IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

DX, DX y mas DX´s

X Loggings - Ralph Perry - 30 Dec

viernes, 30 de diciembre, 2011 17:58
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BRAZIL - 5990, Radio Senado, terrific reception this week, very early, noted several mornings blowing in with a big signal on nice clear fqy.  12/29 at 0755 with PP pop song, f/by taped ID extravaganza at 0801, with chimes, OM in echo, mentions of fqys and ondas curtas, "Bom Dia!" and another ID as "Radio Senado, a música regional de . . ."  Then into a pgm of ranchera-like musical selections.   Also pinning the S-meter needle at 0959 on 12/30. (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL - 4865.03, Radio Verdes Florestas, Cruz do Sul, signal holding up quite late most mornings, from approx 1000 s/on to nearly 1100, and at times, surprisingly, the best Latin in the 60 mb here.  Hrd 12/29 w/segued ballads, no amnts at all until 1055 when into an ID sequence --  live OM with clear "Radio Verdes Florestas!" ID and then YL with canned ID and fqys run-down.  Propagation on this one behaves much more like a Peruvian than aBrazilian, thanks to far western Brazil  QTH.  Holds up long after other Brazilians like 4885 have faded away.  (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL - 5955.00, unid Brazilian but suspect the listed Radio Gazeta, Sao Paolo, but no clear ID yet.  Noted with classic US pops (Doors: "Love Her Madly") at 1020, then into long telephone interview by studio ancr and remote interviewee in PP.  1029 another fairly strong station came on fqy, but signals were exactly zerobeated so no het trouble, but difficult to listen to anyway.  (Perry, Illinois).

UNID LA - 4875.46, mountain of garbage on this fqy in the mornings this week, but underneath it all seems an LA broadcaster, with badly distorted modulation and potentially spurious.  Believe lang is PP, so likely a Brazilian.  Noted several mornings about 1015.  Ute on fqy and het make this even tougher.  Not sure what this is, but interesting . . . haven't heard anything on this fqy of late.   Anyone?  (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA - 5952.37, everyone's favorite CP mining town station, Radioemisoras Pio XII, Oruro, hrd with nx show in progress at 1010 on 12/27.   Never an easy logging, this one is much more likely of late to be heard in early local evenings than in the mornings.  (Perry, Illinois)

ETHIOPIA - 9705.00, R. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, hrd 1947-2020 on 12/15 on a nice precise fqy.   Initially heard underneath Family Radio Meyerton on same fqy, which thankfully clears out after ToH.  Good signal by 2010 with pleasant pgm of Horn of Africa style pops and jazz.  OM ancr in EE and presumed Amharic.  (Perry, Illinois)

LAOS - 6130 RN Lao, Vientiane'  Highlight of the month has been the reemergence of this one, loggable on many mornings.  Was best in early Dec, after Chuck Rippel tip, but still hearing this week tho not as well as earlier in Dec (12 / 3,4,5,6).  Propagation window for here opens up around 1245 and holds thru 1300+,  tho was hearing as early as 1230 in early Dec.  Best signal was on 12/4 with very enjoyable pgm of Laotian pop music --  very familiar to me after my years of working in Laos.  Very enjoyable programming!   Usually tones on the hour, but one time noted playing straight thru on a local Sun nite in Laos. (Perry, Illinois)

PERU - 5039.38, Radio Libertad de Junin, noted many mornings this month with poor-fair signal, often opening day's xmsn around *1000.  Noted on 12/1 with taped organ and echo-voiced ID anmt at 1001 and then live ancr from 1004.  Interestingly,. this one seems to have become the most reliable Peruvian in the 60 mb for me this winter, taking the crown from  nominal 4790 R Vision de Chiclayo, which has been missing in action.   Am hearing Junin more frequently even than R. Tarma on nominal 4775.  Unfortunately, it's a matter of this one being the best of a bad lot, as other Peruvians are just not coming thru very well this month . . .  (Perry, Illinois)

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100;  Knightkit Star Roamer
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 + Quantum Phaser antenna unit
Longwires (150' + 100'); Tuned Multi-Turn 20" Small Loop;  Single-Turn Coax Loop.

