IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

DX, DX, Y MAS DX´S...desde diferentes lugares del mundo!!!

playdx2003] DX Loggings - 7 Oct - Ralph Perrydomingo, 7 de octubre, 2012 17:11 De: "RALPH PERRY" Añadir remitente a Contactos BRAZIL – 6009.94, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, noted several days this week late afternoon, weak but clear. Best in ECSS LSB. 10/4 at 2310 with promo for soccer game with musical theme, OM in PP screaming “goooooool!”, punctuated by electronic stinger sound effects, etc. ID determined via checking against known parallel fqys and indeed, was // to 15191.44, weak but very clear. Also hrd 10/6 at 2325. Had initially immediately reacted, when spotting a signal on this fqy just below 6010, that perhaps Radio Mil, Mexico DF, had finally reactivated after months of absence. Nope! (Perry – Illinois) BRAZIL – 4754.87v, tentatively Radio Imaculada Conceicao, Campo Grande, hrd both on 10/4 and 10/6 in the 2315-2330 time slot with fair sig and no QRM. Drifted upward from initial 4754 .87 to .89 where it stabilized. 2 OM ancrs plus YL in program with ‘comentário de futebol’. Theme song at 2326 and then pgm continued thru bottom of the hour, but no ID then. (Perry – Illinois) PERU – 4955.00, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, usual brilliant signal 10/6 at 1028 tune-by. OA folklorico program with very interesting offerings. Huayno with traditional melody, but performed on electric guitar as 2 singers harmonized. Cool beans! ID by YL at 1029 along with quick solo on charango, likely canned ID. Then at 1033, live ancr with low, bassy voice: “Son las 5 de la manana, 33 minutos, 5 – 33 en Radio Cultural Amauta . . . “ Left it 1035. Amauta continues to reign: best OA on the band today and many mornings, competing with likes of 4747, 4775, 4790, 4810 and 5039. They are really doing something right lately! (Perry – Illinois) SOLOMON ISLANDS – 5019.89, Honiara noted with fair sig 1135 with pleasant orchls and OM ancr but way too much splatter from 5025 for this to make for enjoyable listening. 10/6. (Perry – Illinois) CHINA – Some Chinese stations coming up on 60 meters now in the mornings, toward local daybreak. Should continue to improve as season progresses: 4800, Qinghai presumed, fading in by 1130 and peaking vefore 1200 wth radio play a bit like Chinese opera, but with YL narrator. Decent signal at peak. 4920, Xizang presumed, noted at 1210, fair sig amidst noise fast coming up with local daybreak. 4940, Fuzhou really blaring at 1213 on 10/6, discussion between two men with musical breaks, light QRM from ute. (Perry – Illinois) ECUADOR – 4781.70, Radio Oriental, Tena, regularly signing on for morning programming approx 1100 (as early at 1058), as noted 10/5 and 10/6. Typically no open carrier, they just flip the switch and go straight into programming with a brief musical interlude (mx seems to change daily, not always the same). Then after about two minutes, they play a canned opening anmt including ID and fqys. This would be a great ID to record for transcription, on a quiet morning (atmospheric noise and t-storm crashes so far impairing reception). Hoping to record and transcribe soon. Once they switch to live programming, however, modulation often not as good. (Perry – Illinois) ---------------------------------------------------- Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois Drake R8B; Japan Radio NRD-545; Eton E1; Hallicrafters SX100 Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 + Quantum Phaser antenna unit (customized for tropical bands) 355-foot bidirectional BOG positioned 150 deg / 330 deg for LA / SE Asia Phased Longwire + Small Loop BULGARIA. QSL: 9400, KBC Radio test to NAm, UT Sunday Oct 7 at 0000-0027 UT confirmed later same UT day with e-QSL I requested, 100 kW. Accompanying note confirms the site was ``near Sofia, Bulgaria``. Now added to my collexion via http://www.worldofradio.com/QSL.html Eric van Willegen also tells me, ``Yes, we are testing again next week, same time, same station, same frequency [UT Sunday Oct 14 at 0000-0200]. It is possible that we move frequency if we start with some regular shows. We will keep everybody informed via our website and facebook page`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** COLOMBIA. 14950+, Oct 9 at 0350 check, nothing from Salem Stereo, when only southern signals might be propagating on the hi bands (K index at 03 was 6; G2/R1). Come to think of it, I have not heard them since October 1, so off the air again? