IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

viernes, 18 de enero de 2013


playdx2003] Logs 12/1/13 LIANGAS ZAKARIASjueves, 17 de enero, 2013 07:03


12/1/13 tested with HF150 and R75 sometimes in diversity stereo !
9765 RNZI 0833 with songs S3
9950 Furusato no kaze 1430 Prior to this program I heard world vision from ??? on 1428 . on 1430 with ID . another station is under them !
15016 ??? lgs on 1436 14S3
15034 Trenton with aviation reports 1436 S4
9825 R Pilipinas 1916 +1922 with pop songs S2 mx on 1930 with ID in English mentioning 11890 25232
9690 Nigeria 2008-2013 talks by OM /YL in Hausa ID between flute plays , mentions of Uganda and Nigeria S3?
7505 R Free Chosun 2040-2046 a discussion between two women then a song that seems as karaoke. Discussion was full of humorous notes and laughs at 2044 a discussion with a young girl Signal was on start as 42433 but gradually lowered to 42432 due to a storm of buzzers
9535 V o Thailand 2105-2110 with semi traditional pop songs S3 max 25332
9526 Vo Indonesia checked several times that day with only a buzz and no modulation 
4750 CNR 2123 -2127 cross tested with 4800 to have a delay of ca 3 secs 2125 with advert . The band has local QRN of S2 . S9 35232

Los representantes de la Asociación Boliviana de Radiodifusoras (Asbora) se 
reunieron con Clifford Paravicini para encontrar una solución técnica al 
problema del espectro de radios comunitarias y estatales junto a las 
privadas que ven el peligro de salir de los anchos de bandas. Lea la nota 
completa en http://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/ 

BOLIVIA  – 6154.94, Radio Fides, La Paz, sign-on caught on 12/18 at
*0945 as carrier switched on and then abruptly into canned musical ID
anmt by OM, giving all fqys including AM, FM and  onda corta , both 49
mb and 31 mb.  Didn’t have the recorder running, but did catch nice
clear “Radio Fides” ID, and then into the morning show.  Fides doesn’t
believe in warming up the xmtr, prior to the start of broadcasting so,
as a result, the signal improves over the first few minutes of xmsn as
the xmtr settles in. (Perry, Illinois)

PERU – 5120.00,  Radio Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, hrd every
morning this past week, fair signal tho noisy bands, with variable,
casual  s/on in the 1045-1100 period.  Initial programming is OM DJ
nonstop tlks in SS, with local 5 a.m. t/cks “la hora del Peru”.   No
anthem, canned eco ID, etc.   Just the guy suddenly speaking.  Open
carrier initially being noted as early as 1043 on 12/20 and as late as
1053 on 12/18.  Anmts seem to typically start around 1055. (Perry,

PERU – 6173.94,  Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, decent signal 10/20 at
1003 tune-in through 1030 t/o.  Usual morning regional and int’l
sports (futbol scores) pgm with local t/cks as “Las cinco de la manana
y 8 minutos . . . la primer programa el dia de hoy . . .”  Signal
faded in better with time, peaking around 1020.  “Las 5 de la manana,
las 5 y 20 minutos.  Presentamos la radio . . . programa deportivos a
traves todo el Peru . . . “  A few folkloric music bursts of 15
seconds or so, perhaps part of commercials.  (Perry, Illinois)

UNID / ECUADOR – 3380.08t, unid but likely Centro Radiofónico de
Imbabura (CRI), Ibarra, reactivated after years off the air.  Tnx to
Dave Valko tip, got a “me too” log also.  Add a very big muchas
gracias DX Pro Pedro Arrunategui for cracking the ID on this one.
Heard rather poorly at 1108-1118 fade-out on 12/20, seemed OM in SS
with nx show, possible lite reverb or eco.  Severe noise as band was
eroding.  Been watching this fqy several prior mornings, to no avail;
and monitored fqy this morning 12/20 from 1000 to past 1100 with
nothing heard until retuning at 1108.   Apparently must have just come
on after I momentarily left it at maybe 1103.  Perhaps nominal *1100
s/on time,  as is typical for HC stations, although Dave had them a
good ten minutes earlier on 11 Dec.  (Perry, Illinois)