Ultimi tips del 2001

domingo, 1 de enero, 2012 12:36
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bclnews@yahoogroups.com, "PlayDX"
Ecco gli ultimi miei ascolti del 2011:
Roberto Rizzardi, I-58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR)
Icom IC-R71E, Sangean ATS-909 15 meters outdoor random wire - Indoor self-made single-turn Loop

kHz    UTC    ITU    Program + Location    Details    Remarks    km
5950    1505    NZL    Radio New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki (byp)    Talk, pop song, in English        18715 km

kHz    UTC    ITU    Program + Location    Details    Remarks    km
15349    0914    MRC    SNRT, Nador (SNRT/Medi1)    Female talk in Arabian. QRM from 15350 kHz        1466 km
6030    2312    USA    Radio Martí, Greenville (NC)    International news, in Spanish//7405 khz    QRM from China co-channel    7322 km
7405    2320    USA    Radio Martí, Greenville (NC)    Talk about Syria, in Spanish//6030 kHz    QRM from China co-channel, much noise    7322 km
6000    2350    CUB    Radio Habana Cuba, La Habana (3 sites) (ch)    Talk in Spanish, Guantanamera song//5040 kHz    QRM from China co-channel    8586 km
5040    2355    CUB    Radio Habana Cuba, La Habana (3 sites) (ch)    Comments, ID, schedule, in Spanish//6000 kHz, @0000utc program in English        8586 km

kHz    UTC    ITU    Program + Location    Details    Remarks    km
9765    1045    NZL    Radio New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki (byp)    Mx program and talk in English        18715 km
15720    1135    NZL    Radio New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki (byp)    Male and female talk in English        18715 km
15825    1420    USA    WWCR, Nashville (WWCR) (TN)    Religious songs and talk in English        7962 km
15610    1440    USA    WEWN EWTN Catholic R., Birmingham/Vandiver (WEWN) (AL)    Talk about church in English        8125 km
15410    1450    USA    Radio Farda, Woofferton (EN-SHP)    Mx and talk in Persian        1509 km
15340    1502    AUS    HCJB Australia, Kununurra (WA)    Indian song, ID, talk about God, in English        13435 km
15215    1520    USA    KSDA AWR Asia, Agat/Facpi Point (KSDA) (GU)    Female and male talk, religious songs, in Mizo        12211 km
15120    1534    NIG    Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu (lag)    International news in English        4056 km
17745    1602    USA    Sudan Radio Service, Woofferton (EN-SHP)    Good african songs.        1509 km
Roberto Rizzardi
SWL I/0216/GR
Porto S. Stefano (GR) Italy
Lat 42N43 - Long 11E12 - Locator grid JN52NK
Receivers: ICOM IC-R71E
Sangean ATS909 with 2x80kHz Murata filters in FM
Antennas: 15 meters outdoor random wire with RF System Magnetic Longwire Balun
Indoor self-made single-turn coax Loop
Telescopic and 7 meters indoor long wire antenna
Website: http://diarioradio.blogspot.co

Skype - Twitter: robybenjy......................................................................................................................................................

DX Loggings - Ralph Perry - 31 Dec

domingo, 1 de enero, 2012 13:09
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Happy New Year to All DXers in 2012!


BRAZIL - 5970, Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, good sig 2240 12/30 with ID.  Early fade-in as befits far SE Brazil QTH. 
 (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL - 6059.96, Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 2300 on 12/30 OM clear ID for "Super Radio Deus e Amor" and then into pgm of PP pop love songs featuring YL with orch.  Big booming signal, easy listening.   None of the SRDE  //  fqys noted coming through at this time.  (Perry, Illinois)

UNID / BRAZIL? - 6020.00, during same general period as above, was noting unid station on 6020.00 with MOR mx and a weak/fair signal, fadey on clear fqy.  Soft modulation.  Suspect Brazilian from propagation (nice opening this date/time) and pgming but unsure -- perhaps R Gaucha, Pto Alegre, but needs more work.  That fqy precision makes me think twice, tho, hi.   (Perry, Illinois)