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) * GREECE. 7475 & 9420, Oct 7 at 0201, V. of Greece is still on with music, instead of previous 0200*, a propitious sign that we can expect 9420 still to be on past 0500 with Greek Orthodox Sunday musical service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) [playdx2003] saturday 06 october 2012domingo, 7 de octubre, 2012 09:01 De: "Fabio Cambisi" Añadir remitente a Contactos Para: "playdx@yahoogroups" 6300 khz AM - 21.15 UTC Unid - folk/nordic music - no ID - PJK's blog reports: R. GOLFBREKER? 44433 6925 khz AM - 21.20 UTC Unid - dance music - OFF at 21.29 UTC ??? no report from web... 24322 6285 khz AM - 21.25/22.15 UTC Radio FOCUS International ID in english + pop & rock music 24322 weak signal - strong but distorted modulation - fading better at 22.15 UTC 6209,9 khz AM - 21.25/21.40 UTC Radio MARABU' ID & jingle (21.29 UTC) in german + rock music 34333 1628 khz AM - 21.35/22.25 Radio BARONES good rock music (the Animals, the Who, P. Simonn, etc) 43333 some interferences from unid greek at 1631 khz for fading at 22.33 UTC change freq! moved to -> 1625 AM 44333 6240,5 khz AM - 21.55 Unid- no ID - R. Ascona? report from PJK's blog pop & country music 24222 22.20 UTC OFF FC -- Fabio Cambisi RX ICOM IC-R71E ANT ALA1530 Bologna SW ITALY playdx2003] Re: DX Loggings - 3 Oct Report - Ralph Perrymiércoles, 3 de octubre, 2012 16:47 De: "RALPH PERRY" Añadir remitente a Contactos PERU – 4826.58, presumed Radio Sicuani, Sicuani, decent signal on a great Andes morning today, 10/3. First noted OM locator in SS, weakly, at 0955. OA mx bursts 0957 and ancr talking over. At 1000 nice clear t/ck by OM for “…las cinco de la manana . . . en la alma de Peru . . .” Into thumping guitar bass and arpa huayno, with locator cutting in and out, over the music for a few minutes. “Amigos oyentes! . . .” Signal building and starting to peak around 1012 when ad long ad string stretched to 1016. At 1020 signal now quite good and seemed regional news or mensajes, OM mentions “…en la ciudad de Huancavelica . . .” followed by an apparent phone-ins interview with a higher-voiced guy (or YL?). More telephone call-ins followed. At 1030 orchl theme and OM talkover, could have been prayer or ad. Locutor has a great deep bass voice, wonderful ‘pipes’ for the radio, hi. Faded down a bit so left this at 1033 to look for more OA treasures on the bands. Never got a 100% ID but everything else fits like a glove . . . also, this measured fqy is certainly part of the DNA for this specific Peruvian. (Perry – Illinois) PERU – 4955.00, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, gorgeous signal 10/3 at 1038 tune-in. Clear signal, S-9, inspirational mx featuring OA YL with very high voice, sing-talking over western orchl mx. 1039 OM ancr, “…Son las cinco de la manana y 39 minutos en Radio Cultural Amauta . . .” Continued in lengthy sermonish spiel, mentioning for instance “ . . . gracias, Nuestro Senor . . .”. Congrats to RCA for their technical achievement: not only are they spot-on their nominal fqy, they are also pouring in most mornings with one of the top two or three signals out of the Andes! (Perry – Illinois) PERU – 5039.10, Radio Libertad de Junin, noted 10/3 (and nearly EVERY morning) at 1044 tune-in, OM with ID-t/ck at what seemed to be end of national news pgm. Into pgm of musica folklorica at 1045 with arpa and guitar huayno, with YL singing assumed QQ. Very nice signal. One of the most reliable of all the remaining Peruvians on the air, probably second to only Radio Tarma 4775 in the mornings. (Perry – Illinois) PERU – 5120.01p, Radio “Ondas del Suroriente”, Quillabamba, presumed the Peruvian here on 10/3 at 1047 check when heard Peruvian arpa huayno in progress. At 1048, very boomy voiced OM in SS, very difficult to read. At 1050, into more OA folklorico pgming. Have heard morning broadcasts out of Ondas del Suroriente here last winter. Seems to sign on kinda late, propagationally, like 1045 or so, just sneaking-in before the current bottom falls out on the USA/Andes morning path around 1100++. Should be better soon, as the morning openings lengthen as the season progresses. (Perry – Illinois) ECUADOR – 4814.98, tentatively Radio El Buen Pastor, Saraguro, hrd for first time in a while, 10/3 at 1052 tune-by when noted choral duo harmonizing along with country-style guitar. At 1054, very bassy-voiced deejay in SS, too muffled to read, but this was followed by religious chorale at 1057. Signal fading down fast and nearly gone by 1100. Good to know that this one is still around. (Perry – Illinois) ECUADOR – 4781.57, Radio Oriental, Tena, noted 10/2 with poor signal at 2330 tune in, only traces at this point, Fading up to decent readability by 2342, when OM vocalizing sentimental ballad with flute arrangement accompanying. 