IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

QSL: Recibidas por Bruce Portzer

Recent QSLs
Posted by: "Bruce Portzer"
I've received a few interesting QSLs in the past couple of weeks

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Radio Sandaun 3205 kHz sent friendly e-mail
confirmation in 71 days, in response to airmail report with CD and mint
stamps.. Celina Korei apologized for the delay, and said, "We had
problems with power for the little border town that kept us off-air for
the last two months. i was not able to email you earlier because of
power problems affecting telecommunications and everything else." Which
would certainly explain the station's absence in recent weeks. She also
mentioned getting reports from Japan, Sweden, and New York.

GERMANY: Deutscher Wetterdienst 13882.5 kHz replied by e-mail in one
week for airmail report of their weather fax transmission. V/s Wilfried
Behncke, National NAVTEX-Coordinator, said a QSL card was on its way to
me. He mentioned receiving other reports from Novosibirsk, Afghanistan,
Sudan and Chicago, and attached a Word file (in German) with info about
the station. Report was sent to Deutscher Wetterdienst,
Wetterfunksender, Haidkamp 100, 25421 Pinneberg GERMANY. Email reply
came from wilfried.behncke --- dwd.de

UNITED STATES: WWVB 60 kHz, sent email reply in 5 days for email report
sent to nist.radio --- boulder.nist. gov. For QSL'ing purposes, I had
included a jpg image with a minute's worth of the received audio
waveform (as displayed by the Audacity audio editing program). The v/s
Glenn Nelson was able to look at the waveform I sent and "read" it,
confirming that the time I mentioned in my report matched what he saw in
the waveform.

AUSTRALIA: Australia Volmet 6676 kHz sent brief reply to email report in
7 minutes. v/s Edward Mifsud, Communications Engineer, E.Mifsud ----

FRENCH GUIANA: Family Radio 7360 kHz send F/D card, sticker, bookmarks,
program schedule, and magazine in 2 weeks for e-mail report sent to
international --- familyradio. com

NEW ZEALAND: ZKLF, Meteorological Service of New Zealand, 5807 kHz,
replied to email report in about a day for reception of weather fax
transmission. Report was sent to enquiries --- metservice.com, and
reply came from ross.marsden --- metservice.com Mr. Marsden included a
pdf of a F/D QSL certificate. I received a hard copy of the certificate
+ a business card a week later.


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