IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

DIEXISTAS EN ACCION...con más informaciones DX´s

Rob Wagner5 de noviembre de 2012 16:19

Greetings from Mount Evelyn, AUS. Very humid here this morning. Current temp at 7am is 22C, windy and damp from overnight rain. Not usually this warm for Spring.

3955 ENGLAND. KBS - Skelton. Commencement of German service at 2002, poor under noise.

4005 IRAN. VOIRI - Kamalabad. Russian service at 1957. ID at 2000.

4765 TJAKISTAN. Tajik Radio, fair level with constant thunderstorm noise at 1950. One of the few stations on the band at this time this morning.

4800 CHINA. CNR 1 - Geermu, commenced transmission at precisely 1955, switching right into the middle of programming without announcements.

Not much else on these bands for us this morning. Heavy local noise and thunderstorm activity abound!

Regards, Rob VK3BVW

Patricio Radioham5 de noviembre de 2012 10:53
Escuchas desde Temuco, Chile, 05 de Noviembre de 2012

11735, Radio Transmundial, 1410 utc. Programa en portugués con música cristiana. SINPO: 44444.
11765, Super Radio Deus e Amor, 1415 utc. Programa en portugués con lecciones cristianas. SINPO: 44444.
11860, Radio Habana Cuba, 1420 utc. Programa en español con música local SINPO: 44444.
11925, WHRI, 1425 utc. Programa en español con lecciones cristianas. SINPO: 22222.

QSL recibida:

Observatorio Nacional, Brasil, escuchada el 02 de septiembre de 2012 en los 10000 khz. 

Hasta mañana si Dios quiere, muchas bendiciones !!

Mark Coady
4 de noviembre de 2012 21:32
9770 SRI LANKA SLBC at 0125 with drum beats and a choral song then drum beats and children's choral anthem to time pips at 0130 and a man with ID as "This is the All Asia Service of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation"- Fair Nov 5 Coady-ON

Rob Wagner4 de noviembre de 2012 19:05
Oh....and by the way, also from yesterday's log:

6165 ZAMBIA. ZNBC Radio 2, Lusaka. Lost out badly to N'Djamena in the battle for this frequency at 1855 in English. One of these two stations seems to be ever so slightly off-frequency but can't tell which one (low het which is also noticeable in SSB as two distinct pitches).

Mark, do you hear Lusaka at you location, too? I think they s/off around 2200.

Rob Wagner4 de noviembre de 2012 18:39
Further to Mark's last post a few minutes ago, the following is from my log of yesterday here in South Eastern Australia:

6165 CHAD R.N. Tchadienne, N'Djamena. First noted 1832 with a massive signal in a local language. Fabulous instrumental dance music, then a long news report on Al Qaeda. ID in French at 1900 as "Ici N'Djamena" and into four-minute news report. QRM from Zambia. Noted again later still in French at 2106 with a nice music program of Afro songs and anncts, still at a respectable level and with Zambia having faded by that time. Then Chad f/out by 2135.

As we head towards summer, fade/outs become earlier and earlier as local daylight "soaks" up the signal. Thus we rarely get the chance to hear the s/off of this station except in mid-winter. Thanks Mark.


Mark Coady4 de noviembre de 2012 18:28
6165 CHAD ONR du Tchad at 2217 in French with a man and woman with talk with a mentions of "Tchad" and "N'Djamena" and off at 2222 - Poor and noisy Nov 4 Coady-ON - sign-off is 2230 or 2300 on Saturday

Rob Wagner4 de noviembre de 2012 18:11
Greetings from Mount Evelyn, AUS:

6089.85 NIGERIA. R. Nigeria, Kaduna. Spotted this from the telltale heterodyne created with its competitors on 6090 at 2030. Disappeared after 2047. Discussion program in Hausa. Only a fair to poor signal on this occasion. But I listened comfortably using LSB, the manual beat cancelling function on the TS2000, plus the BHI in-line DSP unit, into the pre-amp section of the MFJ-1026 Noise Cancelling unit. Talk about processed signal!! But it worked!


15230 KHz
QSL especial "90 años de la radio cubana"
V/S Equipo del programa "En Contacto"
Informe enviado a: encontacto   @   rhc.cu
Demoró: 76 dias

buenos Dx

Rafael Rodríguez R.
Bogotá D.C. - COLOMBIA

Rob Wagner4 de noviembre de 2012 6:10
Greetings from Mount Evelyn, AUS:

3200 SWAZILAND. TWR Manzini, English at 1926 with quiet, meditative instrumental music, then a hymn. Weak and fading fast as my local morning daylight intensifies. 

4780 DJIBOUTI. RTV de Djibouti, 2010

4930 BOTSWANA. VOA - Moepeng Hill. Fair level with great African music programming at 2005.

4949.75 ANGOLA. R. Nat. de Angola, Mulenvos. Just caught the last 15 minutes of this before it faded around 2010 with Portuguese service. 

5915 ZAMBIA. ZNBC Radio 1, Lusaka. Local language at 2015 with discussion program. Fair level.

6055 RWANDA. R. Rwanda, Kigali. Interview program in the presumed Kinyarwanda language at 2020, good strength.


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