IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
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martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

JAPON: Toshi Ohtake: JSWC DX NEWS December 2011miércoles, 30 de noviembre, 2011 16:33

Toshi Ohtake: JSWC DX NEWS December 2011miércoles, 30 de noviembre, 2011 16:33
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DX NEWS Listing by frequency (kHz) $B!!(BAll times in UTC December 2011

4790 R. Republik Indonesia, Fak Fak. Oct.25 at 1120-1153(S/off) in Indonesian. SIO353. Local pops & talk. ID at 1132. (Nagatani)
6055 R. Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda. Oct.29 at 2036-2100(S/off) in French. SIO343. Afro pops & talk. (Tamane)
7550 All India Radio, Delhi. Oct.22 at 2058-2110 in English. SIO332. Local song. ID & news at 2100, followed by commentary. // 9950kHz (SIO454), 1620kHz(454) (Nagatani)
9415 All India Radio, Delhi. Oct.9 at 1822-1905 in English. SIO433. Discussion, etc. (A.Sato)
9420 V.O. Greece, Avlis, Greece. Oct.29 at 2107-2127 in Greek. SIO343. Local songs & talk. (Tamane)
9560 R. Australia, Shepparton. Oct.9 at 1100-1130 in English. SIO422. News, etc. (A.Sato)
9570 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Oct.19 at 2210-2227 in Spanish. Talk & interview. (Nagatani)
9579.4 Philippine Broadcasting Service, Radio Magasin. Oct.31 at 0750-0815 in Tagalog. SIO333. Talk & pops. ID at 0756 & 0815. (Nagatani)
9735 R. Taiwan International. Oct.16 at 1100-1157 in Japanese. SIO544. "Museum Taiwan". (Toda)
9960 KPPM(Khmer People Power Movement) via Palau. Oct.15 at 1200(S/on)-1220 in Khmer. SIO443. S/on with music & ID. Talk & telephone interview. (Nagatani)
11765 Super Rádio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, Brazil. Oct.30 at 2046-2115 in Portuguese. SIO252. Prayer. // 9565kHz(SIO242). (Nagatani)
11815 KBS World Radio, South Korea. Oct.14 at 0130-0148 in Spanish. SIO444. News, pops, etc. (A.Sato)
11815 R. Brasil Central, Goiania, Brazil. Oct.30 at 0805-0830 in Portuguese. SIO252. Brazilian pops & talk. (Nagatani)
11880 R. Japan via Santiago, Chile. Oct.29 at 2142-2200 in Portuguese. SIO343. Talk & music. AKB 48's songs. (Tamane)
13700 China National Radio, Lingshi. Oct.10 at 0000-0110 in Uyghur. SIO433. Talk, etc. (A.Sato)
13750 China Radio International. Oct.15 at 0403-0523 in English. SIO433. "China heart beat", etc. (A.Sato)
13775 V.O. Russia, Vladivostok. Oct.15 at 0425-0445 in English. SIO433. Talk, etc. (A.Sato)
15135 China Radio International. Oct.11 at 1006-1035. SIO322. Program in Malay till 1026, then Indonesian. Chinese lesson, etc. (A.Sato)
15170 China Radio International. Oct.15 at 0535-0605 in Cantonese. SIO444. Talk & songs. (A.Sato)
15285 R. Pilipinas, Philippines. Oct.16 at 0307-0329(S/off) in English. SIO232. Songs only. ID at 0327. (A.Sato)
15290 R. Australia via Taiwan. Oct.16 at 600-0629(S/off) in English. SIO332. ABC local news, etc. (A.Sato)
15320 R. Taiwan International. Oct.16 at 0335-0355 in English. SIO222. Interview, etc. (A.Sato)
15335 BBC via Singapore. Oct.14 at 0000-0020 in English. SIO232. World Service with news & interview. (A.Sato)
15410 All India Radio, Bangaluru. Oct.9 at 1027-1057 in English. SIO433. Local song & talk. (A.Sato)
