IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013




7580 IBB - Sri Lanka (Iranavila)

Tarjeta QSL

V/S William S. Martin - Station Manager

Informe enviado a: svanderkoen @ sri.ibb.gov, adjuntando archivo de audio

Demoro: 76 días

Corresponde a la emisión en persa de Radio Farda.

Información recibida via dxencolombia.blogspot.com del amigo Pedro Salamanca

más en http://dxdesdecolombia.blogspot.com/

Rafael Rodríguez R.

Bogotá D.C. - COLOMBIA

[playdx2003] Logs 13/1/2013



15135 CRI 0833 with news in IN . Many mentions between countries of the SEA region .Possibly commentary on 0840 , 0847 with lessons of Chinese language. 35433

17680 0850 , 0854 - 0902 & 0930 with discussions in Arabic. Tribal Arabic song on 0818 on tune in 0929 with ID then a hymn S8 45444

15360 R F Kenyalang 0903-0904 is just marginal carrier (tested in SSB )

6070 R 6150 0906-0911 with a rock song on 0906 but then seems as a dead carrier . I suppose for a very low modulation or no program ! S1 152x1

11770 Xinjiang PBS 0940 ,0955,1000 with discussions in Chinese S5 35333

9690 RFA in Tibetan 1005-1009 with news (via Lith ) S5 25433

15030 AIR GOS 1015-1018 with news in English S5 max rather poor modulation

4750 Bangladesh Betar 1620-1635 with Hindi songs , in between short talks (song description )in Hindi /Bangla ) S7 34323 over S3 local QRN

4010 (S7 )& 4795 (S5 )Kirgiz R are synch though audio is nearly vacant !!

9835 RTM Sarawak 1939-2000 with several known Malaysian songs (to me )as jangan tungu lama lama , penawar rindu etc . under ! S6 max


** AUSTRIA. 11955, Jan 21 at 1505-1520+ good signal with pursed lips, i.e. Türkish, mixing talk with Christianish music including 1515 ``Aleluya``. AWR scheduled 1500-1530, 300 kW, 120 degrees from Moosbrunn (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

[playdx2003] Encuentro Diexista 2013 en México: ya hay fecha y sede

El próximo Encuentro Diexista Mexicano en su edición XIX se llevara a cabo los días 18,19 y 20 de Julio, fechas ya definitivas, en Auditorio del Centro Cultural José Martí, ubicado en Dr. Mora 1, Col. Centro

Delegación Cuauhtémoc (saliendo del metro Hidalgo y entre la Alameda Central y la Av. Reforma)México DF.

Organiza Juan José Miroz: dx2013@live.com.mx

Nuestro sitio del club en Facebook: Diexismo


Nuestro sitio en Facebook sobre este Encuentro DX:


Cordiales 73 y muy buenos DX de Miguel Angel XE2iTX, 10AD222 y XE2004SWARL.

[playdx2003] DX Loggings -- 23 Jan -- Ralph Perry

PERU – 5025p, Radio Quillabamba, “strong tentative” has finally moved

to “presumed” category, as have concluded Quillabamba assuredly the

Peruvian heard multiple mornings of late in 1015-1048 time frame,

underneath Radio Rebelde, mainly only audible during Rebelde talk

segments. Only thing missing is el locutor saying the magic words,

Radio Quillabamba, hi! On 1/12,14, frequent and definite OA mx

selections, yipping huaynos and OM SS anmts including clear GMT-5

t/cks. Also, Quillabamba known to be currently active here per

reports out of LA. (If the Cuban weren’t blaring in on this fqy, the

Peruvian would probably be a pretty astounding signal.) Still need to

perform some DX gymnastics to monitor this one, zero beating Rebelde

carrier, passband shifting to low side and notching out as much of the

Cuban as possible. Sometimes, the OA is quite well heard. Took many

receptions to test RQ hypothesis and reach this conclusion.

