IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

DX, DX Y MAS DX´s - Logs de captaciones de colegas diexistas del mundo.

Ecco un po’ di ascolti a Boc 26 con Dario in onde corte:




Giampiero Bernardini


BOC 26 - IBF Torino 5000 on air

Ecco qualche ascolto fatto durante BOC 26, Bocca di Magra DX nights, con Dario Monferini.

RX: Excalibur Pro, Perseus, SDR-IQ
Ant: MaxiWhip, Wellbrool LFL 1010 loop

2325 16/11 2026 VL8T ABC, Tennant Creek, Australia, songs, news at 2030, fair/good //2310 & 2485

2485 16/11 2033 VL8K ABC, Katherine, Australia, news, fair/good //2310 & 2325

3270 13/11 2305 Greek Pirate 2x Harmonic, fair, talks & songs, fair

3330 13/11 2327 CHU, Canada, pips & ids, weak

3341.4 16/11 2124 Greek Pirate 1670 kHz x 2 Harmonic, songs, fair

3358.4 12/11 1925-1929* Greek Pirate 2x H talks, music, fair, off at 19.29

3413 13/11 2105 Shannon Volmet, Ireland, airports meteo, id, USB, good

3912 16/11 2103 Voice of the People (pres), North Korea, talks woman & man in Asian language, fair, utility QRM

3915 16/11 2110 BBC WS, Kranij, Singapore, reports, good in LSB to avoid utility

3975 16/11 2114 Vatican Radio, English program, interview, good

3984.95 16/11 2118 Voice of Croatia, Croatian, reports, also talks about Milosevic trial, good

3995 13/11 2111 HCJB, Kall/Auf der Heide, Germany, songs, religious talks, in English, fair signal but very good audio

4750.01 12/11 1735-1739* CNR Hailar, China (pres), slow music, id, off, weak

4828 15/11 2031 Voice of Zimbabwe, talks, weak

4840 13/11 0319 WWCR, Nashville, USA, long religious lesson, English, good

4840 14/11 0013 AIR Mumbai, India, slow Indian songs, fair

4880 12/11 1745 SW Radio Africa, via South Africa, songs, several ids, report from Harare, good

4885 16/11 2045 Radio Clube do Parà, Brazil, talks, fair, it's here early tonight

4910 16/11 2131 VL8T, ABC Tennant Creek, Australia, news, fair //5025 fair/good

4930 16/11 2049-2100* VOA, Moepeng Hill, Botswana, nice African songs, id and s.off, good

4940 14/11 0010 AIR Guwahati, India, slow Indian songs, fair

5000 15/11 1639 IBF Torino, Italy, ids in Italian, French, English, fair S=5/6 reports to QSL@radiomaria.org

5010.188 12/11 1752 Radio Madagascar, talks woman, fair signal, low modulation, better on 16/11 at 1915

5025 13/11 2132 VL8K ABC Katherine, Australia, talks, English, weak - no ABC on 4910, only a carrier on 4835

5040 14/11 0023 Radio Habana, Cuba, songs and reports, in English, good

5909.94 13/11 2350 Alcaravan Radio, Colombia, nice Colombian music, weak

5915 14/11 0002 Radio Myanmar, talks by woman, slow Asian music and songs, weak/fair

6015 13/11 1308 TDP Radio, Belgium, DRM, label: TDP Radio, write to us at TDPradio pobox 1 2310 Rijkevorsel Belgium.... music, good audio, no stops

6030 14/11 2145-2147* Radio Romania Int. DRM, English program, abrupt s.off at 2147 TX problems? Good audio but no label, SNR = 17,5 dB

6055 12/11 1957 Radio Rwanda, talks in Vn, fair after CRI s.off

6155 14/11 2133 Radio Belarus, English program, "music box", good

6165 14/11 2140 RDN Tchadienne, Chad, long talk about politics, French, fair/good

6210 14/11 0003 Unid in Greek, talks, songs, weak but good modulation ?

