR Shivta,1930 29August, px mx +id //6973,23333(Giroletti)
15345,RAE ARG Buenos Aires,1955 29August, px in I "la nascita della prima radio Argentina",44444(Giroletti)
15191.5, R Incofidencia B Belo Horizonte,2005 29August , px local +ID, 33333(Giroletti)
1550,RASD ALG Rabuoni,2015 29August, px in local better USB weak signal,22222(Giroletti)
16920,SOUND of Hope R.Int TWN,1227 30August, px local mix Jamming//16100//15900- better USB mode,32333(Giroletti)
25000,Mikes FIN Espoo,1006 31August , Time signal "Bip..Bip..Bip...",23222(Giroletti)
Ciao e buoni ascolti 73!

- Mauro -
-Swl 1510-
-JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150-
Filter PAR Electronics – BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF- DSP 9
-Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop ALA 100 M
-Lat. 45°25'0"N Long. 9°7'0"E -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-

playdx2003] Nino Marabello: Tip OC Oceania 28 agosto [Archivos adjuntos 2]

martes, 28 de agosto, 2012 17:00
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[Más abajo se incluyen archivos adjuntos de Dario Monferini]
Ciao da Nino!

Ecco due speciali tip onde corte dell'Oceania.
11945 28/8 0700 Radio Australia, Shepparton  ID Px Nx E 45444
11725 28/8 0756 R. New Zealand International, Rangitaiki Mx Id sign off 
0758 UTC E 33433

