IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

EE.UU: Captaciones DX de Ralph Perry en Illinois.

Ethiopia: 9705 R Ethiopia, tent., 2000-2100* 1/27. Big thanks to Brian Alexander for the tip, an extremely enjoyable catch -- haven't heard Addis Ababa in 30 years, so a fun way to rejoin the DXing world . . . . Fqy unblocked at 2000 when Family Radio (Meyerton) signs off, revealing signal of R Ethiopia, weak at first but then fading in to good level by bottom of the hour. 2000 nx pgm in progress, vern lang by OM, into local music program around 2006. Terrific, very listenable mx selection, chanty vocals with twangy local instruments and percussion accompaniment. Some mx with very Middle Eastern influence, other uniquely different. Also more 'modern' (western?) sounding music during back half of the hour, presume this is what Brian called 'Horn of Africa pop'. (Sounded to me like Malaysian 'nightclub music', oddly enough.) OM and YL occasoinal anmts in lang, pres Amharic. Pre-shutdown nx flash f/by electronic stinger around 2058, breathy s/off anmt by YL. Couldn't catch ID. 2059 unfamiliar anthem by funky oompah-type orchestra, then open carrier and cut after 2100. (R Perry, IL)

Niger: 9705, Unid but Niamey presumed 1/27, thanks again to Brian Alexander for this tip re the "9705 Experience" hi hi. Revealed after Ethiopia vacated fqy 2100a, but much weaker signal. Rechecked 2140 and in the clear, Islamic-influenced African chant music. Not heard well, but believe Brian has this one right. Another fun logging, requiring more checks in the following days. Niamey used to be a very tough catch back in the day (60s and 70s), and about the only way to hear them was to get lucky and snag a few minutes of their early morning programming after the unfortunately (for North America) rather late sign on at 0700 GMT. (R Perry, IL)

Peru: 6019.23 Radio Victoria, Lima, 1/28 can pull out from under massive het at 1108-1120, need ECSS LSB plus notch but decent sig level, lengthy speech by excited man in SS, not sure if political speech, religious oration (heard 'gracias a Dios' and references to 'la familia') or even sporting event. (R Perry, IL)

Mexico: 6185 R Education XEEP, noted 1/22 and daily since, powering up carrier around 1057 with pre-s/on music, then into rousing symphonic NA at 1058 and 1100 ID, "R Education . . . 86 anos al servicio a la cultura de nuestro pais . . .". Others reported 76 years, but it sure sounds like 86 to me. (R Perry, IL)

Mexico: 6009.96 R Mil, heard various mornings around 1030 with romantic vocals and techno dance music. Fair to good sig but deep fades. At 1110, "Esta escuchando . . . Radio Mil desde Mexico!" (R Perry, IL)

Colombia: 6035 unid LA, suspect LV Guaviare, mornings around 1045. Deep fades, OM & YL anmts in SS, possibly morning news pgm, hard to read. Needs more work. (R Perry, IL)


Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B; Eton E1; Hallicrafters SX100; Knightkit Star Roamer
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2

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