15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. Oct.14 at 2230-2300 in Japanese. SIO454. Listeners meeting in Sendai. (Toda)
15570 China National Radio, Baoji-Sifangshan. Oct.12 at 0300-0338 in Tibetan. SIO433. 11th program with talk, folk songs. (A.Sato)
15585 V.O. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Oct.12 at 0224-0244 in Russian. SIO444. News, etc. (A.Sato)
15585 V.O. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Oct.15 at 0430-0500 in English. SIO454. "News and Brief" and "In Between". (Kawazoe)
17550 China National Radio, Beijin. Oct.17 at 0700-0712(f/out) in Chinese. SIO322-111. 1st program with talk & interview. ID in English as "China National Radio, No.1." was heard at 0700. This station S/off at 0600 on Oct.18. English ID was also heard at 0703 on Oct.24 on 15380kHz. So, I tried to listen to English ID in the 2nd program on 15500kHz around 0800 on Oct.17, 5th program on 11935kHz around 0100 on Oct.25, 2nd program on 15270kHz around 0300 on Oct.25 and 6th program on 15710kHz around 0500 on Oct.25, but English ID was not heard during my observation. In the 1st program on 11960kHz on Oct.26, ID in English was not heard between 0432 and 0531. (A.Sato)
15560 Family Radio, USA (tranasmitter site unknown). Oct.7 at 1200-1300 in English. SIO454. Family bible reading fellowship & Searching the scriptures. (Shimada)
< According to their schedule, English to Asia is listed at 1100-1200 on 15560kHz./ Editor >
15615 R. France Internationale. Oct.4 at 0700-0757(S/off) in English. SIO353. World news, followed by correspondent report & press reports. (Shimada)
15755 BBC via Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Oct.4 at 0000-0100 in English. SIO454. World news, followed by World briefing at 0006. Discovery at 0033. (Shimada)
17685 BBC via Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Oct.14 at 0032-0052 in English. SIO332. World Service with news, etc. (A.Sato)
17730 R. Liberty, USA via Udon Thani, Thailand. Oct.9 at 0805-0835 in Russian. SIO343. Talk, etc. (A.Sato)
17750 R. Australia, Shepparton. Oct.9 at 0620-0658(S/off) in English. SIO444. Music program by ABC local Radio. (A.Sato)
17760 BBC via Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Oct.9 at 0956-1026 in English. SIO433. World Service with news, etc. (A.Sato)
21790 V.O. Russia, Irkutsk. Oct.12 at 605-0705 in English. SIO444. News, etc. (A.Sato)

$B"#"#"#(B Logging of the International broadcasters in B11 season (from October 30) $B"#"#"#(B

5980 China Radio International, Xian. Nov.1 at 1500-1532 in Japanese. SIO554. News, "China Report" and "Monday Tearoom". (Kawazoe)
6140 R. Australia via Singapore. Nov.5 at 1100-1230 in English. SIO454. News, followed by Saturday night country. (Shimada)
6145 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nov.9 at 2100-2200 in Japanese. SIO322. Koran, news, etc. (Fukuoka)
6180 V.O. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Nov.3 at 1200-1300 in Japanese. SIO444. "Radio Journal Today's Topics", news and "We Answer". (Toda)
7200 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nov.8 at 2100-2200 in Japanese. SIO222-322. QRM: a station on 7205kHz. Koran, news, etc. (Fukuoka)
7325 China Radio International. Nov.3 at 1000-1057 in Japanese. SIO554. News, "China Report", "Ikiiki China", "Healthy China" and "Chinese Lesson". (Toda)
