PERU - 6059.99,  Aroma Cafe Radio,  heard on 6,7 and 8 Feb.  Typically the buzzsaw-sound open carrier noted before the hour, prior to a variable nominal *1100.  Noted already in progress at 1108 on 2/6 with folklorica program, plenty of rustic huayno music with arpas, sicu-sicu, quenas, guitar.  Ads by YL in SS with piano mx underneath at 1110.  1123 ". . . las cinco de la manana y 23 minutos . . " then into more huaynos w/ arpa and bass guitar.  1124.44 CRI open carrier blotted out most of fqy, but could still hear a little bit of the OA underneath.  On 2/7 was an *1101 s/on, noting OM ancr and then NA and then again following pattern and going into morning Andes sunrise pgm.  Best on 2/8, big buzzsaw o/c at 1055 tune-in, nothing noted thru 1104 when briefly tuned away.  At 1109 retune, OA NA already in progress. 1110 YL with nice clear "Transmite Aroma Cafe Radio . . ."  with chimes or piano notes, and then straight into same morning folkloric programming.  At 1115, nice t/ck by locutora as "La 6 de la manana y 15 con Aroma Cafe Radio . . ."  and again at 1120.  Seems consistently a female announcer of late and a folkloric music pgm, different from the fare being reported not too long ago, which was I think was reported as a relay of their FM signal.  (Perry, Illinois)

PERU - 4955, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, best signal on 60 meters this morning of 2/10 at 1035 with rustic huayno selection featuring simple guitar plucking and YL singer.  Segued into another plucked guitar huayno but with a small chorus of women. Rechecked at 1054 and still in folklorica program.   This was a pretty good morning for the Andes, also noting 5039 Junin, 4775 Tarma blowing in. (Perry, Illinois)

HONDURAS - 3250 HRPC, Radio Luz Y Vida, San Luis, hymn-like music fading up at 1130 f/by OM ancr in SS at 1131 (may have been opening anmts this date, not sure).  Very weak modulation but decent carrier strength.  1133 into religious music and OM giving inspirational talk, seemed a mix of religion and patriotism, equally as many references to "El Senor" as to "nuestra patria".  Pattern was OM spoke, then paused as music cranked up, and then down, when he started speaking again.  Rinse and repeat, hi!  Modulation improved a bit as xmtr warmed up, but was fighting a losing battle with my local sunrise and the rising D-layer absorption.  Almost gone by 1140.  (Perry, Illinois)

LAOS - Lao National Radio, Vientiane, nice signal 1255 tune in on 2/11, EZL local Lao vocals with full instrumental accompaniment, local melodies.  1258 into Lao pop vocal, OM with small combo, straight out of a rural S E Asian night club, hi.  Music ran thru the ToH, then at 1301 a burst of a pounding, disco-type electronic beat f/by OM with lengthy anmts in Lao.  Perhaps a news summary.  1305 music resumed with more Western-sounding guitar ballads, love songs by OM, but rendered in Lao.  At same time/date, 7110 Myanma Radio also really pounding in.  These two make for some wonderful morning listening, take advantage while they are available!   (Perry, Illinois)

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100;  Knightkit Star Roamer
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 + customized (tropical bands) Quantum Phaser antenna unit
Longwires (150' + 100'); Tuned Multi-Turn 20" Small Loop;  Single-Turn Coax Loop.