IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!

IV-EDXCV-2014: Comenzó la cuenta regresiva...!!!
Diseño del Afiche: Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia.

viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

DX, DX Y MAS DX¨s ...desde diferentes lugares del mundo!

[playdx2003] Logs 12/1/13 LIANGAS ZAKARIAS

jueves, 17 de enero, 2013 07:03

12/1/13 tested with HF150 and R75 sometimes in diversity stereo !
9765 RNZI 0833 with songs S3
9950 Furusato no kaze 1430 Prior to this program I heard world vision from ??? on 1428 . on 1430 with ID . another station is under them !
15016 ??? lgs on 1436 14S3
15034 Trenton with aviation reports 1436 S4
9825 R Pilipinas 1916 +1922 with pop songs S2 mx on 1930 with ID in English mentioning 11890 25232
9690 Nigeria 2008-2013 talks by OM /YL in Hausa ID between flute plays , mentions of Uganda and Nigeria S3?
7505 R Free Chosun 2040-2046 a discussion between two women then a song that seems as karaoke. Discussion was full of humorous notes and laughs at 2044 a discussion with a young girl Signal was on start as 42433 but gradually lowered to 42432 due to a storm of buzzers
9535 V o Thailand 2105-2110 with semi traditional pop songs S3 max 25332
9526 Vo Indonesia checked several times that day with only a buzz and no modulation 
4750 CNR 2123 -2127 cross tested with 4800 to have a delay of ca 3 secs 2125 with advert . The band has local QRN of S2 . S9 35232


Brazil 11765 , 11780 and 9819.5 0445 with pretty signals and also 9665 S2 over N Korea
9330 USA WBCQ OM with rater relig 0450 talks S1
12105 WTWW Lebanon 0450 relig talk in PP S1
15160 RA 0452 talks S0
15720 RNZI? 0454 talks ,marginal
7120 Somaliland 0456 with S9 7170 is with S3 7205 with S4 

ECUADOR – 3380.08, Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura, Ibarra, music
punching thru nicely on 1/9 from 1016 tune-in to 1115 f/out.  Good
selection of Ecuadorian folklorica (pasillos, pasacalles,
sanjuanitos).  Until 1100, all anmts were the brief, recorded eco anmt
that is driving everyone crazy – too boomy to comprehend amid the 90
mb noise.  But at 1100, different morning pgm started, with live ancr.
He wrapped up previous show about “…la musica presentada…en esta
manana . . . radiofonico . . .” and gave HC t/cks (“6 de la manana y 7
minutos . . . “).  Long discourse from TOH to f/out around 1115.
Bunch of us were monitoring this “together” remotely, emails flying
all over North America at 4 a.m.  Big fun!  Also hrd 1/10, 11 at 1015
checks, but signal much lower both days. (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 6105.50, Radio Panamericana doing well nearly every morning
now.  1040 on 1/10, OM notes, “Desde La Paz . . . Grupo Aymara” and
then followed very funky, rustic CP folk tune, featuring sicu-sicus,
many shrill quenas and charangos.  Also the usual “La hora en
Panamericana … “ t/cks.   At 1049, live YL with ID and then the
national anthem of Bolivia by orchestra.  Am hearing this many
mornings now, appears they sign on the air and play filler until about
1050, when they “formally” take the air.  After NA, recorded sign-on
ID anmt and then into instrumental vals criollo mx.  (Perry, Illinois)

PERU – 6173.88m Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco,  sign-on heard 1/9 at
*0959, fair signal but Asian 6175 QRM so needed usual ECSS and notch.
1003 s/on anmts by OM and into morning newscast.   (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 5952.44, Radio Pio XII, Llallagua, fair signal and low
modulation at 0223 t/in on 1/9, just caught end of broadcast day as
they ran familiar shutdown music, “Col Bogey March” at 0228, f/by OM
and YL with closing anmts. At 0230, three strummed chords and then
silence.  Carrier not cut by 0233, when I left them.  (Perry,
Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois
Drake R8B;  Japan Radio NRD-545;  Eton E1;  Hallicrafters SX100
Dentron Super Tuner + Ameco PLF-2 + Palomar P-408 +Quantum Phaser
antenna unit (customized for tropical bands)
335-foot bidirectional BOG  150 deg/330 deg) for LA/SE Asia
DXEngineering RPA-1 preamp
Phased Longwire + Small Loop