7465 R. Thailand. Oct.30 at 1300-1315 in Japanese. SIO444. News. Mandarin program at 1315. (Nagatani)
7465 R. Tirana, Albania. Oct.31 at 2028(IS)-2040 in German. SIO252. News. (Nagatani)
7530 R. Tirana, Albania. Oct.31 at 2058(IS)-2110 in English. SIO353. News & local song. (Nagatani)
7555 WEWN, Vandiver, USA. Oct.31 at 0940-1000 in Spanish. SIO252. Talk. ID at 1000. (Nagatani)
9400 R. Bulgaria. Oct.30 at 2115-2130 in Spanish. SIO353. Talk & pops. (Nagatani)
9405 FEBC, Philippines. Nov.7 at 2226(IS)-2240 in Chinese. SIO443. Talk & song. (Nagatani)
9435 R. Romania International. Oct.31 at 2128(IS)-2140 in English. SIO353. News. (Nagatani)
9530 R. Romania International. Nov.2 at 2258(IS)-2310 in English. SIO444. Newsreel. // 7300kHz(SIO322). (Nagatani)
9570 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Nov.7 at 2026-2056(S/off) in French. SIO352. Interview & pops. // 9605kHz(SIO242). (Nagatani)
9585 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nov.9 at 1330-1430 in Japanese. SIO322. Koran, news, etc. (Fukuoka)
9610 V.O. Turkey. Oct.30 at 2127(IS)-2140 in English. SIO353. News, etc. (Nagatani)
9620 R. Romania International. Oct.30 at 2030-2050 in Spanish. SIO343. News. // 7430kHz(SIO222). (Nagatani)
9625 V.O. the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nov.10 at 1330-1430 in Japanese. SIO333. QRM: Beat and strong signal station from 1400. Koran, news, etc. (Fukuoka)
9665 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Nov.6 at 2030-2048 in Spanish. SIO343. Relay of Soccer match. // 7275kHz(SIO332). (Nagatani)
9675 Saudi Radio. Nov.6 at 2050-2054(S/off) in Turkish. SIO353. Talk. S/off after national anthem. (Nagatani)
11615 R. Netherlands via Kigali, Rwanda. Oct.31 at 2020-2045 in English. SIO252. Earth Beat. (Nagatani)
11670 All India Radio, Bangaluru. Nov.5 at 2210-2230 in English. SIO332. News & Indian music. // 11715kHz(SIO332). (Nagatani)
11690 Adventist World Radio, Guam. Nov.6 at 1600-1629 in English. SIO453. "Far Eastern DX Report" produced by the JSWC. (Matsunaga)
11805 V.O. Turkey. Oct.30 at 1158(IS)-1210 in Chinese. SIO353. ID at 1200, then news. (Nagatani)
11825 R. Romania International. Nov.5 at 1400-1426 in Chinese. SIO454. News, "Weekly News", "World of Culture" and "Kaleidoscope". (Kawazoe)
11865 Deutsche Welle via Kigali, Rwanda. Nov.4 at 2100-2200 in English. SIO353. News, Africanlink and Inside Europe. (Shimada)
11905 Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Oct.30 at 1125-1158(S/off) in Tamil. SIO252. Local pops till 1130, then news. (Nagatani)
11990 R. Canada International. Oct.30 at 2225-2229(S/off) in Portuguese. SIO352. Interview. (Nagatani)
12050 WEWN, Vandiver, USA. Oct.30 at 2215-2230 in Spanish. SIO353. Relay of mass. // 13830kHz(SIO353). (Nagatani)
12070 Deutsche Welle via Kigali, Rwanda. Nov.6 at 2100-2115 in English. SIO353. News & Inside Europe. (Nagatani)
13665 V.O. Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Oct.30 at 0340-0400(S/off) in English. SIO333. Talk, jazz, etc. (A.Sato)
13670 R. Habana Cuba. Oct.30 at 2230-2245 in Spanish. SIO353. News program. (Nagatani)
13690 R. Habana Cuba. Nov.10 at 2230-2305 in Spanish. SIO454. News. ID at 2259, followed by music program. Replacing 13670kHz. (Nagatani)