Allego due audio clip in formato WMA

73 da Nino Marabello
Treviso, Italia
ANT: VHF esterna azimuth 230 gradi

playdx2003] ivan guerini : Tips di Agosto

lunes, 27 de agosto, 2012 18:04
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06011375006/08/2012FR.France - hausa - news int33323
06121783006/08/2012PAKR.Pakistan - urdu - canti locoali - parlato34433
06241751506/08/2012CHNR.Cina - ita - rock cinese e commenti sulle band44444
1935494006/08/2012XXXVoa - eng - news propaganda usa44423
11411755007/08/2012IRNVoiri - arab - parlato con int. telefonica44433
11431758007/08/2012CUBR.Habana Cuba - spa -  id - parlano di sport olimpici33323
11461761507/08/2012ARSBSKSA - arab - canti religiosi + commenti44433
11481765007/08/2012CHNCRI - cin - prog. intrattenimento + voci - musiche or.55544
11541767007/08/2012ROUR.Romania int . eng - id - update olimpic games (prog. sportivo)44433
11561769507/08/2012CLNR.Farda - farsi - usica disco dance + commenti33323
12031770507/08/2012ARSBSKSA - arab - news flash -55555
12051772507/08/2012PAKR.Pakistan - ??? - canti + parlato33333
12071773507/08/2012CLNRFE - ??? - parlato + voci33323
12111780007/08/2012THARFE - rus - parlato33322
12191363507/08/2012TURV.Turchia - tur - musiche e canti folk + commenti55555
12251384507/08/2012USAWWCR - eng - prog religioso -44433
0404502509/08/2012CUBR.Rebelde - spa - id - musica e commenti44433
0407504009/08/2012CUBR.Habana Cuba - spa - politica int44444
0428581009/08/2012USAWewn - spa - predica e canti religiosi34433
0430589009/08/2012USAWWwcr . eng - predica religiosa - //593533333
0435596009/08/2012KWTR.Kuwait - arab - parlato (sembra religioso)44433
0436603009/08/2012CUBR.Marti - spa - parlano di vittime di attentati - caso Osvaldo Aldovar44433
0450618009/08/2012BR.N.Amazonia - por - id - int. telefonici - intrattenimento44433
0454933009/08/2012USAWbcq - eng - canzoni -33222
0500950009/08/2012SWZTWR Africa - eng - id - jingle - stacco musicale33323
08162147009/08/2012SEYBBC - eng - parlato (insuff)22222
08211784009/08/2012CLNFarda - farsi - canzoni locali + commenti44434
08241778509/08/2012ARSBSKSA - fra - intervista tel medico guerra syria55444
08281774009/08/2012ARSBSKSA - arab - parlato + musiche locali - //1773055544
08311771009/08/2012KWTR.Kuwait - arab - parlato ramadam - prog. religioso33323
08421768509/08/2012AFGR.Free Afganistan - ??? - parlato (propaganda) + musiche locola23333
08441766009/08/2012IRNVoiri - swaili - parlano di Palestina + musiche44433
08461765009/08/2012CHNCRI - cin - parato + voci + canzoni cinesi55544
09101585009/08/2012ISRGalei Zahal - ebr - nx + px + id33323
09131574009/08/2012XXXR.Marshaal - pastho - px info + commenti -33323
09151572509/08/2012PAKR.Pakistan - urdu - canzoni locali33333
09161570009/08/2012RUSV.Russia - ger - nx int.44433
13281538009/08/2012ARSBsksa - arab - parlato + voci44433
1648959011/08/2012MDGFamily R. - swa - parlato (via madagascar)34423
1651959511/08/2012JNihon SW BC Co. - jap - canti folk locali + commenti34423
1821150311/08/2012IRNIrib - arab - parlato px religioso33323
2206607011/08/2012D R.6150 - musica rock33333
2218609011/08/2012BR.Bandeirantes - por - px intrattenimento - mx34433
23011561011/08/2012USAWewn - eng - px religioso con commenti tel.34333
23061552511/08/2012AUSHCJB Australia - cin - parlato + voci44433
23111495111/08/2012CLMSalem Estereo - spa - musica folk + commenti23333
23171572011/08/2012NZLRNZI - eng - px tecnologia & internet33323
23231550011/08/2012TWNSound of Hope - cin - parlato55444
23261541511/08/2012AUSR.Australia - eng - prog.di intrattenimento culturale44423
23301537011/08/2012GUMAwr - cin - parlato e mx locali (via Guam)44433
23351535511/08/2012USAR.Family - spa - px relicioso lettura versi55534
23371534511/08/2012ARGRae - spa - px politico int.44433
23401523011/08/2012CUBR.Habana Cuba - spa - musica cubana55544
0433504012/08/2012CUBR.Habana de Cuba - spa - musica cubana e commenti su band musicali cubane34433
0440591012/08/2012CLMR.Alcavaran - spa - id musica sudamericana33333
2143583013/08/2012KWTR.Farda - farsi - parlato e mx occidentale 23323
2200613013/08/2012CHAPBS Xizang - tib - canti locali - id - px33323
09042169514/08/2012PHLVoa - cin - parlato + voci (via filippine)33333
09062167014/08/2012ARSBSKSA - arab - canti religiosi moujaidin44433
09391787515/08/2012INDAir India - ind - canti e musiche locali44333
09441784015/08/2012CLNR.Farda - farsi - id - news flash - commenti - px musicale (via sri lanka)44433
09501783015/08/2012ASCBBC - eng - id - commenti politica int.(via ascension)33323