BRAZIL – 9565.07, Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitaba, good signal 0850
on 1/4 with OM canned PP anmts and preacher.  Parallel fqys also all
noted :  // 6120.00, 11764.89 and 6059.82.  Best sig was 25 meter band
one.  (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL – 4754.91, R Imaculada Conceiçao, Campo Grande,  doing well
several mornings of late.  Hrd 1/4 at 0900 s/on with OM nx show in PP,
good signal but noisy bands though.  Better on 1/6 0901 long canned
eco anmt in PP, ID and relating usual listed fqys (AM, SW).  Into
Sunday morning pgm with choir and more eco enmts.  Christian pops and
short inspirational comments about “La Biblia” and “a vida” by OM and
YL.   Signal much improved by 0920. Fully faded out by 0937.  (Perry,

BRAZIL – 4785.00, Radio Caiari, Porto Velho, several recent mornings.
Good with plucked/strummed acoustic guitar selections and OM local
folk singing, 1/4 at 0910 thru 1015.  But even better, a very
excellent signal, on 1/6 at 0928-1000+.  ZY Accoustic guitar
selections and mellow orchls.  Frequent PP anmts by OM including  ID
at 0941, “…4785 kiloHertz ondas curtas . . . programa ‘Caiari Rural’ .
. . ”   Sound effects, electronic stingers.   A few times, in between
songs, guy would just announce “Radio Caiari!” (Kai-ahh-ree!),  Best
ID at 0959, when OM mentioned “. . .  A Sociedade de Cultura Radio
Caiari Ltda . . . 1430 kHz onda media . . . 4785 kHz onda tropicais .
. . Radio Caiari apresenta  . . .” (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 4716.69, Radio Yura, Aillu Yura, only fair signal amid noisy
band at 0958 on 1/4  with YL in SS, start of apparently a nx show,
with her mentioning “las noticias en el pais de Bolivia . . . el dia
de hoy . . .” (Perry, Illinois)

JAPAN – 3925 Radio Nikkei, nice signal with MoR mx at 1030 on 12/30,
with // fqy of 6055 doing better.  (Perry, Illinois)

BRAZIL – 4974.98t, tentatively Radio Iguatemi, 2315 on 12/30 with MoR
mx, OM bassy anmts in PP, poor signal.  Better on 1/2 at 0015 check.
Tnx for ID from Dave Valko who //ed signal with Iguatemi’s live
streaming  webcast. (Perry, Illinois)

BANGLADESH – 4750.00, Radio Bangladesh Betar, decent (but not great)
signal 1210-1240 on 1/5 with musical variety pgm, including some
unmistakably subcontinental vocals by YL accompanied by table.  Thanks
to Ron Howard for noticing they were back.  (Perry, Illinois)

BOLIVIA – 5952.46, Radio Pio Doce, Llallagua, beautiful signal 1020 on
1/6 with OM doing morning nx show in SS, clear mention of Llallagua.
(Perry, Illinois)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – 3385, Radio East New Britain, Rabaul, in
surprisingly early on 1/6, fair signal at 1015 with country music,
fading in a bit better by 1030, a full two hours before local sunrise
here.  Monotonic ancr, either high-voiced OM or low-voiced YL, can’t
tell for sure with lengthy monologues.  Muffled modulation.  (Perry,

[playdx2003] QSLs

sábado, 5 de enero, 2013 11:34
"playdx2003" , "bclnews"

WYFR Kamo 11505 kHz (15.8.2012), Cartolina QSL, adesivi, scheda, calendarietti, segnalibro e materiale religioso in 31 giorni. No RP. QTH: Oakland CA 94621 (USA). Inviato CD MP3. (200ma stazione BC asiatica confermata)


KPPM Koror 9960 kHz (12.11.2011). Il rapporto inviato al P.O. Box 8074 di Cranston RI 02920 (USA) - come riportato sul loro sito Internet - è tornato indietro con il timbro rosso "BOX CLOSED".


Emirati Arabi Uniti
R. AUSTRALIA Dhabbaya 9855 kHz (13.3.2012), Cartolina QSL e scheda in 106 giorni. RP: 1$. QTH: P.O. Box 428G - Melbourne VIC 3001 (Australia). Inviato CD MP3.


AWR Issoudun 9790 kHz (17.6.2012), Cartolina QSL e biglietto da visita in 94 giorni. RP: Francobollo nuovo da 0,60 €. QTH: Radio Voce della Speranza - Via del Pergolino 1/4 - 50139 Firenze (Italia). 
MV BALTIC R. Issoudun 6140 kHz (1.7.2012), Cartolina QSL in 62 giorni. RP: 1$. QTH: Seestrasse 17 - DE-19089 Göhren (Germania). V/s: Roland Rohde. Inviato CD MP3.