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
335-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia
DXEngineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop
PERU – 4939.98, Radio San Antonio, Villa Atalaya, Ucayali, all but
certainly the LA station heard here, this precise fqy, the past three
nights from around local sunset.   Noted 12/20,21,22 in the 2314-2400+
time frame with a pgm of varied EZL music, including good assortment
of U.S. Xmas carols (White Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, etc.).  Also
LA romantic ballads  and some tropical rhythms.  Usually brief anmt
by OM after each song.  Nice Peruvian folkloric riff hrd at 0000 on
first night, part of an apparent ID, which I couldn’t copy.  Never a
great signal, by any means.   Nightly is weak at 2315a tune-in but
then fades up, to peak level plateau at only fair QSA.  Noise doesn’t
help.  Reception best for me in ECSS-LSB, narrow bandpass and notch to
massage the signal a bit.  NOTE:  Tnx to initial tip in Chasqui DX
from LA DX Ace “Paco” PFA !   Also, DX pal Thomas Nilsson in Sweden
has just emailed me a clear San Antonio ID mp3 recorded by him at 2307
on 12/22.  (Perry, Illinois)

INDIA – 5010, AIR Thiruvananthapuram, nice signal 1245 12/23 with
subcontinental mx f/by OM and YL in discussion in lang.  (Perry,

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
335-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia
DXEngineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop

[playdx2003] Transport radio 9835 on 22/12

domingo, 23 de diciembre, 2012 17:16
Añadir remitente a Contactos
cumbre_dx@yahoogroups.com, hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com, playdx2003@yahoogroups.com
9835 Transport radio KBC 1548/22-12 with many IDs and rock music . Signal of S9+20 Rechecked on 1700 but off 


ECUADOR – 3380.06, tentative CRI, Ibarra, big open carrier 1056 on
12/24 and *1058 programming starts, HC tune (sanjuanito) by OM and YL
in duet. At 1100 OM opening anmts and – wouldn’t you know it ? –
signal’s modulation via the microphone was so poor (compared to the
music channel) that it was impossible to tell what he was saying,
though was surely SS.  Gave up after 5 minutes, as he kept babbling
on.  Couldn’t tell what he was mumbling but am trusting Paco’s ID on
this one. (Perry, Illinois)BRAZIL – 4824.95, Radio Cancao Nova,
Cachoeira Paulista, 2300 strong signal 12/23, romantic PP ballads tho
blipping ute slightly impairing. 2303 OM PP with good ID, simply
“Cancao Nova!” and then into new pgm, orchl theme and opening anmts.
Rechecked at 0000 and absolutely beautiful signal.  Haven’t heard them
this well, this season.  (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 5952.46, Radio Pio Doce, surprised to hear this one in
nicely, as early as 2307 on 12/23.  Nice clear signal, OM with SS ads
for  something that’s a “producto Boliviano…”  Went hunting for other
CPs that might be in early and noted 4451.18 tentatively Radio Santa
Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma, weak modulation but decent carrier, orchl mx
fading in and out at 2312 and vy bassy-voiced OM ancr.  Not often
propagating to the Midwest USA.  (Perry, Illinois)

SURINAM – 4989.98, Radio Apintie, stunningly big signal at 2330 on
12/23 after tip from buddy Dave Valko.  Playing Xmas carols and still
fine at 2359 recheck.  Typical deep fades as noted before on stations
from far northeastern S America (Guyana, Surinam, etc.) Wonder what
causes this?   (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL – 3375.07, Radio Municipal, Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas,
weak but clear at 1015 on 12/24, a very good LA propagation morning.
OM in PP with “Radio Municipal” ID and “Bom Dia!”at 1018, but muffled
modulation amidst noise. (Perry, Illinois)

ECUADOR – 4781.70, Radio Oriental, noted 1112 on 12/24 with big
booming signal,  recorded anmt of Xmas greetings to listeners, “ . . .
de esta emisora  Radio Oriental . . . el dia de Ecuador . . .  Feliz
Navidad!”  Then local live ancr took mike and, as per CRI above,
horridly low modulation.  We need to send a traveling engineer around
to visit these stations and goose their microphone channel
connections, hi.   Not sure when they are signing on nowadays; used to
be *1100, then *1130, so now are they splitting the difference at
*1115?  (Perry, Illinois)