10001780515/08/2012ARSBSKSA - arab - news flash - id - canti religiosi44433
22041775015/08/2012CUBR.Habana Cuba - spa - commenti compleanno Fidel - rapporti con gov. Venezuelano - id - //1770533323
22111772515/08/2012USAR.Family - por - lettura versetti bibbia + commenti - //1547523322
22161572015/08/2012NZLRNZI - eng - id - nx internazionali - economia cinese33323
22181563015/08/2012GRCV.Grecia - gre - musica folk locale55544
22451176518/08/2012BR.Deus è Amor - por - Predicatore parla con + persone33323
23051177518/08/2012USAWHRI - eng - predicatore religioso44434
23171183018/08/2012GUFFamily R. - por - prog. religioso - letturura bibbia33323
23531184018/08/2012CUBHabana de Cuba - spa - parlato e canzoni locali 23322
1913997520/08/2012KORV.Korea - eng - commenti economici cina america34333
1928992520/08/2012MDGR.Family - eng - predicatore - (via madagascar)44433
19401534520/08/2012ARGRae Argentina - ita - id - canti argentini + commenti sul testo e cantante33333
2034478020/08/2012DJIRTV Djibouti - arab - canti locali54444
1955483521/08/2012AUSABC Northern - eng - parlato - stacchi musicali - (insuff)22222
11002167022/08/2012ARSBsksa - ind - news int. + voci34433
112154922/08/2012SLOR.Koper - slo - px musicale44444
112760322/08/2012FFrance Info - fra - commenti notizie economiche33333
113163022/08/2012TUNR.Tunisi - arab - parlato + canti religiosi23333
113565722/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - info traffico (Pisa)33333
114070222/08/2012SUICRI - fra - musiche orientali + commenti 33333
114775622/08/2012DDFL - ger - intervista telefonica a politico su crisi europea23333
115081922/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - canzone Vecchio di r. zero - intervista marinella nava (Trieste)23322
115290022/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - px musicale int. Nava (Milano)55555
115593622/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - px musicale int. Nava (Venezia)34433
115798122/08/2012ALGAlger Chaine 2 - alg - commenti + musica da ballo33333
120099922/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - T/S - gr1 - (Torino)44444
1203106222/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - gr1 - (Cagliari)33333
1207111622/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - gr1 - (Cuneo)23322
1210114322/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - fine gr1 - pubblicità - px parole mie - (Sassari)33333
1214117122/08/2012I?? (Rai?) - ita - int. Telefonica Roberto Piaggio - px pillole estive di cultura44444
1223135022/08/2012EGYErtu Queseir - egiz. - canti e mx locali33322
1230140422/08/2012FFrance Blue - fra - px intrattenimento - mx + commenti e curiosità varie - //1494 kHz33333
1233144922/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - ondaverde33333
1235155722/08/2012FFrance info - fra - commenti economia europa grecia23322
1240157522/08/2012IRai Radio 1 - ita - meteo radio - (Genova)44444
08241194526/08/2012AUSR.Australia - eng - commenti notizie sportive34433
0900979026/08/2012FR.Voce della Speranza - ita - Studio Dx55544
0946614026/08/2012 Radio Gloria Int. - eng - ID – Jingle - Music story  group remember   55555
13531518026/08/2012CLNV.Wilderness - ??? - parlato + canti e musiche religiose23322
14001520526/08/2012USAPan American BC - eng - predicatore - px religioso33323
14421522526/08/2012FR.Taiwan - rus - parlato commenti culturali - stacchi musicali (via Issoudun)33323
15071524526/08/2012KORV.Of Corea - eng - id - orchestral sinfony 44433
0400488527/08/2012BR. Clube do Parà - por - px intrattenimento 23322
0406491527/08/2012BR. Diffusora de Macapà - por - px musicale e commenti 23222
0410502527/08/2012CUBR.Rebelde - spa - canzoni cubane e commenti sociopolitici del passato33323
0414504027/08/2012CUBHabana de Cuba - spa - px culturale radio cubana in Colombia e università43333
0426581027/08/2012USAWEWN - spa - px religioso - predicatore33333
0432593527/08/2012USAWwcr - eng - predicatore - sermone43333
04421178027/08/2012B R.Nac Amazonia - por - notizie sportive calcio risultati33333
04471184027/08/2012CUBHabana Cuba - spa - px musicale di intrattenimento33323
04531180027/08/2012SDNSudan R. Service - arab - parlato - ID - (Sudan ricorre spesso)44434
05041540027/08/2012SDNR.Dabanga - arab - parlato - ID - Jingle - news flash 44433
05301541527/08/2012AUSR.Australia - eng - Intervista telefonica commenti economia internazionale44423
08021194527/08/2012AUSR.Australia - eng - commenti notizie int. 44433

quelli con sfondo verde sono ascolti inerenti la nottata a Piancada.


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