2346 OM SS en eco anmts, f/by strummed guitar music and, at 2349, schmaltzy violin + piano mx. 2352 very bassy-voiced deejay f/by HC melodia, guitars and OM. At 2356, pretty plucked acoustic guitar but smashed by brief RTTY bursts which seem right on top of this fqy. Pgming and carrier seemed to disappear around 0002*, at least, that’s when I was finally certain I could no longer tease any pgming out of the ether! (Perry – Illinois) PAPUA NEW GUINEA – 10/2 was an interesting morning for PNG, with strong signals from several stations among many which showed up. In general, PNG as heard here in Central USA follows patter of traces of carriers by 1100, full fade-in by 1130, peaks around 1145. Fading out past TOH, and noise coming up due to local daybreak in Chicago area. 3385, R. East New Britain, Rabaul, noted 1135 with pop vocals, live OM DJ in EE at 1142. Nice signal but a big muffled. Disco-like music at 1146 and then a reggae-like rap song at 1152. 3365, NBC Milne Bay, Alotau, weak 3315, NBC Manus, Lorengau, fair signal 1150 3345, 3325 and 3275 – not noted 3260, NBC Madang, best PNG on the band for me, just beautiful signal at 1155 check. 3235, Radio West New Britain, medium signal peaks to strong by 1135, one of best on the band. 3205, NBC Sandaun, Vanimo, W Sepik, fair signal during this window. (Perry – Illinois) MYANMAR – 7110, Thazin Radio (or whatever this is, at this time, I can’t keep it straight! Hi) absolutely pinning the S-meter at 1201 on 10/2, as we heard last year, they love to play local Burmese ‘covers’ of old US pops. Today recognized “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and others like this. YL ancr. Signal very nice still at 1215. Delightful programming and should be there for us, nearly every morning, this winter season. Also fair signal 5985.86 presumed Myanmar at same time. (Perry – Illinois) ---------------------------------------------------- Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois Drake R8B; Japan Radio NRD-545; Eton E1; Hallicrafters SX100 Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 + Quantum Phaser antenna unit (customized for tropical bands) 355-foot bidirectional BOG positioned 150 deg / 330 deg for LA / SE Asia Phased Longwire + Small Loop Playdx2003] DX Loggings - 4 Oct - Ralph Perryjueves, 4 de octubre, 2012 20:30 De: "RALPH PERRY" Añadir remitente a Contactos ECUADOR – 4781.70, Radio Oriental, Tena, sat on this fqy from 1055 on 10/4 and was rewarded with abrupt *1058 with catchy, upbeat HC instrumental music, signal quite surprisingly nice, and than a canned opening ID anmts by OM in SS at 1100, including fqys and “Radio Oriental”. Dead air 1101 as perhaps live locutora asleep at the wheel . She finally started a minute later, but with signal’s modulation much, much lower than the previous recorded anmt. Into typical pgming of canned ads en eco, time checks, OM & YL apparent morning news chat. Left it at 1112 with faded signal too frustrating to stay with. (Perry – Illinois) BRAZIL – 4865.02, Radio Verdes Florestas, Cruz do Sul, very strong lately and a nice signal on 10/4 0935 past 0945 and again at 1017 recheck when in morning news show with 2 ancrs. Tuned in 0935 and programming already in progress, so believe signed on nominally 0930, as checked a few minutes just before that time and nothing was on the fqy. Programming to TOH was mainly PP ballads. Good ID 0945 when locator gave fqys, also. Bassy and booming canned ID, but then low-talking live ancr followed. This one often heard well past other Brazilians having faded out, due to QTH in far western Brazil. Seekers of CP Radio Logos, pls note! (Perry – Illinois) BOLIVIA – 6134.82, Radio Santa Cruz, Sta. Cruz de la Sierra, 0950 on 10/4 tune-by noted with huge signal. Locutor saying “5 de la manana, las cinco de la manana y 50 minutos . . . muy buenos dias, amables oyentes. Muy Buenos dias, Santa Cruz y todo Bolivia . . .” Burst of CP folkloric music, then more anmts and finally into music. Usual het but also atmospheric noise and t-storm static crashes hampering. (Perry – Illinois) PERU – 4774. 