Unfortunately, cannot read a precision fqy for RQ due to Rebelde, so

just calling it “5025” for now. (Perry, Illinois)

PERU – 5120.00, Radio Ondas del Sur Oriente, Quillabamba, a regular

the past week or so, with irregular s/on anytime in the 1045-1100

slot, with signal usually holding up till fade-out around 1110. For

example, good open carrier noted 1040 on1/16 and programming abruptly

started *1047 . Music punching thru better than anmts, but clear and

frequent ID mentions by OM of “onda corta” and “en Radio Sur Oriente”

at 1047 s/on. Avisos de la hora for GMT-5 and nice, full ID en eco at

1057. Bassy huaynos. Also noted on 1/17, 22, 23 typically taking

the air approx around 1047-49. Note: beware of SS speaking utility

stn also here some mornings, at same time, with two male voices in SS.

But the ute sounds much crisper, and the male voices have more

treble, very different sounding from the SWBCer, so fairly easy to

mentally sort out from Sur Oriente . (Perry, Illinois)

PERU – 4774.95, Radio Tarma, easy to take these guys for granted, as

their signals just crush all competitors on 60 meters, nearly every

morning! Noted 1/21 at 0955 abruptly switching on the carrier. At

0958, nice piano, strings and flute theme, f/by opening anmts, “Buenos

dias, amigos oyentes en Radio Tarma!” Gave details of onda media,

onda corta and FM and then into terrific morning program, “Musica

Folklorica Nacional” hosted by OM and YL, who talk over the music all

the time with time checks, greetings, introduction to next disco.

Holds up every morning past 1100, one of the last OAs to fade out.

Interesting that this family station is able to achieve the level of

technical superiority that it does – hats off to the #1 shortwave

signal out of Peru, today’s reigning champ! (Perry, Illinois)

COLOMBIA – 6010.12, La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, big

signals noted several recent mornings with nominal 1100 “sign-on” (but

actually, often just a continuation of the overnight programming;

perhaps just a legal s/on process for the day – ie, do they need to

play the national anthem and formally ID, once daily, perhaps?). Hrd

1/12,13 at *1101 with long, dramatic orchestra + vocal rendition of

the HJ Himno Nacional, followed by ID and into usual pgming. (Perry,


PERU – 4984.14, Radio Voz Cristiana, Chilca, Huancayo, usual crazed

preacher in SS noted 1056 on 1/12, fair to good QSA but big ruidos

estaticos. (Perry, Illinois)

PERU – 4789.89, Radio Vision, Chiclayo, big signal 1/20 with La Voz de

Salvacion pgm. Listened 1055-1140 and signal still holding up at that

point. (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, in there early with a

good signal 1/21 with YL at 0930 in indigenous lang. (Perry,


PERU – 4747.10, Radio Huanta 2000, abrupt s/on at *1007 on 1/23 with

OM speaking over OA mx riff. Same morning, Radio Logos 4810.00 with

booming signal at 1105 check, nice segued OA mx selections. Enjoyed

modern-sounding Peruvian theme on guitar but with folkloric instrument

sicu-sicu taking melodic lead . . . very cool fusion. F/by schlocky

MoR ballad. (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 4716.70, Radio Yura, Ayllu Yura, only poor-fair signal on

1/12 at 1017 with folkloric mx by quenas and OM anmts in Aymara. Also

noted same time, 1/23. (Perry, Illinois)


Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois

Drake R8B; Japan Radio NRD-545; Eton E1; Hallicrafters SX100

Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser

antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)

335-foot bidirectional BOG 150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia DX

Engineering RPA-1 preamp

Phased Longwire + Small Loop

[playdx2003] Logs 18/01/2013 LIANGAS ZAKARIAS


747 possibly a Bulgarian station IDing as Radio Den on 2004 with talks in Bulgarian . Pop songs then but unsure if was the QRM from Netherlands