UNID – 4984.16, unid LA station noted at 1108 on 12/24, low power but
sounded possibly like rustic Andean yipping.  Impossible to do work
this much better, couldn’t really hold onto the signal very well,  but
may be the same station reported in DXplorer a few weeks ago hrd in S
Florida, during local afternoon in USA.  Probably signed-on at *1100.
(Perry, Illinois)

RWANDA – 6055, Radio Rwanda, Kigali, very nice signal 2005 on 12/23 as
the 49 mb was open earlyish (for Illinois) for Africans.  Monotonous
drums rhythm at tune in, f/by OM FF mentioning “Rwandaise” and then
into African vocals by YL over local string combo – pleasant listening
to plucked bass strings and repetitive tune.  (Perry, Illinois)

SWAZILAND – 6130 Trans World Radio, Manzini, nice African choral
rhythms along with xylo-like instrument at 2000 tune-in.  OM ancr in
local lang at 2003, f/by local signature tune.  Chimes at 2004 and
s/off at 2005.  Open carrier cut at 2006.  Would have missed this one
if I tuned past the fqy 10 minutes later, hi.  (Perry, Illinois)

TCHAD – 6164.96, Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne, N’djamena,
balafon music at 2023.  Fair signal but fluttery, on a good afternoon
for African reception.  (Perry, Illinois)


Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
335-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia
DXEngineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop

[playdx2003] DX Loggings -- 27 Dec -- Ralph Perry

jueves, 27 de diciembre, 2012 15:49
Añadir remitente a Contactos
UNID LA – 4984.16, Unid. LA station, probably Andes QTH, noted again
with morning xmsn, weakly on 12/27.  Probably nominal *1100, hrd at
1116 tune-by with OM in SS and what seemed very rustic OA folklorica
mx selections.  Vy shrill quenas and YL chorus yipping at 1117. At
1120 lengthy anmt by OM in SS, hearing snippets of speech fragments
(“la alegria” and so forth) lasting to 1124.  OM seemed to be intoning
and could have either been a prayer or rapid-fire SS as in a sports
report, really couldn’t make this out.  At 1124, again Andes-flavored
melody.  OM again at 1127 but now getting too weak, amidst building
noise level as LA propagation was ending.  PFA in Lima, perhaps you
can solve this one?  (Perry, Illinois)

ECUADOR – 3380.06, presumed Centro Radial Imbabura (CRI), programming
abruptly “there” at 1052 check, poor to fair signal on noisy morning
of 12/27, but holding up past 1110.  (Perry, Illinois)

ECUADOR – 4781.68, Radio Oriental, Tena, noted 1112 with big carrier
and good audio when playing recorded sound like ads, music, but audio
is all-but-lost when switching to live microphone for OM anmts in SS.
Canned ad for tienda selling fashionable clothing for “las ninas y las
mujeres” located on “Avenida Quince de Noviembre, Tena” .  (Perry,

BRAZIL – 6010.09, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, big signal
bombing in at 2230 12/24 with quick canned promo for futbol and then
and OM in PP with full ID  “ . . . con la musica Brasilera . . . Radio
Inconfidencia!”.  // 15190 also with a nice signal, but 6010 offering
much ‘brighter’ audio. (Perry, Illinois)

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
335-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia
DXEngineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop

