IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

ARGELIA: Noticias DX

** ALGERIA. [re 11-06] Soon new TDA Algiers French service to Sahara /
Sahel zone via two new 250 kW transmitter units at ORG Ourgla ALG and
BEC Bechar ALG. Transmitter supplier not published yet, ? RIZ,
Thomcast, Harris/Continental, China? Last year US supplier Harris
delivered the new 600 kW units at MW 531 and 548 Ain Beida and Les
Trembles in Algeria.

New ORG and BEC registrations of TDA in French! Has substance,
transmissions towards southern Sahara and Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad,
Niger, CAF.

Old site ALG Bouchaoui SW site til 2003, has still 14 curtains let on
Google Earth/Maps image.

In ALG Ouled Fayet site, only MW units, MW 891 d600/n300; 981 d600n400
158m / 1422 100/50 kW 90m mast, SW till 1995. Only two masts left for
a single SW Curtain Antenna.

New registrations on locations ORG and BEC, SW 250 kW unit each!

ORG Ourgla ALG 31 55 N 05 04 E
on G.E. Image of Jan 2008 only three longwave masts on 198 kHz
visible. Azimuth should be 206 degrees to BFA/MLI, southwestern Sahara

BEC Bechar ALG 31 34 N 02 21 W
Azimuth 135degr towards Chad, Niger, CAF, south eastern Sahara target.
(ITU / HFCC new site registrations Feb 7 via Wolfgang Büschel, BC-DX
18 Feb via DXLD)

Béchar 198 & Ourgla 153 not directional? Good (late) evening,
Wolfgang! Yes, I read the "HF matter", but I wasn't referring to HF,
just to the azimuths in the text, so aren't they applying to 198 &
153? If not at all, then it's my mistake - or perhaps the text isn't
too clear, at least to me I mean (Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal, via
Büschel, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Re: "text isn't too clear". I guess some misunderstanding on this item
by some DXLD readers, the sentence "SW 250 kW unit each" overlooked

SW - shortwave ! - new 250 kW txs each at Ourgla site {towards
southwestern direction} and Bechar site {towards southeast}.

Ourgla location fears sand storm and planed to erect like lowest
dipole about 0.8 wavelength height above ground. Bechar only half
wavelength above ground level.

It`s the same location, as the longwave antennas of 198 and 153 kHz,
and could be ready on March 27th this year, but may start broadcasting
later in summer, or even probably in B-11?

Algeria will use for the very first time since 2002/2003 o w n
shortwave location to bring the TDA program in French language to
Sahara and southern Sahel zone target audience!

via two new 250 kW shortwave units, most probably from Continental?,
because the new MWs 531 and 548 were made by Harris in USA.

4-7 UT, 18-23 UT
antenna typ #146 AHR(S)2/2/0.5
antenna typ #147 AHR(S)2/2/0.8

7415 0400 0600 46NE,47NW BEC 250 135 146 FRA ALG TDA
9705 1900 2300 46NE,47NW BEC 250 135 146 FRA ALG TDA
9815 0600 0700 46NE,47NW BEC 250 135 146 FRA ALG TDA
11855 1800 1900 46NE,47NW BEC 250 135 146 FRA ALG TDA

7265 0400 0600 46NW ORG 250 206 147 FRA ALG TDA
9420 1900 2300 46NW ORG 250 206 147 FRA ALG TDA
9835 0600 0700 46NW ORG 250 206 147 FRA ALG TDA
11715 1800 1900 46NW ORG 250 206 147 FRA ALG TDA
(Wolfgang Büschel, WORLD OF RADIO 1553, ibid.)

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