GEMEINDE GOTTES via HCJB Weenermoor 3995 kHz (15.8.2012), Cartolina QSL e lettera in 8 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a:info@gemeinde-gottes-herford.de QTH: Zimmerstrasse 3 - DE-32051 Herford. V/s: Nikolai Hernst.
ICHTYS R. via HCJB Weenermoor 3995 kHz (14.8.2012), E-QSL in 6 giorni. RP: 1$. QTH: Z. Hd. Sven Tasche - Rudolf Breitscheid Str. 3 - DE-01945 Ruhland.  V/s: Sven Tasche-Leader Ichtys R. sven.tasche@gmail.com Inviato CD MP3. 
THE MIGHTY KBC Wertachtal 6095 kHz (24.11.2012), E-QSL in 4 ore. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: themightykbc@gmail.com V/s: Eric van Willegen.


RAI Venezia 936 kHz (29.8.2012), Lettera QSL, adesivo e spilla del 75° anniversario in 15 giorni. No RP. QTH: Rai Way S.p.A. - Gestione Territoriale - Zona AF Veneto - Controllo Qualità Servizio - Palazzo Labia - S. Geremia 275 - 30121 Venezia. Inviato CD MP3.
E finalmente, dopo qualche anno, una conferma FM italiana:
RETE SPORT tx M. Cavo-RM 105.6 MHz (6.8.2012), Lettera QSL in 23 giorni. RP: Francobollo da € 0,60. QTH: Via Tiburtina 719 - 00159 Roma. V/s: Franco Nicolanti-Editore. Inviato CD MP3. (ascoltata a Rapallo-GE)


BALTIC SEA R. 6915LSB kHz (31.3.2012), E-QSL in 160 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: balticseapirate@gmail.com  V/s: DJ Sailor.

PYTHON R. 6915 kHz (4.8.2012), E-QSL in 8 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: python@pirateradio.at (tnx info Roberto Rizzardi). 
BNL ROCK RADIO via R. 700 Kall Krekel 6085 kHz (30.9.2012), QSL-PDF in 14 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a:bnlradio@hotmail.be  V/s: Hans-Peter Dohmen - BNL Team.
R. CITY "MORE CARS" via IRRS via Challenger R. Nord Italia Villa Estense-PD 1368 kHz (27.10.2012), QSL-PDF in 1 giorno. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: citymorecars@yahoo.ca
R. FOCUS INT. 6240 kHz (1.4.2012), E-QSL in 92 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: focus@live.co.uk
R. NORA 6265 kHz (2.12.2012), E-QSL in 28 minuti. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: radionora@hotmail.com  V/s: Martin.
R. PINK PANTHER 6553,6 kHz (18.11.2012), E-QSL in 4 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: pinkpantheram@hotmail.com
R. RONIN SW 6290 kHz (13.7.2012), Cartolina QSL e lettera in 50 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a:radioroninshortwave@gmail.com  QTH: P.O. BOX 1 - Belfast NY 14711 (USA).
SLUWE VOS R. 6207 kHz (13.7.2012), E-QSL in 57 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: rxreport@live.nl  V/s: Jelmer.
WEERKLANK R. 6314 kHz (4.8.2012), E-QSL in 3 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: pk152@hotmail.com  V/s: Andre.


VOICE OF CROATIA Kranji 17860 kHz (6.11.2012), Lettera QSL e schedule PDF in...10 minuti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: mladen.golubic@oiv.hr  V/s: Mladen Golubic - Frequency Manager.


R. DELLEN INT. 5895 kHz (2.6.2012), Cartolina QSL in 77 giorni. RP: 1$. QTH: Vita Huset - SE-179 95 Svartsjö. V/s: Ronny Forslund. Inviato CD MP3.



CHU Ottawa 7850 kHz (20.10.2012), Cartolina QSL in 20 giorni. No RP. QTH: Institute for National Measurement Standards - National Research Council of Canada (NRC-INMS) - 1200 Montreal Road - Bldg M-36 - Ottawa ON K1A 0R6. V/S: Bill Hoger - Technical Officer. Inviato CD MP3.


WWVH Kekaha 10 MHz (19.10.2012), Cartolina QSL e depliant in 14 giorni. No RP. QTH: NIST Radio Station WWVH - P.O. Box 417 - Kekaha HI 96752 (USA). V/s: Adela Mae P. Ochinang - Secretary. Inviato CD MP3.