[playdx2003] DX Loggings -- 28 Dec -- Ralph Perry

viernes, 28 de diciembre, 2012 18:36
Añadir remitente a Contactos
UNID (PERU?) – 4984.14 (down from .16 the day before), unid Andes
station heard again this morning 12/28  from 1047 tune-in to 1124
fade-out.  (Previously speculated *1100 thus incorrect.)   Pretty good
signal strength at tune-in but awful background static --
atmospherics, not local electrical noise -- making speech copy very
difficult, and only could be understood.  At tune-in, ecstatic,
deliriously excited OM in rapid-fire SS, seemingly preaching -- which
will certainly fit if this turns out to be the Pentecostal station,
Voz Cristiana, Chilca (Huancayo), Peru.  At around 1055 YL in eco with
musical theme and apparent station anmts, mentioned ‘emisora’.  Caught
ad for what seemed a zapateria at TOH.  With signal gradually fading,
was able to hold onto this until about 1124, musical pgm, with
religious songs based on OA folkloric melodies but also other tunes
which seemed pure Andes “musica profunda”.  Tlks re “la Biblia”.
Should be able to ID this very soon, with better signals expected now
that earlier s/on likely in the mornings. (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 5952.46, Radio Pio Doce, Llallagua,  12/28 with best signal
heard in long time, strong and QRM-free from 0005 – 0033 tune out.
Signal lost a bit of its punch by the end, as some grayline
enhancement dropped away.   Entire time was an OM and YL with news
program in Aymara (though, say, maybe ~10% was in SS, mainly the
phone-in correspondents).    At 0029, CP folkloric musical blast and
clear anmt for “Arusquipiri!”, presumably the pgm name.  Then funny SS
canned ad by vy bassy-voiced OM dialoguing with cutesy lady in baby
voice.   After musical theme, pgm continuing.  Nice listening level,
overall.  (Perry, Illinois)

playdx2003] DX Loggings -- 29 Dec -- Ralph Perry

sábado, 29 de diciembre, 2012 17:54
Añadir remitente a Contactos
Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
335-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia
DXEngineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop

playdx2003] Logs Dec 5 2012

lunes, 10 de diciembre, 2012 14:29

Logs Dec 5, for everyone

9475 RA ? 0744 talks and discussions S1 max
1431 UKR? 1550+1610 with talks in RR S9 @ 16H
7315 TWR? 1553 with gospels at 1554 with ID and postal address caixa postal S5 At 1556 signal S9 from IRIB
11565 ??1609 OM with talks in Korean music underground , demo speeches S5 @16H 35333
11735 Tanzania 1612 with talk in Swahili (p) 1617 at the end Talks by YL 1621 discussions , song etc 1627 music
9500 TWR in Eth vern ETH 1639 OM with quite lively talks Jesus Christus & amen 1642 with HoA song 1645 flute play S9
9835 RTM 1658 with pop songs till 1704 Short comment by YL then more songs. Also on 2150 with slow songs Just S1 with preamp this time On 2155 CNR started with S4
9525.92 VoIndonesia in German with talks abt Pyongyang . Strong buzzer S9
11560 Erena? 1728 with signal 2/1 (inv v /hor ) with HoA song , short talks by OL and back to songs
9635 Mali 1738 quite undermodulated with S5 . ID talks in Arabic or Arabic vern lang
9314 AIR 2028 Hindi songs ON 2030 with news in English S3/1 QRN . This Akasvani he on 2035 then talks in Hindi
9535 VoVietnam ? 2051 talk by YL in viet Passes ToH with talks S9
9745 V Han/ Kuanghua S5-7. V o H with discussions and talks in Mandarin
9765 RDA ? 2140 lively talks as like football reporting S0 seldom S2
9480 MBR is QRMed by 9479 on 2205
11920 suppose HCJ Kulinaon 2250 This language reminds me Hmong or Tibetan ! A recording has been uploaded to Mediafire here:http://www.mediafire.com/?9x1vi0m3h2isodq
4895 Mongolia 2305 with signal S7 Audio Uploaded to http://www.ipernity.com/doc/zliangas/13929291/

PERU – 4984.14, Radio Voz Cristiana, Chilca, Huancayo, identity
finally confirmed this morning, 12/29, although signal only poor-fair
amidst noise, from approx 1056 when carrier switched on, with pgming
cranked-up about a minute later.   (So, perhaps may indeed be nominal
*1100, as initially speculated. )  OM ancr in SS, f/by canned eco
anmts at TOH by OM and then YL --  likely same IDs as hrd the day
before, but could not copy.   Folkloric mx bursts and fragments of
anmts thru to 1109 when was finally able to // with the station’s
webstream, which was trailing by about a minute the live audio on
shortwave.    (Perry, Illinois)


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