6295 13/11 2120 Reflections Europe, religious, songs, ids, in English good

6317 13/11 0232 WLO, USA, CW id (controlla frequenza)

7179v 14/11 2015 Radio Rossii, talks in Russian, id, fair with some fading, mix product presumed

7189.76 14/11 0023 SLBC, Sri Lanka, slow songs, few talks by woman, fair

7265 14/11 2022 CRI, Urumqi, China, program in Esperanto, some one is still using Esperanto! good

7295 14/11 0018 Traxx FM, Malaysia, rap & pop songs, fair

7850 13/11 2324 CHU, Canada, pips, time & ids, good

9425 14/11 2042 AIR National Channel, Bangaluru, India, Indian slow songs, fair

9500 14/11 2048 Radio Australia, Shepparton, talks about life abroad, fair

9524.97 12/11 1800 Voice of Indonesia, start in German, news, good

9705 16/11 1837 Radio Ethiopia, talks in Vn and HOA music, good

9950 12/11 2142 AIR, Delhi, India, DRM broadcast, Indian romantic songs, no label, good

10000 13/11 2318 WWV, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, pips & time, male voice, good

11725 16/11 1830 Radio New Zealand International, Pacific reports, in English, good

12362 13/11 2140 VMW Wiluna, Australia, maritime, meteo info, weak

15000 16/11 1815 WWVH, Honolulu, Hawaii, time ann. by female voice, very weak

15120 16/11 1942 Voice of Nigeria, in English, interview, good but with hum

15140 16/11 1945 Radio Sultanate of Oman, talks in Arabic, interview, meybe reports, ids at 1952, music, songs, good

15330 13/11 1935 Radio Martì, USA, great id, song, Spanish, good

15850 13/11 1318 Galei Zahal, Israel, talks, music, weak


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ResponderResponder a todosMover...UNESCO - PIH RADIOS ... Marcar este mensaje[playdx2003] Zacharias Liangas : Logs 15 & 16 Novemberjueves, 17 de noviembre, 2011 21:15De: "Dario Monferini" Añadir remitente a ContactosPara: "PLAYDX2003"
Please look my full radio list !!!

This log : http://zlgr.multiply.com/journal/item/406

15 November

11725 RNZI 0527 with reports S6
15720 RNZI 1233 phone in discussions, news on 1250 sudden s off 1258* S3
15170 TWR 1255 prg in indo S4 252x2 QRM 1259 by RRI Romania
15160 unIDed 1239 with talks in Vietnamese S3 , passes 1300
12130 WYFR 1302 with talks in a Hindi Lang Signal S9 Therefore Lang must be Nepali
12035 spp NHK Bangla with S6 max with talks by YL SS?
12095 unIDed with talk in Viet but must be prayer due to emphatic talks S5
6102 Afganistan 1544 with good signal though under strong
15535 Dabanga 1556+ with phone interviews between 2 OM //13800 both S20 45554
11795 Okapi 1610 with several IDs , then station jingle and freq listing in French then news in Vn
9345 V o People > ZWE 1605 +1615 with talks in Vn (Swahili )and many mentions of ZWE S5
12160 WYFR? 1623 marginal better in 16H with talks in English
11710 AIR 1626 has been heard under a strong low freq buzz and very low audio .Hindi song
on 1636
9850 IRIB 1627 in KZ . At 1629 with ID and web address , IS S10
7440 RNZI 1557 +1641 with signal below S3 in between two strong signals 7445 CNR ? and
7455 CRI Turk S10
1457.8 Albania 1645-1700 in Greek QRMed by a Russian(?) station
15370 E-sat 1700+ is today QRMed by white noise jammer
15330 Marti 1716 with news n Spanish, mentions of Salvador and other countries of the
region ID 1720 S7 35333
7130 poss VoBM 1723 with hilife songs with signal abt S3 but fully under amateur
6990.5 pirate 1725 with oldies Seems over modulated with max signal S3 for less than 10
secs in a period of 4 minutes At 1730 seems signed off
6970 after 1730 LHH with very poor signal

16. November

9750 NHK 0954 with a jap song 0956 with talks by man in JJ S2 15231 (S7/S4 QRN with
preamp )
17560 R Free Sarawak 1005 OM with talks in ML 1009 with a deli song At 1925 with S5 S7 on
1155 S7 best in the 16 H antenna with some QRM from 17550 and possibly 17570
(Hungarian lang )
15070 CNR/CRI 1158 with a very poor signal with talks in Chinese S2/S1 with preamp .Spur?

Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece

Standard rig : ICOM R75 / 2x16 V / m@h40 heads Sennheiser
Please read and distribute this 15 year research article http://tinyurl.com/5vzg7e
Please read my article on SINPO at http://tinyurl.com/yt7qjd
http://zlgr.multiply.com (radio monitoring site plus audio clips ) MAIN SITE
http://www.delicious.com/gr_greek1/@zach (all mypages !!)
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece
greekdx @ otenet dot gr ---
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102,1103,108,
Tecsun PL200/550, Chibo c300/c979, Yupi 7000
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop

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