1126.5 Libya 2011-14 with several mentions of Libya then a medley of various Arabic songs . Talks 34544

9815 VoA in French 2020-30 with happy discussions . Many points of Africa mentioned . ON 2030 with a pop song S2-3 25332

7216.5 once again VoV 2039 heard in this freq with news S5 only


review of tecsun PL360 NEW



** PERU. Prompted by Bob Wilkner tip that R. Logos was powerful at 2340 Jan 26 on 4810, I try it an hour+ later, but not much here. Some OA frequencies are making it, altho well-known 60m ones I do not stick with trying to dig out IDs, January 26:

4747, Jan 26 at 0050, weak broadcast, presumably R. Huanta 2000. Aoki shows sign-off at 0100 already

4775, Jan 26 at 0049 music, no doubt usual R. Tarma. At 0120 I am also hearing some English QRM, must be a local mix

4790, Jan 26 at 0120, weak signal, presumed R. Visión, also with LAH (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU. 5980, Jan 26 at 0100 during the half-hour window when supposedly no other stations in the world are on this frequency, another try for the new R. Chaski, Cuzco. To my surprise I am not hearing any jamming this time, but the local noise level on the porch is yet hitting 6 bars on the DX-398. Nevertheless I have some very weak talk past 0103. I have left the computer on inside, so go turn it off hoping to lower the noise, but makes no difference, both good news and bad, as there are still 6 bars of noise when I resume at 0112, but now the station is gone. More tries will ensue. Has anyone definitely heard R. Chaski in N America yet? At 0127 check, the Cuban jamming was definitely on and propagating on 5890, 6030 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

[playdx2003] Logs 19-01-13




1485 COPE Catalunia 2054 with ID , sport prog S5

5900 Brother Stair (per DX remix )2122-24 the well known pastor mentioning a tel number "..750.. 05 .." then with rhymed talks and talks between another man S7 35232 Nothing heard on 9505 same time as per listing

7395 IRIB? 2135-40 with prg in Japanese with talks. in between with bagpipes. ID @2140 33443

7560 VoA 2154-2203 "the new sinner" prg in special English . . Possible change of transmitter and program to Ashna in Farsi on 2200 S6 334x3

6885 G Zahal 21xx and 2209 with no program !! ! signal S9+20

6400 Pyongyang 2209-13 with anthem then what can be heard as program schedule. S5 352222https://sites.google.com/site/zliangas/pl360

Frecuencia Al Día. [No. 310, Enero 25, 2013].

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Estados Unidos
La Radio Digital en el Mundo de Hoy. Resultados de investigación de un sondeo sobre la tecnología digital HD Radio presentado en la más reciente Conferencia de Ingeniería de Difusión 2012 de la NAB Show de Las Vegas, en abril. Por Daniel Mansergh, director de ingeniería de KQED.

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LA ROSA DE TOKIO PARA EL FIN DE SEMANA sábado 26 de enero 2013


La Rosa de Tokio es un programa semanal de DX y medios de comunicación, producido y realizado en los estudios de LS11 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires, (AM1270 kHz) www.amprovincia.com.ar La Plata, República Argentina.

Email: lrtradio@gmail.com

Conducción y Producción Omar José Somma, Arnaldo Leonel Slaen, Marcelo Arias y cuenta con la colaboración habitual de Rubén Guillermo Margenet.

Puede ser escuchado los días sábados desde las 09:00 hasta las 10:00 hora de la Argentina (12:00 a 13:00 horas UTC) POR 1270 KHZ y por Internet en: www.amprovincia.com.ar)





E-mail de "LA ROSA DE TOKIO": lrtradio@gmail.com

Se difunde actualmente por una extensa red de emisoras de la República Argentina que retransmite en forma semanal nuestro programa en diferentes días y horarios, emisoras de Chile, WRMI Radio Miami Internacional y en PROGRAMAS DX en Internet.

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Cordiales 73

José Bueno

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