IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
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martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

DX, DX y MAS DX`s : desde diferentes países del mundo!

Notice of Interruption to MSF 60 kHz Time and Frequency Signal

Please note that the MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down over the period:
08:00 UTC on Monday 26 March

20:00 UTC on Friday 6 April
The interruption to the transmission is required to allow maintenance work to be carried out in safety.
The service may be off-air continuously during this period, but will be restored overnight and at the weekend whenever possible.
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Da: mauro.giroletti@alice.it
Data: 27-mar-2012 19.42
A: ,
Ogg: 60khz MSF off tx fino al 10 aprile !

Hola ,

 la stazione di tempo Inglese a 60khz MSF dovrebbe rimanere spenta fino al 10 aprile 2012.
Ottimo per tentare di ascoltare le due stazioni di tempo sulla medesima frequenza .
JJY dal Jappone  e la   WWVB da Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Ambe due le stazioni sono state già ascoltate in EUROPA.
Per l'ascolto prediligere le ore durante  sunset sunrise .
Ciao e buoni ascolti!
; -D 73 !

Hola ,
 la stazione di tempo Inglese a 60khz MSF dovrebbe rimanere spenta fino al 10 aprile 2012.
Ottimo per tentare di ascoltare le due stazioni di tempo sulla medesima frequenza .
JJY dal Jappone  e la   WWVB da Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Ambe due le stazioni sono state già ascoltate in EUROPA.
Per l'ascolto prediligere le ore durante  sunset sunrise .
Ciao e buoni ascolti!
; -D 73 !

EQUATORIAL GUINEA [non]. 6250, March 25 at 0511, Spanish is back at 0500-0527 in A-12, fair readable signal, as BONAIRE relay has resumed like in A-11, NHK Spanish on 6080, leapfrogging over RNW Dutch on 6165, to land another 85 kHz higher on 6250. Usual pattern is for 6165 and consequently 6250 to vanish at 0527, while 6080 continues another two or three minutes.

If anyone ever assumes this is Malabo reactivated without any evidence during this half-hour only, we shall know they are not paying attention (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 7324.97, tentatively Wantok R. Light on 3/25, thanks to Dave Valko for tip to check this out.  Probably the one hrd very poorly at 0858-0913, very weak signal and difficult to read, but broadcaster definitely "there".  0858 tune-in to hear OM anmts, couldn't tell lang, and then into some type of instl mx thru top of hour.  At 0901 a woman (or else OM with higher-pitched voice) into long discourse, would match with Dave's observation of newcast at this time.  Signal too difficult to work very successfully this night, fading in and out.  Frustrated and could not hold past 0913, but well worth further checks.  (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL - 5044.97,  R. Cultura, Belem, with great big signal but few anmts at 0917 on 3/25.  Nice pgming -  Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole in that digitally-created duet, "Unforgettable" and then some Johnny Mathis.  OM boomy voice in PP w/anmts at 0925 and into canned ad string 0926.  Strong signal but low modulation.  Brazilians doing well this evening: 4885 blaring and also noted 6059.94 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, with a terrific signal post-0900.  5940.06 Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, also hrd same time, but inside a real QRM mess on that general fqy, needed ECSS USB to separate clearly.  (Perry, Illinois)

From their Facebook page this morning:

Radio Seagull now on Shortwave as well !!

As from today, Radio Seagull can also be heard on Shortwave on 6150 kHz in the 49 metre band. Broadcasts will be increasing up to 24 hours a day.

The power will be up to 6 KW and the coverage will be from
Spain to Finland with the transmitter based in Germany.

Noted here in Letchworth, UK from 0745, fair signal spoilt by local noise level.

Station website:

Radio Seagull
PO Box 24
8860 AA

email office@radioseagull.com

PERU - 6173.90 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, 1035-1050 f/out on 3/14, very pleasant morning folkorico program with mainly numerous segued huaynos, featuring guitars, charangos, fiddles.  OM deejay t/ck in SS at 1036. An occasional balada as a change of pace.  Fair signal at tune-in but deteriorating fast amid the static.  Okay QSA in general and QRM not bad this morning, the het being notchable.  Best in ECSS-LSB, sync'd.  Morning s/on perhaps somewhat variable but when early enough (pre-1030ish) this stands a good chance of making it to Illinois.  (Perry, Illinois)

NIGERIA - 15119.84 Voice of Nigeria, 1940 on 3/15 with very nice signal.  EE world and national news.  Economic nx about Nigerian state budget.  Pleasant-voiced YL with fine Nigerian-inflected EE.  At 1945, fanfare and "You are tuned to The Voice of Nigeria . . ."  (Perry, Illinois)

UNID - 3309.99 unid station on 3/21 from 1012-1033 when lost in the noise, seemed boomy voiced OM in SS(?) interchanging with plucked guitar music, possibly Andes-flavoured but couldn't really hear well enough to tell. Signal fairly poor at best.  R. Mosoj Chaski, Bolivia, a possible candidate but for now, just another unid to work, hi.  (Perry, Illinois).

PERU - 4774.95 Radio Tarma, 1025 nice morning pgm of musical nacional peruana and fair signal.  Clear t/cks by OM for "cinco de la manana...".  Had to use the Quantum Phaser unit to phase out the local electrical noise to uncover Tarma, though -- been bad lately.  Also on a quick check at 1015 on 3/24.  (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA - 6134.83 Radio Santa Cruz, Sta. Cruz de la Sierra, in the clear at 1020 on 3/24 with morning nx show including remote feeds. OM and YL ancrs, SS.  Fair signal but no QRM at all.  This one is always a treat.  (Perry, Illinois)

THAILAND - 9720, Radio Thailand, open carrier popped on at *1230, just as Aoki promised, and then into English service.  Nice signal for world and national news presented by YL in EE.  Item about $70 billion infrastructure enhancement plan for Thailand after last year's floods.  Also item about high speed railway plans for the Kingdom.  Interesting to note that at 1215 t/in, China is booming in on this fqy but, again, just as Aoki promises, they sign off and cut the carrier fy 1227*.  After a couple minutes of atmospheric noise and doubt about whether Bangkok will turn up, bingo, there they are.  Having lived there 7 years, this is like getting letters from home, hi.  Tnx gh for tip on this one.  (Perry, Illinois)

9,475.0, AUSTRALIA, Radio Australia, 1842, mar 21, English, Reports
Fair. (Bernardini)

9,710.0, AUSTRALIA, Radio Australia, 1844, mar 21, English, Reports,
//9580 Both frequencies with strong QRM from close channels  Fair.

15,330.0, UNITED STATES, Radio Martí, 1853, mar 21, Spanish, Songs,
oroscopo  Good. (Bernardini)

15,345.175 ARGENTINA, Radio Argentina al Exterior, 1853, mar 21,
English, End od program in English  Fair. (Bernardini)

Giampiero Bernardini, Milano.  Equipment: Excalibur Pro,

This report was generated by Shortwave Log.

** DJIBOUTI. 4780, Radio Djibouti, *0300-0330, sign on with National
Anthem and Arabic talk. Local chants at 0301:30. Arabic talk at 0311.
Some indigenous music. Weak in thunderstorm static. March 16 (Brian 
Alexander, PA, DX Listening Digest)

** DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 6025, R Amanecer Int., S. Domingo (presumed), 
0303-0305 Feb 20 S talk, 23433 (Anker Petersen on a Sangean 909 with 5 
metres longwire from Hotel Country Inn, Panamá City, Panamá, Feb 19-
20, DSWCI DX Window March 15 via DXLD) Not reported in a long time 
elsewhere; how is it in Florida? (gh, DXLD)

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