IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

III-EDXCV-2013: Noticias del Encuentro Diexista Binacional Colombo-Venezolano.

DSWCI apoya en el encuentro Re: III Colombian Venezuelan DX meeting

viernes, septiembre 21, 2012, 6:41 pm

From: Anker Petersen
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 4:09 PM
Subject: Re: III Colombian Venezuelan DX meeting

Dear Mr Rafael Rodriguez R,

I was very pleased to receive your e-mail a week ago, inviting me to send some publications for the III DX Colombian-Venezuelan meeting and possibly to attend myself.

The DSWCI certainly wishes to support your meeting, which is a great demonstration that DX-ers in different countries can work and have fun together.

We have a long tradition here in Europe for that, where the European DX-Council  was founded in my home in 1967 and still is very active! Please look atwww.edxc.org and click history !

The DSWCI hereby sends all your participants our sincere wishes for a good DX-meeting!

I have packed an envelope for you with a few recent Shortwave News and the latest copy of our Domestic Broadcasting Survey-14 which is now nearly sold out.

I will send you another bunch of Short Wave News later on.

Please acknowledge, when you have received these two envelopes.

Unfortunately I do not have the technical possibilities to make a recorded greeting to the participants, so I hope you can read it from this e-mail.

I would have liked to participate in your DX-meeting and meet many DX-friends from Colombia and Venezuela.
But I have long time ago booked a trip to Malaysia and Indonesia at the end of this year, so visiting you will not be possible early January.

Best 73,
Anker Petersen
Chairman DSWCI

Den 15-09-2012 04:30, RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ skrev:
Dear Mr. Petersen

Greetings from Colombia, In this time I write to you to comment about III DX Colombian-Venezuelan meeting  that will be realized in January 2013, I am the organizer and  I ask your colaboration and the DSWCI, of course if is possible. Really I ask you if possible can you send send some Material DX to  give away among participants maybe some old DBS or old printed Shortwave News or any material.

Maybe can you recorded some audio with greetings to participants from DSWCI.  

Clearly also invited to participate personally and if you need help in coordinating your trip will have all my support.

From now many thanks 

Rafael Rodríguez R.
Bogotá D.C. - COLOMBIA

[latinoamericadx] Amigos de la Onda Corta reseña III Encuentro Diexsita Colombo Venezolano

sábado, septiembre 15, 2012, 2:17 am
Ver detalles del contacto
"Pedro salamanca" , "RODOLFO SABOGAL" , "ruben medina" , "Carlos Hernando" , "Jorge Garcia" ... más
Hola Colegas

En la emisión de este fin de semana del programa Amigos de la Onda Corta,  de la Radio exterior de España; reseñan la invitación a participar en el III Encuentro Diexista Colombo Venezolano, asi pues  a confirmar su participación desde ya...

Rafael Rodríguez 

Personas que han manifestado interés en el encuentro

viernes, septiembre 14, 2012, 9:45 pm
Hola Santiago acá las personas que han solicitado información o manifestado interés en participar en el encuentro:
Desde  Valledupar Rubén Medina, desde Bogotá Roberto Sabogal quien se esta iniciando en el hobby, desde Tunja Januario Diaz, quien aunque menciona que ya “descolgó antenas” quiere intercambiar opiniones del “DX de las broadcasting”

Rafael R.

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