IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

DINAMARCA: Captaciones DX de Anker Petersen.

Dear DX-friends,

These are the stations I heard last night on my AOR AR7030PLUS with 28
metres longwire in Skovlunde:

4699.97 2320-2330 BOL 05.02 R San Miguel, Riberalta
Spanish talk 15211 AP-DNK

4716.71 2325-2335 BOL 05.02 R Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura
Spanish talk 13211 Utility QRM AP-DNK

4746.97 2330-2340 PRU 05.02 R Huanta 2000, Huanta Spanish
fast speaking talk and lively Andean song 25332 AP-DNK

4845.24 2340-2350 B 05.02 R Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Manaus,
AM Portuguese short ann, Brazilian romantic songs 34333 Utility

4925.23 2345-2355 B 05.02 R Educacão Rural, Tefé, AM
Portuguese religious talk 25332 AP-DNK

4955.00 2350-2400 PRU 05.02 R Cultural Amauta, Huanta
Spanish religious talk, hymn 25333 AP-DNK

N5015.00 0005-0035 TKM 06.02 Turkmen R. , Asgabad Turkmen
short ann, typical Central Asian instrumental music with Horn.
Reactivated, but only in SSB, best in LSB, but not in AM-mode!
34333 Not audible on their other frequency 4930. AP-DNK

Best 73,

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