IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
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miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012


Radio Djibouti - QSL 2005

Robert Wilkner28 de noviembre de 2012 19:27

Unid 4984.17 - 2310 to 2320, possibly Perú Radio Voz Cristiana, Huancayo, which was wandering in frequency to 4985.55 previously.
Noted last night same time and this morning from 1100.

Bruce Jensen28 de noviembre de 2012 15:07
Along with that nice QSL last week, Radio Oriental from Ecuador also sent this nice sticker, among other things.

Shortwave Radio Station Stickers and Pennants
Windshield Sticker from Radio Oriental, Tena, Ecuador
Shortwave Radio Station Stickers and Pennants - a small collection

Fiorenzo Repetto28 de noviembre de 2012 10:25

Rob Wagner28 de noviembre de 2012 5:20
Greetings from Mount Evelyn, AUS:

9705.6 NIGER. La Voix du Sahel, Niamey. Presumed this with the French service first noted on Nov 20, weak at 1950, became stronger at 2005, but then lost impetus around 2010. Back up again with very weak signal at 2100, time pips. Interestingly, the frequency drifted down to 9705.45 by 2110. The signal came up yet again around 2150, time pips again at 2200 and talk. Faded out or signed off (couldn't tell which) at 2220. No ID heard throughout this whole 2.5 hour monitoring period because the signal was so poor and variable, but I'm pretty certain this was the one - also, no sign of Ethiopia on that day. 

Since Nov 20, I have been monitoring the frequency but the level is way to low to glean any further information. Can anyone else shed light on this?


Mark Coady27 de noviembre de 2012 23:47
4780 DJIBOUTI Radio Djibouti at 0332 in Arabic with a man with talk with a couple of music bridges and a long talk from 0333 to 0338 then a long music bridge and into local male vocals with string accompaniment then wailing female vocals from 0347 - Fair Nov 28 Coady-ON

Roberto Rizzardi, I-58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR)
Icom IC-R71E, Sangean ATS-909 15 meters outdoor random wire - Indoor self-made single-turn Loop

kHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks SINPO
9345 1513 PHL FEBC Manila, Iba (FEBC) (zmb) Female talk, advertising spot, in Chinese 45333
9490 2130 USA WHRI, Cypress Creek/Furman (SC) DXing with Cumbre, ID, in E  45222
7560 2225 USA Voice of America, Al Kuwayt=Kuwait/IBB (kuw) ID, talk about Australian enviroment, Nigeria, Tanzania and Congo, Israel and Palestinians, in E 45333

11900 1735 USA Brother Stair, Gavar (SW) (grk) ID, web address, sermon, in E  35322
5995 1748 ROU Radio Romania Int., Bacău/Galbeni (SW) (BC) Talk about justice, in Romanian  54434

12015 1535 IRN IRIB WS, Zahedan (sib)  Talk about Azerbaijan, local mx, in Azeri  35333
15120 1553 NIG Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu (lag) Talk about Europe and Somalia, ID, s/off, in E  45544
9765 1608 NZL Radio New Zealand Int., Rangitaiki (byp) ID, Headline, in E  44333
6195 1705 G BBC WS, A'Seela   ID, situation in Egypt and Israel, in Arabic  55544
9730 2120 VTN Voice of Vietnam, Sơn Tây Talk about export, in F  44333

6095 1024 HOL Transportradio, Wertachtal (bay) ID, dutch song, talk in Dutch  55555
9360 1315 USA Radio Liberty, Saipan/Agingan Point (MP) Conversation about culture, ID Radio Svoboda 45434
9420 1405 GRC Voice of Greece, Avlida=Avlis (cgr-evv) Greek song, conversation about European economy, Greek song, in Greek  54544
15120 1536 NIG Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu (lag) Local and international news, ID, sport news, s/off, in English Low modulation 45423
Roberto Rizzardi
SWL I/0216/GR
Porto S. Stefano (GR) Italy
Lat 42N26 - Long 11E07 - Locator grid JN52NK
Receivers: ICOM IC-R71E
Sangean ATS909 with 2x80kHz Murata filters in FM
RTL-SDR RTL2832U+E4000 usb tuner with SDRSharp software
Antennas: Indoor self-made single-turn 75 cm diameter coax loop
15 meters outdoor random wires with RF System Magnetic Longwire Balun
MW-SW 75 cm side square loop
Telescopic and 7 meters indoor wire antenna
Dual-band VHF/UHF vertical antenna without radials
Website: http://diarioradio.blogspot.it/
Skype - Twitter: robybenjy

BOLIVIA  –  6154.94, Radio Fides, La Paz,  11/28 can confirm they
indeed are honoring scheduled *0945 s/on time.   Unfortunately,
perhaps pursuing operating economies, they appear to not warm up the
xmtr in advance of the broadcast day! Nothing on fqy at 0943 tune-in,
not even o/c,  but at 0944 signal abruptly started cranking up.
Initially very weak, but clearly a canned ID in progress with mtns of
“La Paz”, “frecuencia modulada” and “onda corta”.  0945 with xmtr
continuing to warm up,  signal strength was now building, but still
only fair QSA.  Then string of canned ads noted and CP folkloric theme
at 0948.  At 0949, usual morning show  “Saratasiñani” with Felipa
Peñas -- opening anmt over huaynos, then into short nx items separated
by quick musical bursts, along with frequent detailed t/cks  ( “Cinco
de la manana --  las cinco y 51 minutos,  23 segundos . . .” )
Occasionally Aymara anmts, also.   By tune-out at 0955, signal was
moderately good.   (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 6134.81, Radio Santa Cruz, Sta. Cruz de la Sierra, hrd 0934
on 11/28 at best level perhaps ever, at least for me (and despite it
not being a particularly excellent morning for overall Andean
propagation).  Could signal that this one is now back to the level of
technical excellence temporarily achieved, earlier this year, when it
was a dependable daily visitor.  Noted a PSA  for the “Ministerio del
Salud” and then an ad for “Banco del Credito”.  Usual traditional ID
at 0939, by OM, who simple said, dramatically:  “Radio Santa Cruz . .
. La Primera!”  Into peppy CP folkloric instl music.  Really nice
strong signal, no QRM or het, though noisy static-filled bands.
(Perry, Illinois)

CUBA – 5025, Radio Rebelde, 11/28 virtually melting my headphones at
1010 with its mammoth signal.  Despite that, could again still hear
another pgm very weakly, way down below the Cuban, when Rebelde in
talk.  A real curiosity.  My suspicion remains this must be some kind
of artifact of the Cuban station itself, but who knows?  Anyone else
hearing this, or at other times?  (Perry, Illinois)

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
355-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia with DX
Engineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop

** VATICAN. 7250, Nov 28 at 0608, open carrier; 6075, Nov 28 at 0611, another open carrier. No doubt Vatican Radio well ahead of the 0630 Latin mass on both. We know the RCC has money (and kW) to burn, so why not? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ZANZIBAR. 11735, Nov 27 at 2046, lively ME music, fair with flutter; 2047 YL in Swahili from ZBC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
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