96, Radio Tarma, Tarma, usual brilliant signal 1009 check on 10/4, with usual morning OA folklorico pgm. YL huayno w/ arpa and plucked bass of guitar. Music cranked down and then deejay talks over with quickie t/cks, MBDs, etc. Not there a few minutes earlier when sweeping band, so probably signed on a little later than nominal *1000. Consistently the best Peruvian signal on 60 meters in the morning. (Perry – Illinois) PERU – 4747.09, Radio Huanta 2000, noted with only fair-good signal 1015 on 10/4, after going missing the previous day, which had been, propagationally, a banner opening into the Andes. (Perry – Illinois) BRAZIL – Rdif. Roraima, noted with excellent power tho usual buzzy distorted signal at 0905 on 10/4, PP discussion between two men who were laughing, joking around. 0909 clear mention of “Roraima” and still strong at 0926 recheck, tho deeply in that mushy, spurious noise. Their engineering staff needs to fix this already, hi. (Perry – Illinois) BRAZIL – 4785.00, Unid Brazilian noted 0912 past 1000 on 10/4, fading up to very decent signal but no ID, likely either R. Caiari , Porto Velho (formerly on 4785.1) or R. Brasil, Campinas (formerly on 4784.5-4784.01). OM with many cheery “MBD!”s plus sound of rooster crowing at 0925, amidst pgm of ranchera-like country music. Tho fair signal, lots of atmospheric noise and t-storm static, making it hard to copy anmts. (Perry – Illinois) BRAZIL – 4965.10, another Unid Brazilian spotted 10/4 at 0925 with fair signal and nondescript music. 0930 OM PP anmts. 0934 fanfare and talk show continuing. Radio Alvorada, Parintins, used to be here, perhaps them. (Perry – Illinois) ---------------------------------------------------- Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois Drake R8B; Japan Radio NRD-545; Eton E1; Hallicrafters SX100 Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 + Quantum Phaser antenna unit (customized for tropical bands) 355-foot bidirectional BOG positioned 150 deg / 330 deg for LA / SE Asia Phased Longwire + Small Loop Buona notte ........di seguito alcuni Tips ..... 9790,Studio DX AWR D,0900 30Sept, px DX puntata"483" in I,44444(Giroletti) 10000,Italcable Friends I,0911 30Sept time signal "music...bipbip 11e10",44444(Giroletti) 25000,Mikes FIN Espoo,0919 30Sept, Time signal "Bip..Bip..Bip..." strong signal!!!! ,44444(Giroletti) 27185,IRiT RUS Samara,0948 30Sept,Russian weather reportod many city,44444(Giroletti) 5066.3,R Tele Candip COD Bunia,1730 30Sept, low modulation mx fair ,23322(Giroletti) 15191.5,R Inconfidencia B Belo Horizonte,1949 30Sept, px sport footbol..,33333(Giroletti) 13363,AFRTS AFN Feeder GUM Barrigada,2010 30Sept,px relay in E USB,22222(Giroletti) 6973,Galei Tzahal ISR,2020 30Sept, px talk mx,44444(Giroletti) 7120,R Hargeisa SOM,1857 1Octo,music local mix +ID,33333(Giroletti) 252,RTE Radio1 IRL Summerhill,1905 1Octo,px talk local,33333(Giroletti) 15345,RAE ARG General Pacheco,1915 1Octo,px nx in I QSB on signal,33333(Giroletti) 1071,AIR IND Rajkot,1925 1Octo, local music + iD,33333(Giroletti) 1550,RASD ALG Rabuoni,1950 1Octo, px in local better USB,22222(Giroletti) 9819.45, R Nove de Julho B Sao Paolo,2125 1Octo, px mx +ID in P,23333(Giroletti) 4780,Rdif.Tv de DJibouti DJI Arta,1702 3Octo, px nx local in vernacular,33333(Giroletti) 13590,1Africa Radio ZMB Lusaka,1715 3Octo, px mx pop in E + id,44444(Giroletti) 4828,Voice of Zimbawe ZWE Gweru, 1725 3Octo, px local in vernacular,32333(Giroletti) 4054.96,TGAv R verdad GTM Chiquimula,0415 4Octo, local Rlg program in S best in LSB,33333(Giroletti) 1566,R Kolbe I Schio,0438 4Octo, px rlg in I preyer,33333(Giroletti) 5005,R Difusion de Guinea Equatorial GNE Bata,1900 4Octo, px mx local +iD,33333(Giroletti) 20000,WWV USA Ft.Collins,1910 4Octo,time signal"bip bip bip...",44444(Giroletti) 4885,R.Clube do Parà B Belem,0428 5Octo, px mx salsa +ID,33333(Giroletti) 9819.5,R Nove de Jhulo B Sao Paolo,0436 5Octo, px Pubb +ID"Com a Mae Aparecida"rlg in P,33333(Giroletti) 7105,Sound of Hope TWN CLA,2215 5Octo, px in CHN + ID//9635khz,44444(Giroletti) 4955,R Cultural Amauta PRU Huanta,2308 5October, music Peruvian flute px local,22333(Giroletti) 4774.95,R Tarma PRU Tarma,2320 5October, px local mix noise ,12111(Giroletti) 4877.4,R Diff Roraima B Boavista,2339 5Octo, px mx in P,33333(Giroletti) ciaoe buon week-End 73! www.bclnews.it www.playdx.com - Mauro - -Swl 1510- -IK2GFT- -JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150- Filter PAR Electronics – BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF- DSP 9 -Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop ALA 100 M -Lat. 45°25'0"N Long. 9°7'0"E -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-

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