ASSOCIAZIONE AMICI DI ITALCABLE - Stazione Segnale Orario Viareggio-LU 10 MHz (30.9.2012), Cartolina QSL in 9 giorni. E-rpt con MP3 inviato a: info@associazioneitalcable.it


Luca Botto Fiora
bottoluca@teletu.it (max. 30 MB)
(ADSL max. 7 MB)
Emittenti di 
ASIA: 201
TOTALE: 1787



7265 HLR 0854 with jazz music S2
9475 (S0 )and 9710 (S0 )RA in Tok Pisin and talks music but both are marginal
15160 RFA 1236 with prg in Khmer as per Eibi S2 max
15240 TWR 1240 in Bangla mentioning address in band eng off at 1240

9700 NHK 0925 with ID , talks in Korean S2
15080 Cupido radio (poss) 11310 with S2 /16H 25232 and song from Eros Ramazzotti then "Raspoutin" 1137
11570 suab zaa moo zoo 1146 with talk by OM in Hmong , Moozoo also mentioned S5 max 25333
11825 FEBC Manila in KHA per Eibi (Dzongkha? ), seems close to Tibetan S9
5985 Shiokaze 1426 with talk by OM in JJ S5 ID on 1429
15320 FEBC Manila 1549 in Tagalog S5
6110 Fana 2019 with HoA song clear freq 35233
9479 WRWW 2056 OM mentioning Colorado as address , the bible etc and scriptures of America S5

12095 FEBC Manila 1107 talk in Hmong Eibi says HMQ what is it?
11765 RDA -BR 1943 with signal S5 . 11780 is just S1 11915 Gaucha with S2 and 11925.2 Bandeirantes mixed with CRi with signal S2
6300 pirate 1954 with songs from 60s S5 max
12105 with talks in Arabic . Eibi says WWTV (around 2000)

11905 SLBC 1135 OM talks in Tamil (news? )
4835 VL8A 2016 with signal S7!! Better than any other day but ot //9500
7200 Omdurman 2037 with near to zero modulation S9
7216.55 from Vietnam (shifted from 7220) with prg in English checked with DE1126
4976 UBC Kampala 2118 with song please forgive me S7 poor audio
6060 2148 is highly overloaded with unintelligible audio
6165 Chad 2136 with Afro song then with LA song Drums on 2159 then with news in French , talks about compatriots S9 44333

11610 Tatarstan 0830 political talks S7
9745 V o Han 1153 with discussion in CC S5 max
6225 BVB 1432 with talk in Bamar S5
5995 RA 144x in // synch 9475 tested with HF150 and R75 in parallel S5 max
Good 2013 year !

[playdx2003] Logs/Escuchas

domingo, 30 de diciembre, 2012 16:55
Añadir remitente a Contactos
4876,46 Radio Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista, Roraima, Brasil, 23:50, Diciembre 29, Idioma Portugues, selección de música romántica en portugues, boletin de noticias nacionales a 23:58, (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

4984,14 Radio Voz Cristiana (t), Chilca, Huancayo, Perú, 0037, Diciembre 30, Transmision en español. Predica o charla religiosa conducida por OM. Mejor recepción en modo LSB. Captada gracias a un log mandado a las listas por el colega Ralph Perry, de los Estados Unidos, (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

5085 WTWW, Lebanon, Estados Unidos, 0310, Diciembre 30, Inglés. Larga charla por OM, (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

5910 Alcaravan Radio Puerto Lleras, Colombia, 0315, Diciembre 30, Español, programa conducido por OM e YL de contenido religioso: ".....la palabra del Señor....", Slaen, Argentina)

6015 Voice of Tanzania, Zanzibar (tentativa), 0320, Diciembre 30, idioma africano, tal vez swahilli. Comentario y "pops africanos", Slaen, Argentina)

6173,69 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, Peru, 0050, Diciembre 30, Español, huaynos con anuncios de la hora por locutor e identificación, (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

7120 Radio Hargeisa. transitiendo desde la región autónoma de Somalilandia, 03:30 UTC, Diciembre 30, vernacular. Himno o marcha militar con la apertura de la transmision, identificacion por OM, anuncio y Rezo del Santo Corán. A continuación se escucha un boletin de noticias.
Debo señalar que jamás pensé en poder escuchar esta emisora desde la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires pero realmente me ha sorprendido no sólo haber podido captarla sino fundamentalmente la muy buena y clara recepción. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

7505 WRNO, Nueva Orleans??, 0342, Diciembre 30, Inglés. Charla religiosa por OM, QRK 1. Audible sólo por segundos. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9940 Miraya FM, transmisiones para Sudán. 0357, Diciembre 30, Vernacular, reportada con Afropops,
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

13720 EDC Sudán Radio Service, 0415, Diciembre 30, Vernacular (Arabe sudanes???), notificas o comentario por OM;
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

13800 Radio Tamazuj, 0400, Diciembre 30, Vernacular. Muchas y muy claras identificaciones. Anuncios identificatorios,
Muy pobre recepción en las frecuencias de 7315 y 11940 khz en las cuales transmite en paralelo. Titulares de noticias y desarrollo de noticias. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

15700 Radio Damal, con transmisión para Somalía, 0410, Diciembre 30, Vernacular, muy clara identificación por locutora, bonita música africana, Slaen, Argentina)

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