MEXICO - 6009.96, Radio Mil, Mexico City, to answer question recently posed on a DXer user group, yes, XEOY is still here.  Noted 1022 on 12/31 with SS pop vocals.  Good signal after phasing away the co-channel crud.  Lite het was un-notchable.  Segued songs to 1028 ID by OM, "En Radio Mil, muy buenos dias y cordiales saludos, amables oyentes . . .  Mexico . . ."   (Perry, Illinois)
Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100;  Knightkit Star Roamer
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 + customized (tropical bands) Quantum Phaser antenna unit
Longwires (150' + 100'); Tuned Multi-Turn 20" Small Loop;  Single-Turn Coax Loop.

Anker Petersen: Tips from Denmark

domingo, 8 de enero, 2012 21:47
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Dear DX-friends,

This is what I heard lately in Skovlunde on my AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 
metres of longwire:

3930.03    1515-1545*    UNID    08.01    UNID with distorted talk in 
UNID language with songs    22322 improving to 33332, heavily jammed 
which first stopped at 1633*. Could be R Voice of Kurdistan ?    AP-DNK

3995    1455-1510    D    07-01    R 700, Kall-Krekel with new all-day 
schedule    German ann, "Schlager", ID: "Radio Sieben Hundert", news, 
English pop songs. Also heard at 2045-2100*, 08.01, in German with same 
ID's and pop songs, abrupt s/off in the middle of a song, instead of 
relay of HCJB!         35333    AP-DNK

4750    2225-2235    CHN    06.01    Qinghai PBS-1, Xining    Chinese 
talk, not // 4800, but at 2230 March and comments // 4800 !    35233    

4774.98    fading in 2235-2320    PRU    06.01    R Tarma, Tarma    
Spanish ann and talk, Andean songs    23222 improving to 35333    
initially utility QRM    AP-DNK

4780    1815-1920    DJI    04.01    R Djibouti, Arta    REACTIVATED 
after 3 months OFF! Arabic discussion by women mentioning Djibouti, 
Somali songs    45434. But off the air at the same time on 05.01 and 
08.01    AP-DNK

4820    *0025-0040    IND    08.01    AIR Kolkata    Bengali(p) talks 
and local hymns, but distorted    22322 QRM Xizang PBS 4820 with heavy 
heterodyne in USB and AM    AP-DNK

4915.00    2250-2255*    B    06.01    R Daqui, Goiânia, GO    
Portuguese ann, Brazilian songs, abrupt s/off    35222    AP-DNK

4920    *0013-0040    IND    08.01    AIR Chennai    AIR IS, 0015 ann 
"Vande Mataram" and hymn, Tamil ann, Indian songs with drums, talk, 
advs, 0035 English: "This is All India Radio. The news read by ...."    
43444    AP-DNK

5120.00    2305-2315    PRU    06.01    R Ondas del Suroriente, 
Quillabamba (t)    Spanish talk    15221    AP-DNK

5954.27    2345-2355    CTR    07.01    R Republica test, Guapiles 
(p)    Spanish talk    32432 QRM VOIRI 5955 in Chinese with splashes 
from Voice of Turkey on 5960    AP-DNK

11600    1710-1730    LBY    04+05+06.01    R Télévision Libye, 
Sabrata    French comments about the assistance from France to the 
Libyan Revolution in Benghazi, with Vienna Waltzes in the background. 
Now good voice audio!    55444    AP-DNK

Bhutan was not on the air on 5030 and 6035 on 07.01 or 08.01 at 1340-1350.