13695 R. France Internationale. Oc.30 at 0755-0810 in French. SIO353. ID & news at 0800. (Nagatani)
13700 China Radio International via Sackville, Canada. Nov.4 at 2215-2230 in Spanish. SIO353. Commentary, etc. (Nagatani)
13735 V.O. Russia, Vladivostok. Nov.2 at 0210-0231 in English. SIO333. Dialogue, etc. (A.Sato)
13745 R. Thailand. Nov.2 at 0040-0059(S/off) in English. SIO433. News. (A.Sato)
13745 R. Thailand. Nov.5 at 0000-0100 in English. SIO454. National news, followed by Global news, business news, etc. (Shimada)
13845 WWCR, Nashville, USA. Nov.5 at 2120-2158 in English. SIO252. Preach. ID at 2158. (Nagatani)
13860 R. Romania International. Oct.30 at 2158(IS)-2210 in Spanish. SIO252. News & music program. (Nagatani)
15190 Italian Radio Relay Service via Slovakia. Nov.1 at 1258-1315 in English. SIO352. Music till 1259, then ID. Overcomer Ministry program followed. (Nagatani)
15255 R. Romania International. Nov.2 at 1115-1130 in French. SIO352. Talk & interview. // 15150kHz(SIO353), 17800(252), 17870(252). (Nagatani)
15400 BBC via Ascension. Nov.5 at 0700-0845 in English. SIO353. World news, World today, etc. (Shimada)
15480 Adventist World Radio via Nauen, Germany. Nov.2 at 1300-1312 in Mandarin. SIO252. ID in English at 1300, followed by talk & song in Mandarin. (Nagatani)
15525 HCJB-Australia, Kununurra. Nov.4 at 2230-2300 in Japanese. SIO454. Interview with a listener in Iwate Prefecture. (Kawazoe)
15540 R. Netherlands via Bonaire. Oct.30 at 2159(IS)-2210 in Dutch. SIO252. News & interview. // 15315kHz(SIO211). (Nagatani)
15585 R. Exterior de España, Spain. Oct.30 at 0902-0930 in Spanish. SIO252. News & discussion. // 21540kHz(SIO252), 21610kHz(252). (Nagatani)
15600 R. Bulgaria. Nov.1 at 1359(IS)-1410 in Bulgarian. SIO252. News. (Nagatani)
15700 R. Pakistan. Oct.31 at 1156(IS)-1210 in Chinese. SIO353. Quran at 1159, then ID at 1200. Quran again at 1201. (Nagatani)
15725 R. Pakistan. Nov.5 at 1050-1106(S/off). SIO353. Music program in Urdu till 1059, then ID & news in English. S/off after national anthem. (Nagatani)
15760 Kol Israel. Nov.2 at 1458(IS)-1510 in Persian. SIO353. News & commentary. (Nagatani)
17635 Adventist World Radio, Guam. Nov.2 at 0305-0329(S/off) in Russian. SIO322. Sermon, etc. (A.Sato)
17680 CVC, Chile. Nov.2 at 1321-1340 in Spanish. SIO252. Music program. ID at 1329. (Nagatani)
17825 R. Liberty, USA (transmitter site unknown). Oct.30 at 0308-0330(S/off) in Russian. SIO433. Talk. (A.Sato)

$B!!(BEdited by Iwao Nagatani $B!J(BJSWC-6150$B!K(B
$B"$"'(B Contributors $B"$"'(B
0712 Tsuguo FUKUOKA$B!!(B Kyoto, kyoto-Prefecture AOR AR7030 PLUS + ALA 1530S
6150 Iwao NAGATANI Kobe, Hyogo-Prefecture JRC NRD-545 + 20m longwire
6788 Shoichi TAMANE Nasushiobara, Tochigi-Pref. SONY ICF-SW7600GR + ApexRadio 303WA-2
8711 Nozomi MATSUNAGA Niiza, Saitama-Prefecture SONY-SW7600GR$B!\(BAN-LP1
8772 Kazushi TODA$B!!(B Okazaki, Aichi-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600GR + Attached rod antenna
8776 Mitsunori KAWAZOE Tsu, Mie-Prefecture SONY ICF-SW7600G + SONY AN-LP1
8785 Chiaki SHIMADA$B!!(B Higashimurayama, Tokyo YAESU FRG7700 + YAESU FRA7700
8836 Akihiko SATO Ashikaga, Tochigi-Pref. SONY ICF-SW77 & ICF-SW7600GR
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