Best 73,


Mix log

sábado, 7 de enero, 2012 14:24
playdx2003@yahoogroups.com, bclnews@yahoogroups.com, "dx_uti_fr"
Hi all....
 date           utc         khz        Call                                             SIO
07/01/2012 1416      25910    WBAP    Fort Worth, TX  FM USA   111   px talk news    !!! tentative !!!!                                
07/01/2012 1359      25990    KSCS    Arlington,TX     FM   USA  233   Relay FM 96,3mhz country music                  
07/01/2012 1300      25000    MIKES   Time Signal   ESPOO  AM  FIN 333   Bip bip time signal                             
07/01/2012 1258      27185            UNID   FM   RUS 444 wx in russo                                      
31/12/2011 1634      40       JJY     Mt.Agane    CW  J 333   bip bip bip time signal                          
26/12/2011 1519      68,5     BPC     Shangqiu    CW    CHN 333   time signal                                     
26/12/2011 1517      14,88            Alpha    CW          RUS 333   Navaid System Krasnodar                          
26/12/2011 1516      12,64            Alpha     CW          RUS 333   Navaid System Krasnodar                          
26/12/2011 1514      11,90            Alpha     CW          RUS 333   Navaid System Novosibirsk                        
26/12/2011 1511      66,66    RBU     Taldom     CW          RUS 333   bip...bip..bip...time signal                    
26/12/2011 1459      252      RTE Radio      AM          IRL 333   sport px nx                                     
Ciao e good DX!

- Mauro -
-Swl 1510-
-JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150-
Filter PAR Electronics – BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF- DSP 9
-Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop ALA 100 M
-Lat. 45°25'0"N Long. 9°7'0"E -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-



KSCS 25990khz on air

sábado, 7 de enero, 2012 14:01
playdx2003@yahoogroups.com, bclnews@yahoogroups.com
innanzi tutto auguri a tutti...
25990khz  14,00utc KSCS - TX -USA relay FM  segnale buono!!!
ciaoooo  e buoni DX !!!

- Mauro -
-Swl 1510-
-JRC525Nrd - Lowe HF150-
Filter PAR Electronics – BCST-LPF + BCST-HPF- DSP 9
-Eavesdropper SWL Sloper 11mt to 120mt Band- Loop ALA 100 M
-Lat. 45°25'0"N Long. 9°7'0"E -Locator grid. Jn 45 Nk-


 Logs from Brasil

sábado, 14 de enero, 2012 19:43
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Hard-Core-DX@hard-core-dx.com, condiglist@yahoogroups.com, playdx2003@yahoogroups.com, dxld@yahoogroups.com, gaku@apple.email.ne.jp, anker.petersen@mail.dk, worldbandradio@yahoogroups.com, cumbre_dx@yahoogroups.com, conexdigital@conexiongra.com.ar
5910, Colombia, Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras. January, 11 0749-0758 local latin music, male in Spanish talks in short music break “Alcaraván”, back music. Statics, 35433 (lob-B).

3945, R. Vanuatu, Port Vila. January, 11 0759-0807 male and female talks in an uncertain language. Poor, statics 25432, (lob-B).

5995, R. Mali, Bamako. January, 13 0750-0756 non stop female in Vernacular talks. Checked 9635 at 0753 was silent, het; from 0756, 5990 KHz R. Senado blocked Mali, 33533 (lob-B).

9635, R. Mali, Bamako. January, 13 0803-0812 non stop female in Vernacular talks. Better than 5995, 34533 (lob-B).


Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec
Embu SP Brasil (23°39’S-46°53’W)
SW40 - Dipoles and Longwire

: Another WTWW-2 test imminent from 22 UT Sat

sábado, 14 de enero, 2012 19:00
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dxld@yahoogroups.com, swl@mailman.qth.net, "playdx" , "bclnews" , "condiglist yg" , "radioescutas yg" ...más
Glenn, Due to some scheduling problems, Ted will not be doing a call in show this week. He is scheduled for next Saturday, Jan 21. Same time. I will have the transmitter on doing some testing and adjustments with Peters audio (George McClintock, 1838 UT Jan 14, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

--- On Sat, 1/14/12, Glenn Hauser <wghauser@yahoo.com> wrote:

> ** U S A. Glenn, WTWW-2 will run a
> test this Saturday [Jan 14] from about 4 pm to 6 CENTRAL
> [22-24 UT] on 9990. 6 pm to 10 [00-04 UT Jan 15] on 5085.
> Ted Randall will take phone calls from the listeners live on
> air. Some final adjustments will be made during this test.
> Continental 
> Electronics Co. will make some additional adjustments later
> this month 
> (George McClintock, WTWW, Jan 13, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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